Planning A Daytime Wedding Event

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A daytime wedding can be a lovely way to show off your outdoor setting. The sunshine can enliven our Texas Hill Country surroundings and give you warmth, light, and ample color during your ceremony. It can also be the motivation you need to make some less traditional choices regarding decorations, dress styles, and even what you provide for food and refreshments. Texas Old Town hosts weddings all year long, and we offer sixteen hours of venue access that you can use to create the celebration you truly want. By bringing friends and family members together during the day, you can have a magical wedding event that starts your married life on a bright, cheerful note!

Benefits To Hosting A Daytime Wedding

A daytime wedding can be ideal for a casual celebration, though more formal daytime weddings can also be successful. If you want your guests to bring their kids, a daytime wedding can feel more family-friendly. By choosing an outdoor venue for your celebration, you will be able to enjoy the warmth and sun, which can give your setting a rich, beautiful glow. It can bring out more of the color in the landscape and in your floral arrangements. This choice can also help you set your event apart from others that the people in your life have hosted.

Picking Wedding Party Attire To Suit Your Occasion

For a daytime wedding during the warmer months in particular, choosing lighter, more comfortable wedding party attire can be a good idea. This will keep everyone more comfortable at the altar, and it can better fit the tone of the wedding. If you choose brighter, warmer, or lighter tones for your wedding colors to fit in with the sunny wedding time, you can have an easier time making these colors work for wedding party attire. As part of your standard amenities at our venue, we give you sixteen hours of access, including access in the earlier hours. This can make it easier for everyone to gather and dress together before the event begins.

Food And Drink Choices To Suit Your Daytime Event

One fun change you can make when you host a daytime wedding involves the meals you serve at the reception. Rather than offer traditional dinner fare, you can offer a brunch menu that includes popular breakfast choices. Coffee, pastries, and other treats can be a part of your refreshment offerings. If you want to help people stay cool during a warmer wedding, you may want to put out fruit-infused water or lemonade before the ceremony, and again while people wait for the reception to start.

Host A Beautiful Daytime Wedding At Texas Old Town

A daytime wedding hosted at Texas Old Town can be an enchanting, fun-filled experience for you and your guests! To find out more about us, please call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800 or complete our online contact form!