Hosting An Entertaining Reception

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Your outdoor wedding ceremony can be a touching and beautiful moment. As important as the ceremony is to your event, your reception is significant as well! In addition to lasting longer, the reception is your opportunity to directly interact with the guests who have come out to make your gathering feel truly special. To make this event entertaining and fun for all, you should take time to plan out what you intend to do. There are several traditional activities that take place at this time, including the serving of dinner and dessert. With that said, you will also have ample amounts of unstructured time to enjoy yourselves! Because we provide generous amenities as well as lovely spaces for a celebration, Texas Old Town can make planning less stressful, which means you can more easily create your ideal event experience.

The Reception Is About More Than Just Dinner, Drinks, And Dancing

Much of your wedding reception will consist of dinner, serving drinks, and taking up the dance floor. The right preparations are important if you want to make the most of these moments. With that said, no matter how much you invest in serving meals and refreshments, and no matter what you do to keep your dance floor lively, you will have other activities to plan. Although you do not have to observe every tradition we associate with receptions, you can find that making time for at least some of them will help complete your wedding experience.

Making Time For Different Traditions

Whether you want to host a more formal event, or something less tied to tradition, you can find that at least a few of these conventional moments make the reception feel more complete. Some of these traditions, like the cake cutting, are easy to work into your schedule. Your first dance is another important moment – guests who are familiar with wedding traditions can wait for this to know that the floor is “officially” open. Having an event coordinator on-site will help you stay on track with your plans, and they can make announcements when necessary to let guests know different activities are set to begin.

Give Yourself Time To Interact With All Of Your Guests

Because we provide different venues of different sizes for happy couples, we can give you enough space to accommodate everyone on your guest list. When you think about having “enough” space, make sure you give yourselves room to maneuver, as you and your partner should make the rounds and thank everyone for attending. One way to do this effectively is to go from table to table interacting with people in attendance after dinner is served.

Create A Fun-Filled And Beautiful Reception Event At Texas Old Town

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