Sending Invitations And Save-The-Dates

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Not long after your engagement, you can share your happy news with everyone in your life. When the date of your wedding starts to approach, you will need to formally let people know that you want them on hand when you exchange vows with your partner. The process of inviting people to your celebration can often involve two separate messages. The save-the-date cards you send out are not an official invite, but they should only go out to people you want in attendance. These cards simply let people know when they should expect your event to take place, and where it will happen. With your invitations, you need to provide details about when and where your wedding will be celebrated. Unsure of how many people you want on hand for your ceremony and reception? Because Texas Old Town offers venue options that vary in size, we can help you find a space that is able to accommodate all those you wish to have in attendance.

What Makes Save-The-Dates Different From Invitations?

Whether you have a longer or shorter engagement period, you can expect to stay busy during your wedding planning efforts. While you will have much to address over the course of the months leading to your event, one of your first actions should be to secure a date and a venue. Before you have every detail in place, you can inform those you plan to invite of what that date is, and where your wedding will take place. You do not have to offer more specifics than this in save-the-date cards because their purpose is just to let people know to reserve that date on their calendars for you. When you are closer to the actual wedding date, and more details have been established, you will send out official invitations that provide all relevant information people need in order to attend.

Helpful Information Regarding Save-The-Date Cards

Remember that save-the-date cards are not official invitations, and do not have to answer many questions about your plans for your event. Simply put, you should see these cards as a means of making sure people do not have scheduling conflicts on your wedding day. If your engagement period is shorter, you can skip this step and just send out invitations.

What To Include In Your Wedding Invitations

Your invitations should include the date and time of your celebration, the address of your venue, and an indication of what people should wear. You can leave other information, like details about your gift registry, for your wedding website. While some couples choose to send digital invites instead of physical cards, be mindful that physical cards are considered more formal.

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