Accommodating Your Youngest Wedding Guests

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The different people in attendance for your wedding can marvel at different aspects of your event. While you should focus largely on what you want for your special day, couples who plan weddings that welcome kids may want to consider how they can keep their youngest guests happy. While not everyone chooses to extend invitations to entire families, those who do can enjoy some benefits. One is that welcoming kids makes it more acceptable to include space for a ring bearer and flower girl during your ceremony. Another is that their presence can open up your event to more family, and make attending easier for people who have children.

Hosting A Wedding Where Guest Are Encouraged To Bring Kids

You can choose whether you want to extend invitations to adults only for your wedding, or if you wish to have everyone on hand for your celebration. If you want to keep your wedding small, or if you are planning a more formal affair that might be less fun for younger guests, restricting admission to adults can be beneficial. However, if you want your event to focus on family, or if you just feel the celebration is incomplete without children, make it clear in your invitations that everyone in a household – kids included – are encouraged to attend your nuptials.

Making Space At Your Reception For Your Youngest Guests

A typical wedding reception can feature dancing, dining, drinks, and more. While your adult guests can have fun, kids’ attention spans can wear thin before your gathering wraps. We offer venue spaces of varying size, so you can find one that gives you room to designate a table for keeping your youngest guests occupied. Placing puzzles, games, and coloring books can provide welcome distraction. You can compensate an older teen guest to watch over the kids in the area so that their parents can sneak away and enjoy time mingling with other guests.

Should You Include A Flower Girl And Ring Bearer In Your Procession?

While the ring bearer and flower girl positions remain popular, not everyone chooses to include these roles in the procession. By not filling these spots, you can have an easier time rehearsing your ceremony, and find preparing on the day itself easier, too. However, you may want to use these roles to include closer family members in your event. Make sure they are on hand for your wedding rehearsal, as kids can have more difficulty with the walk down the aisle than adults.

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