Special Centerpieces You Can Feature At Your Wedding

Professional Photo By: Valdovinos Photography

The centerpieces created for your wedding decorations will have important parts to play in unifying the look of your event. Because these pieces tend to be so prominent, it is important to make sure they closely fit the theme for your wedding, and that your wedding colors are prominent. You should also remember that you will use centerpieces for more than just the different tables where your guests sit for your reception! There are other tables you need to dress, and the right centerpieces in these spaces can vary the look of your gathering while still keeping a consistent tone in place. These isolated centerpieces can be more elaborate to help them stand out, and because there is less concern about their size interfering with table conversations.

Creating A Centerpiece For Your Sweetheart Table

Couples who set up a sweetheart table can create a special space for themselves, and set up a table that can stand out with more elaborate decorations. While you can take inspiration from the centerpieces you put out at your guest tables, you can make the piece at your sweetheart table larger and more elaborate. Since the table is only going to host the two of you, there is less space needed for plates and more that your decorations can occupy. However, be careful about making something too elaborate, as you do not want to block people’s view of you!

Decorating Your Gift And Dessert Tables

Your gift and dessert tables are important to your wedding, but they should still be stylishly staged. For your dessert table, you can worry less about an “official” centerpiece because you have your tiered wedding cake. However, you can add runners and other decorative touches. While you can set up a centerpiece for your gift table, make sure there is ample room for items from your wedding registry that your guests bring.

A Striking Centerpiece Can Draw Attention To Your Guest Book

Making your guest book as easy to locate as possible will help ensure that everyone records their attendance. With your decorations, you can draw plenty of attention to where your guest book is located. A large and eye-catching centerpiece can bring people in and secure their signatures. If you want even more assurance that people will sign it, have one of your ushers bring it to guests’ attention when they arrive.

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