Helpful Information On Pre-Wedding Events

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Before you celebrate your wedding, you will have several opportunities to share your excitement over your upcoming celebration with friends and family members. The events that take place before your special day can bring in different people, and celebrate different aspects of your plans to be married. At a bridal or engagement shower, you prepare for life after exchanging views. During a bachelor or bachelorette party, you “officially” let go of your time as a single person. Both aspects of these pre-wedding events can be important, and they can help prepare you emotionally for your walk down the aisle. Your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner serve a different purpose, as they do more to prepare everyone for the event itself. Texas Old Town makes space for couples to host be the rehearsal itself and their dinner!

Celebrating Your Engagement

Your engagement party can be an official event, or it can be an informal gathering. Because it often takes place soon after the engagement itself, keeping matters casual can lead to less planning stress. In the past, the bride’s party would be expected to host the gathering, whether it was in their home or at another venue. However, as with many traditions about who hosts and pays for different activities, you have the freedom to decide what you wish to do, and you can take on both planning and paying for an event on your own.

The Shower And The Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Typically, the shower and bachelor/bachelorette party are two events that are planned by others. Family members and/or wedding party members can take on the wedding shower or bridal shower. This is an early opportunity for people to help you start your new life as a married couple by bringing gifts. While it is certainly not as formal as the wedding itself, it can be a more formal event than other gatherings before your special day. If you prefer, you can host a shower just for the bride, or you can host one as a couple. Your wedding party members will typically take on planning any bachelor/bachelorette party activities. You can indicate to the organizers how extravagant or subdued you want your event to be, but you should give them some freedom to devise the event on your behalf.

Your Rehearsal And Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal is important because it gives everyone an opportunity to work out what is expected of them on your special day. Going through the steps of the ceremony will help keep everyone in your party informed on what to do when they walk down the aisle, and they will help soothe the nerves of anyone feeling uneasy about their time in front of your guests. Texas Old Town welcomes couples to host their rehearsal dinner at our location, making this event easier to plan while also giving you more time to practice before the big day!

Prepare For An Amazing Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

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