Questions You May Have About The Role Of Ushers In Weddings

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There are many roles that you need to fill before your wedding takes place. A few of these positions, like the officiant for your ceremony, can be filled by professionals. The ushers selected for a wedding tend to be people you are close to. Like the wedding party positions, ushers are typically selected because they are close to happy couple. Their role in your event is fulfilled before your festivities officially start. They act as escorts to bring your guests to their seats, but they also provide support by answering questions, directing people to different areas, and when necessary they can relay information to the wedding party.

How Many Ushers Should We Have?

There is no official count for ushers, but the number you designate should reflect the size of your guest list. You can use a formula of one usher for fifty guests to determine how many you should have. With that said, because you have the freedom to make this selection, you can modify this formula if you choose. For example, you can create an extra slot for another usher if you have one more person you want to serve in the wedding, but no other spot where you could use them.

Do They Do Anything Aside From Seating Guests?

While ushers tend to only work in advance of the wedding, there are many things they can do to help you. If certain decorations are not ready when they arrive, they can assist with the setup. They can also hand out wedding programs to guests, help them find different facilities, and ensure that people sign your guest book. If you have an unattached relative who needs an escort when the ceremony officially starts, you can ask one of your ushers to step in and provide this service, too.

Who Should We Ask To Serve As Our Ushers?

Ushers tend to be good friends or family members. While they are not an “official” part of the wedding party, they should still be someone you are close to. In fact, you can choose to welcome ushers to take part in your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and include them in any other pre-wedding events, like the bachelor party, if you desire.

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