Planning A Formal Wedding Reception

nice wedding reception table setting

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Will it be difficult for you to plan a formal wedding event? With the right venue setting and support, you can create an event that is connected to tradition and ready to impress your guests! With our Texas Hill Country surroundings, you can plan a formal gathering that stands apart thanks to the abundant natural beauty available to you. After this event, you can move your gathering to our indoor reception areas. To extend that formal feel to this half of your event, you should do more than just select more elegant or traditional decorations. Your dinner and drink options, the plans you put in place for different traditional events, and the effort you put into providing entertainment will help you create a wonderful, memorable experience for all in attendance!

Creating The Right Look For A Formal Reception

While the formality of your event is defined by more than just its look, the right decorations are certainly important! As you start to plan your event, think about what colors and decorative features will help establish a formal tone. In addition to looking at classic colors and design choices, you can look out for antique or vintage pieces that give your wedding a sense of history. You should also take care to choose centerpieces and other table dressings that suit your occasion. After conveying your interest in a formal wedding to your wedding planner, you can receive tips on what features you definitely want to include.

What Kind Of Dinner Should We Serve Our Guests?

The choice of dinner will set the tone for the second half of your wedding, and it should fit the formality of your planned evening. Formality is about more than just what you serve – you should also think about how to distribute meals. A buffet or family style arrangement may feel out of place if you want to host a more sophisticated or fancy evening. If you plan to give people options with their plated meals, make sure they can easily see your request for their meal preference in your invitations.

Providing Entertainment For The Evening

Live entertainment can keep your gathering going and keep guests happy between different traditions. Our venue spaces can provide room for a live band, an entertainment choice that can certainly impress. However, you can maintain the right atmosphere with a professional DJ instead of hiring a group to perform live. One thing to remember is that professionals provide more than just music – they can also read the room and change their playlist accordingly and make announcements on your behalf. These are important benefits that you will lose out on if you use your own music source for entertainment.

Create A Beautiful Formal Reception Experience At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town can provide you with a lovely setting for a formal wedding event! To find out more about us, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!