Tips To Keep Your Reception Dance Floor Fun And Lively

Professional Photo By: TLC Photography

Throughout the course of your wedding, different moments will hold guests’ attention. After the ceremony concludes, your wedding reception will keep everyone entertained for the remainder of your event. While some of the activity during your reception is occupied by structured events like dining, the wedding toasts, and other formal moments, there will be plenty of time where guests enjoy more freedom. One way to keep people happy and festive in these times is to provide room on the dance floor for everyone to have fun. To make sure you make the most of this space, take care to find a professional DJ or live band who can keep your energy levels up, and make sure you have room for your guests to have fun.

What A Dance Floor Adds To Your Reception

With a dance floor open to your guests, you can give everyone a way to enjoy themselves after they have enjoyed their meals and are progressing to the end of the night. While not all of your guests will want to dance, many will – it can be a fun place for both single people and couples who want to make most of their night out. Both formal and informal events can benefit from space to enjoy dancing, so you should not be worried about whether yours “fits” the theme of your wedding.

The Right Music Is Important!

In pretty much any entertainment space, the right music can be important. Even though it is easier to provide your own playlist now thanks to the convenience of streaming music, you should look into the benefits of hiring a DJ or live band to support your reception. Putting an expert in charge of music means trusting someone who can measure the energy of the room and adjust their playlist accordingly. By doing this, they can keep guests happy and engaged, and they can help keep people on your dance floor and having fun!

We Can Make Sure You Have Space For Your Dance Floor

Because Texas Old Town provides four different venue options, we are prepared to welcome weddings with different guest counts. The right space is important for celebrating larger and smaller weddings. When you have enough room to lay out your tables, serve food, and provide plenty of space for dancing, you can keep your special night lively until it is time for your evening to wrap up.

Celebrate A Fun, Lively, And Beautiful Wedding Event At Texas Old Town!

Couples who want to enjoy a premiere Austin wedding experience can have a great time with their Texas Old Town celebration! In addition to giving guests access to stunning Texas Hill Country settings, we provide generous amenities and accommodating indoor spaces. If you would like to learn more about us, please complete our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!