Stylish Dress Tips For The Groom And Groomsmen

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The bridal gown is the attire that typically receives the most attention, but that does not mean the groom’s attire should be an afterthought! There are several reasons to take the groom’s clothing choices seriously. You want them to wear something that fits your theme, and they should wear something that matches their partner’s look. For an outdoor wedding in particular, you should also think about how comfortable they will be. Texas Old Town venues can accommodate formal and informal celebrations. In other words, we can welcome you if your goal is to have a laid-back wedding where your groom sports something casual, or a more sophisticated gathering where they sport a classic tuxedo!

Make Sure The Groom Is Ideally Styled For Your Wedding Theme

When it comes to choosing your groom’s attire, look to your wedding theme for inspiration before you commit to any style. Both halves of the happy couple should have attire that feels appropriate for the theme. To help stand out, they can also dress in something slightly more formal than the even being planned. While traditional groomswear is focused on the classic tuxedo, if you look at other options for suits and less conventional tuxes, you can make clothing choices that show off your wedding colors.

Take Inspiration From The Season When Picking Attire

When you think about what groomswear to select, think about the likely weather you will encounter at your event. Warmer attire can obviously feel less comfortable during a summer wedding, just as something light can provide too little coverage at a winter wedding. With that said, the right seasonal attire should do more than just provide comfort. If you let your season influence your event, you should look for colors and styles that will fit your gathering. Cooler tones and more elegant clothing options can work well for a wedding inspired by winter, while brighter, sunnier attire can do well in the warmer seasons.

Attire Changes To Separate The Groom And Groomsmen

Your groom and groomsmen should wear closely matched attire. You only need to make small adjustments to actually separate the groom – something as simple as a change in tie color, vest color, or jacket color can work. Having some distinction is helpful, as it makes the groom stand out more, but too much difference can create a visual clash.

You And Your Partner Can Enjoy A Stylish And Memorable Wedding Day At Texas Old Town!

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