Choosing And Conveying Your Wedding Theme

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You will have several important choices to make when it comes time to determine the look of your wedding ceremony and reception spaces. The theme you choose to plan around will help narrow your options and give you a consistent vision for how to bring your special day to life. More than just a matter of deciding how formal or informal your wedding event should be, your theme helps you stick with a certain style of decoration while also shaping matters of event formality, what you wear, and what colors you feature. Because so many decisions depend on what you select, your theme should be chosen early in your engagement period.

Why You Should Choose Your Wedding Theme Early

Before you make wedding decisions regarding your colors, centerpieces, attire, and even where you want to host your celebration, you should have a theme in mind. Any choice that influences the experience people have at your event should look to it for inspiration. You can even give your guests a preview of what to expect when they arrive because you can choose the design of your invitations and save-the-date cards with that theme in mind.

How Your Theme Affects The Formality Of Your Event

An event’s formality (or informality) are affected by many factors. Guest attire is important, but so is the look of your event, the size of your guest list, and even what you serve for food and refreshments. While your theme does not lock the formality of your event in place, you can find that some plans lend themselves to different degrees of formality. For example, if you want to plan an event around a rustic, DIY-centered theme, you can find that your style is a better fit for a more relaxed and intimate celebration.

Your Theme Should Inspire Your Attire Choices

Everyone in your wedding party should be suitably styled for the event that you are planning. One important way to tie everyone to your theme is to feature your chosen colors. For bridesmaids, you can select a dress color based on the color that you feature the most prominently. For a more formal celebration, it can be appropriate to style the groomsmen and groom in classic suits or tuxedos. While these leave you with less freedom concerning color, you can always sneak a preferred hue in by giving them pocket squares, or by selecting a specific tie color.

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