Providing Music For Your Wedding Event

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Throughout your wedding day, guests can expect to hear music. In addition to playing songs to keep the dance floor lively, you can also use it during important points throughout your ceremony. Improvements in technology make it easy to bring in your own music, as well as a means of playing it. However, there are drawbacks to working without professionals that you should know about before you commit to this plan. Texas Old Town provides a list of vendors, including musicians, who can help make your event feel truly magical! We also provide amenities and gorgeous settings that help you celebrate your love with a beautiful Austin wedding experience.

The Value Of Professional Music Services

By hiring a live band or DJ to oversee your music, you can put an experienced person in charge of what is played, and you have someone at the ready if there are issues with sound. It is difficult to overstate the value of having a professional prepared to take on problems that arise, as you should be able to fully relax and enjoy your wedding without running into obstacles. Professional music services can be especially beneficial during the reception, as a band or DJ can make adjustments to keep dancers entertained and active.

Playing Music Throughout Your Reception

While your dance floor will not be open for the duration of your reception, it will be an important part of this event. We have venues that provide different amounts of space, so we can help you find room for a welcoming dance floor. With that said, the floor can be hard to fill if you do not have the right music! Professional entertainers who have experience with weddings can more confidently read a crowd and make adjustments to their playlists, and they can make announcements on your behalf. While you can set up your own playlist on your phone, you may cause issues by unknowingly choosing an unedited song at a family wedding, or sticking with a lineup of songs that fails to keep people on the dance floor.

Including Music In Your Ceremony

While it is not necessary to hire live musicians for the ceremony, it can be a special touch that helps set your event apart. It can feel more appropriate if you host a more formal or traditional wedding. For something less formal, playing recorded music can be convenient and more cost-effective.

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