What Should We Do To Personalize An Outdoor Altar Space?

Professional Photo By: Creatrix Photography

Couples who express interest in outdoor wedding ceremonies can look forward to celebrating their love while surrounded by natural beauty. All of our Texas Old Town venues provide access to gorgeous Texas Hill Country landscapes. Because of this, you can find that you have little to do to beautify the area. Of course, you can still have a desire for some decorative touches. After all, what you add to the setting will help personalize it. For your altar space, you can find that a few smart pieces are all you need to add. This is because the altar boasts more than just a view of our Texas Hill Country landscape – you and your partner will also be the focus for your guests!

Outdoor Ceremony Spaces Offer Plenty Of Natural Beauty

While it can be challenging to plan any wedding, there are certain advantages couples enjoy when planning an outdoor ceremony. One big advantage is that your landscape does much of the work to make your surroundings feel lovely and special. Because of this, you can spend less time trying to add your own decorations to the area. Of course, you should still think about what touches you can make to where you will exchange vows. Bringing in decorations can frame your aisle, bring your wedding colors into the area, and ensure the space fits your overall wedding theme and level of formality.

Adding Smart, Subtle Touches To Your Altar Space

For much of the ceremony, the altar will be partially blocked by your wedding party members, your officiant, and you and your partner. In other words, decorations can be less important because the people are the focus of the audience. However, this does not mean you have nothing to do with this space. A tasteful floral arrangement overhead, or decorations that help “frame” the couple, can be a welcome presence. With that said, you can still keep the decorations limited, as you want the landscape clear for guests. This will also help ensure it is visible in pictures your wedding photographer will take.

Other Decorative Additions You Can Make To Your Ceremony Setting

By staging and decorating a “welcome area” for the ceremony, you can ensure guests receive a warm greeting even though you are not there to provide it yourself. You can also set up decorations to serve as an “entrance” to the ceremony space. If you want to add more color to the ceremony, you can place floral arrangements or other decorations as aisle runners.

Celebrate A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding At Texas Old Town!

When you have access to a beautiful Texas Hill Country landscape, you can be thrilled to welcome guests to your stunning outdoor wedding event! Texas Old Town provides gorgeous outdoor surroundings along with generous amenities and welcoming reception spaces you can use to host a premiere Austin, TX wedding event. If you have questions and want to learn more, please complete our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!