Welcoming Guests Before The Ceremony

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When your guests begin to arrive on your wedding day, they can marvel at the Texas Hill Country landscape made available for your ceremony at Texas Old Town. Even though you and your partner will not be available to welcome them directly, you can have people and decorations in place to ensure they are warmly received! By asking people to serve as ushers at your event, you can make sure that there are individuals tasked with greeting everyone, and to answer any questions that guests have. To provide more support, you can set up decorations that serve as a welcome, and make sure your guest book is easy for everyone to find. Seasonally appropriate refreshments can also be popular, particularly for an outdoor event.

You Won’t Be Available To Greet Your Guests…

The happy couple will be preoccupied by their own pre-ceremony preparations. Even if you do not plan to take first look photos before the event starts, you should focus on dressing and making sure everything is in place. While grooms can step out and mingle, the bride should stay hidden to save the reveal of the gown for the ceremony. Fortunately, even when the groom is not free to welcome everyone, your ushers will be in place to do so on your behalf. They can greet people, bring them to their seats, and answer any questions that your guests might have.

Make Sure Your Guest Book Is Easy To See

Although your ushers can bring it to guests’ attention, it is a good idea to make sure that your guest book is easy to spot. Making sure it is prominent will help attract guests, and the decorations that you use can help establish your theme for your event. You can put out a traditional book that collects signatures and fond wishes from guests, or you can do something different. One idea is to put out a book with an instant-film camera that lets you capture pictures of all the people who turned out for your special day!

Starting Your Ceremony

Guests who arrive early can freely mingle with others who turn up for your event, but as the time of the wedding ceremony draws near, your ushers should make sure people are taking their seats. Having people who are responsible for seating guests can help you start your event on time. It can also ensure that your front rows remain reserved for family members. While you and your partner may want to stay hidden (or may be preoccupied with first look photos), your event coordinator, or a trusted member of your wedding party, can relay information about guests’ readiness for your walk down the aisle!

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