Questions You Might Have About The Cake Cutting Tradition

Professional Photo By: Ila Mar Productions

The cake cutting tradition can be an important – and fun – part of any wedding reception. This moment does more than just tell your guests that dessert is on its way. It creates a moment you will want your wedding photographer to document, and it has long served as a symbol of the first task you and your partner perform as a married couple. Of course, as fun as this part of the reception can be, it is a moment that can raise some concerns. Where should you make the cut, and how large a slice should you take? Will people expect you and your partner to celebrate by smashing cake into each other’s faces? How can you make sure you have the best shots captured of this moment? With some smart planning, and with the support of your wedding planner, you can make the most of this popular tradition!

Where Should We Make The Cut?

While you can have no questions about cutting into a traditional cake, a tiered wedding cake can be more challenging. Fortunately, the bakery you purchase you cake from can help you with this. They can identify an area where you can safely make a first cut that preserves the integrity of the cake and yields an attractive piece for you and your partner to enjoy. You can even ask them to discreetly mark where cuts should be made. Typically, the slice will be taken from the cake’s bottom tier. To make the cut as clean and easy as possible, use a knife, not the cake server.

How Can We Make Sure Our Photographer Takes The Best Shots During This Event?

A skilled and experienced wedding photographer can have an easy time putting themselves into the right places at the right times during your wedding reception. Because of this, you should be able to count on them to be ready to take great pictures at your cake cutting ceremony. With that said, your wedding planner can help you ensure that this happens by making sure that your photographer, and your guests, are all ready when this event takes place!

Can We Skip The Cake-Smashing Tradition?

The act of smashing cake against your partner’s face is one that you can easily skip if you prefer not to engage with it. Many couples choose to forgo this moment, as it can feel uncomfortable, it can put your wedding attire at risk, and it may just hold little appeal. Of course, for those who want to take part in this tradition, it is something you can continue!

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