Working With A Shorter Engagement Period

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How much time do you really need to plan the wedding of your dreams? While a shorter engagement period can present challenges, there are compelling reasons for some couples to spend less time organizing and arranging everything for their celebration. Even a naturally organized person can use a little extra help when planning a wedding with less time. Fortunately, there are certain choices you can make that can make everything easier. As part of the support we offer couples who wed with us, Texas Old Town can make some of your early planning efforts easier by providing a list of skilled vendors to contact, and we can make matters less stressful by providing much-appreciated amenities.

Why Some Couples Prefer A Shorter Engagement Period

A typical engagement period can last around a year, though some couples choose to give themselves even more time to organize everything. While many couples will not have a set number of months they want to stay engaged, they can have a certain date that feels meaningful to them, or they can be excited to wed during a specific season. As a result, they can choose to give themselves less than a year to plan. An event planner can make matters more manageable if you find yourself with less time than normal. They can provide guidance on shorter engagement periods, and they can help you start your search for wedding vendors and other important early tasks with more information.

Using A Less Traditional Date Can Make Planning Easier

Certain dates and times are more popular for weddings, which means that vendors are more likely to be booked. Finding talented people with less notice can be one of the real challenges of a shorter engagement period. One thing you can do to make this more manageable is to choose a less traditional wedding date. You can host a beautiful event on a Friday or Sunday, and you can still manage to find talented people available to help you.

Important Early Steps For Any Recently Engaged Couple

No matter how much time you want to wait for your wedding day, or how much experience you have with event organization and preparation, there are certain tasks you should tackle quickly if you want a smooth engagement period. Figure out your ideal budget for your event as soon as you can, and do research on what that budget can really cover. This means more than just selecting a total figure – you should work out how much you are allotting yourself for different expenses. You should also start your search for a wedding venue promptly. Because Texas Old Town has four different venues – all of which provide stunning views of our Texas Hill Country landscape – you can find that we have an amazing space we can provide to make your celebration wonderful!

Create A Magical Wedding Day Experience At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town offers the kinds of amenities and stunning locations that you need to create a beautiful Austin wedding event! To find out more about us, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!