What Wedding Toasts Add To Your Reception

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During the wedding ceremony, you and your partner will have the opportunity to share your commitment to each other. By penning your own wedding vows for the ceremony, you can share a personal statement about what makes you so excited to enter into your marriage. When it is time for the wedding reception, other important people can enjoy an opportunity to share their own thoughts on your relationship, and their excitement at seeing the two of you together. During your wedding toasts, individuals who are close to you and your partner have the chance to comment on your relationship, share fond wishes, and talk about what makes your love so special.

Making Time For Wedding Toasts During Your Reception

With the aid of your wedding planner, you can find ample time during your wedding reception for multiple wedding toasts. Typically, these toasts occur after food is served, and an announcement is given in advance so that people have time to secure glasses to raise in your honor. If you intend to serve alcohol at your wedding, you can provide champagne to make this moment feel particularly special. Be careful to keep these champagne bottles separate so that there is enough for everyone when the toast time arrives!

Who Should You Ask To Speak During The Reception?

Traditionally, wedding guests will hear from the fathers of the couple, and from the best man and maid or matron of honor. However, you are certainly not limited to speeches from just these individuals. You can invite your mother and your partner’s mother to speak, additional members of the wedding party, and more! In fact, you can even leave the end of this event open-ended and invite anyone with words to share to speak. If you do this, you should be prepared to gently encourage that people speak briefly – after all, you still have the rest of your reception to enjoy!

Should You And Your Partner Speak During The Toasts?

While you and your partner can speak during the wedding toasts, you are not obligated to do so. If you exchange your own vows, you can use this moment to share your thoughts on your relationship, and your hopes for the future, and let others take charge during the reception. With that said, you can certainly share a few more words in this more relaxed context! In addition to speaking about your marriage and relationship, this is a good time to thank everyone in attendance for joining you and supporting your wedding.

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