Tips For Assigning Important Wedding Roles

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As you plan your wedding, you will need to seek help from many different people. Some of those people are your wedding vendors, the professionals who take on the different tasks involved in planning and hosting your wedding. However, there are other important roles that are filled by friends and family members. Your wedding party members help you celebrate your upcoming celebration during different pre-wedding events, they have roles to play in the ceremony, and they can even take on some of the challenges of planning. In addition to asking people in your life to serve in your wedding party, you may want to ask someone you are close with to serve as your wedding officiant. If you plan to welcome kids at your wedding, you can also have the ring bearer and flower girl roles to fill.

Choosing The People You Want In Your Wedding Party

Because there is not a set size for your wedding party, you can decide if you would rather be more inclusive or selective in who you ask to join. Of course, even with a larger party, you may have to put some effort into deciding who should or should not make the cut. If you plan to ask your wedding party members to take roles in helping make your wedding happen, take some time to think about who will be available to offer the support you are seeking. Asking more of people before the event can make these roles harder to fill with people you are close to who are not geographically close to you and your event.

Selecting A Friend Or Family Member To Officiate Your Wedding

Many couples choose to fill the role of wedding officiant with a friend or family member. While professional officiants offer expertise as well as a sense of tradition, someone you are close to can speak about your relationship in a more meaningful and knowing way. Of course, one important qualification for this role is the ability to confidently and comfortably speak in front of a crowd. As much as this role can be a way to honor someone who is important to you and your partner, it should go to someone who will do a good job in this position.

Who Should We Use For Our Flower Girl And Ring Bearer?

Couples typically turn to younger family members to fill the positions of ring bearer and flower girl. Nieces and nephews can be perfect for these roles, as can the children of cousins. You can certainly also ask close friends to have their kids take part in your ceremony. One important thing to remember is that these roles can be challenging for children who are too young, as they may have a difficult time following instructions. If you choose to host a child-free wedding, you can simply leave these positions unfilled.

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