We’re Engaged! What Do We Do Next?

Professional Photo By: Jerrell Trulove Photography

After a successful proposal, a happy couple can enjoy sharing the news of their engagement to the people closest to them. Of course, not long after this, you will have to begin crafting your plan for a wedding! While this can be exciting, it can also feel daunting. Even those who are more organized by nature may feel intimidated at the thought of planning something as large and significant as a wedding. Fortunately, there are a few early steps that will make your efforts easier. Finding the right venue for your wedding celebration will be important. You can also make matters easier by seeking the help of an event coordinator or planner.

Announcing Your Engagement To The Closest People In Your Life

The closest people to you and your partner should be the first to hear the news. This does not have to be a formal occasion – in fact, by not planning an event you avoid delays in sharing your happy development. Beyond sharing your engagement with your closest friends and immediate family members, you can make your news public.

Early Wedding Planning Steps To Take

Some of the biggest choices you make should happen early in your engagement period. Setting a budget for everything should take place as soon as possible. With that number set, you will know how much you can realistically afford to spend on the different elements of your celebration. You will want to find the right venue for your event, and you may want to seek out an event planner or coordinator as early into your planning efforts as you can. By choosing your venue, you effective choose the date of your wedding as well.

What Should We Do If We Want To Keep Our Engagement Period Short?

While there are many important steps to take not long after becoming engaged, some couples will need to be more active at the start of their engagement than others. Simply put, if your wedding is happening sooner, you will need to fit more planning into the time you have. One way to make this experience less stressful is to consider choosing a Friday or Sunday date for your celebration. You can still host a fun and well-regarded event on these dates, but you can find that because there is less competition for them, you can have an easier time finding vendors to help you make your wedding happen.

Start Planning A Gorgeous Wedding Event At Texas Old Town!

After becoming engaged, you will have cause to celebrate, and you will have an important event to plan. We provide gorgeous outdoor ceremony spaces along with generous amenities and welcoming indoor reception areas where you can host a premiere Austin wedding event. To find out more, please contact Texas Old Town today by filling out our online contact form or calling our Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800!