Asking People To Join Your Wedding Party

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While all of your wedding guests are special, the people who serve in your wedding party earn places of honor by taking part in the event as well as important pre-wedding activities. As exciting as it can be to ask people close to you to join your wedding party, you can face some uncertainties around asking people, or deciding how many people should stand with you at the altar. This is an important early choice, one that affects the event itself and your pre-wedding activities. Whether you want to invite a select number of people or hope to welcome a larger group to take part in your celebration, Texas Old Town can provide accommodating outdoor ceremony settings where everyone you ask to join can comfortably stand with you while you exchange vows.

How Large Should Our Wedding Party Be?

Ultimately, your choice of wedding party members should be about welcoming all who you feel deserve the honor. With that said, the matter can be more difficult to navigate – you may worry that a larger group will look awkward during a smaller wedding event, for example. While a larger party can look out of place if you plan a more intimate gathering, you do not have to expand your choices to accommodate a larger group. One thing you should do is discuss how many people you want to take part with your partner, as it is still expected that the two of you will have an equal number of people standing with you.

How Should We Ask People To Take Part In Our Wedding?

While no formal activity is needed, you can make an event of asking people to be in your wedding party. You can also send formal requests with gifts to make the moment more special. One issue with making elaborate plans is that they are harder to execute when some of your wedding party members do not live in your area. If you have one or more people who need to travel for your wedding, mailing an invitation or making a phone call can be acceptable.

What To Expect Of Your Wedding Party Members

Wedding party members can take on different degrees of support, though much of that support can typically come from the best man and maid or matron of honor. With that said, these people tend to be part of your pre-wedding events, and can even be responsible for planning some of them. It is important that your wedding party members take part in your wedding rehearsal, as it will make the actual ceremony smoother. Once you finish rehearsing, you can actually host family and wedding party members for your rehearsal dinner at our location!

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