Who Should I Ask To Be A Bridesmaid?

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When you start selecting people to serve as bridesmaids, you can have certain individuals you know belong in your party. With that said, a confident bride-to-be can encounter unexpected difficulties as they work out who to ask. You may find that you have more candidates than you have slots available. You could also have the opposite issue, where you have extra spaces to fill. These issues, along with questions you might have about out of town bridesmaids, can sometimes make this a surprisingly tough matter to navigate. Texas Old Town offers ample outdoor ceremony spaces, so one problem you can avoid is running out of physical room for everyone you want standing with you!

Things To Consider Before You Start Asking People To Join Your Wedding Party

The wedding party positions go to the people closest to the happy couple. With that said, remember that your bridesmaids will need to be involved in planning and attending pre-wedding events, including your bachelorette party. Someone who is not able to take part in these activities, or someone who might be less enthused about them, can be a less than ideal  choice. With that said, by picking someone who does not live close to you to be a bridesmaid, you should be more accommodating when they cannot make travel arrangements for certain gatherings. However, one thing everyone should be present for is the wedding rehearsal, which provides important information before the ceremony.

Should I Turn The Request To Be A Bridesmaid Into An Event?

While the process of asking people to be in your wedding party can be informal, some individuals will choose to do something more formal. If everyone you want in your party is in the area, you can set up a get-together to make the request. This can be a good way for bridesmaids who have never met to interact and learn more about the other important people in your life. You can also send out special invitations that include gifts and personal messages to everyone you want to join your party.

Bridesmaids Do More Than Just Stand At The Altar With You!

Bridesmaids typically have a hand in the wedding shower (though the bride’s family also tends to be involved), and they plan the bachelorette party. If you have an interest in hosting a DIY wedding, you can ask your bridesmaids for support. That being said, not everyone is comfortable crafting, and may be less confident in their ability to contribute.

Start Planning A Fantastic Wedding Event At Texas Old Town!

With your partner standing before you and your wedding party members by your side, you can have a truly magical Austin wedding ceremony at Texas Old Town! In addition to providing access to beautiful Texas Hill Country spaces where couples exchange vows, we also provide accommodating indoor spaces for receptions and generous amenities! To find out more, please reach out to our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800 or fill out our online contact form!