Shaping Your Ceremony Sequence Of Events

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Even if you want to host a less traditional wedding ceremony, there are several important events that will happen during your event. A speech from your wedding officiant can take place, and guests will certainly look forward to hearing you and your partner exchange vows. You will also need to coordinate both your processional (the arrival of your wedding party) and the recessional (everyone’s exit) to bookend this part of your wedding. Rehearsing the different beats of your ceremony, whether you plan on an event rich in tradition or one that is looser, will be important. Texas Old Town helps you take your time with your wedding rehearsal by allowing you to host your rehearsal dinner at our venue!

Preparing For A Traditional Ceremony Experience

A typical wedding ceremony event will consist of many different moments. You will organize a procession which introduces certain important family members as well as your wedding party, and traditionally ends with the arrival of the bride. Your officiant will take control of events when everyone is arrived, and will provide a speech before overseeing your exchange of vows. If you host a religious ceremony, you may have one or several moments that acknowledge your faith during the event. At the end, you and your partner will lead your party out to mark the formal end of this part of your event!

Your Officiant’s Speech And Your Vows

While you can hire a professional wedding officiant, you may also look into asking a friend or family member to serve in this role. Couples who want to host a less formal or less traditional gathering can find that this suits their style, and it can open up a new position to honor someone important in your life. The officiant will address your guests directly and lead them through the different parts of your ceremony. In addition to overseeing your vows, it is customary for them to offer their own words honoring your partnership.

Your Processional And Recessional

The processional and recessional can appear straightforward, but when you practice during your rehearsal, you can find this takes more care than you anticipate. Your wedding party members should be aware of their different cues, and should be prepared to move at a set pace to keep the rhythm of your event going. They should also be aware of who they will walk with before the event begins. You should also make sure that whoever is responsible for music during your ceremony knows what to play and when. In addition to creating the right atmosphere for your gathering, these choices often give people their signals for when to move through the processional.

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