What Can We Do To Start Our Reception In Style?

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Your wedding planning efforts will be split between your ceremony and reception, but you also need to think about what you will do with the span of time between these two portions of your event. Typically, there is a gap between your ceremony and reception as you and your partner have posed photos taken together, and you arrange group pictures with family and wedding party members. While you do this, the rest of your guests will gather for your reception, which creates an opportunity for you and your partner to “officially” debut as a married couple to formally start the second part of your wedding. With the right plans in place, you can enjoy a stylish and exciting entrance, and you can make an easy transition into the beginning of your reception!

Planning Your Formal Arrival To Your Reception

Typically, the wedding party members and the happy couple will be the last to arrive to the reception. Their arrival, accompanied by music, is a fun way to let guests know that the reception is officially underway. By selecting a song for your wedding DJ or live band to play to greet the party’s arrival, you give yourself an easy cue for when everyone should start to enter the reception area. While you can suggest how your guests can play up their arrival and have fun with this moment, you can simply encourage them to make the most of this moment in whatever way feels appropriate for them.

When Should We Begin Our Reception Activities?

Typically, meals are served near or at the start of the reception, but you may want to give your caterers a little extra time to make sure everything is plated, or that the buffets are ready for your guests. To create a little more time, you can plan an activity like your first dance before you start to eat. One thing you can do to start your event in an exciting way and¬†make better use of your time is seamlessly move from your arrival to your dance. All eyes are already on you, and you can keep everyone’s attention for a moment many people will want to see and photograph.

Offering Refreshments Before The Reception Starts

Even if you plan to take first look photos and reduce the amount of pictures you need to take before the reception, you should still budget time for all of the photos you want to take with your family and wedding party members. To keep your guests happy while they wait, you can turn the time between your ceremony and reception into a “cocktail hour” where everyone enjoys refreshments and even small bites to eat. This occupies their time, and it keeps guests from growing too hungry and becoming impatient for the reception’s start.

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