Month: May 2021

Identifying The Right Wedding Venue

There are certain decisions you should make early in the wedding planning process. Selecting a date and theme will be important, and determining your budget will be important as well. Another important decision is where you wish to wed. Texas Old Town offers up different venues that can support different wedding sizes. Based on the look and… Read more »

Misconceptions About The First Dance

Is the first dance meant to be an elaborate event, or can you do something more traditional? At what point in your wedding reception should this event take place? You may have already seen viral moments from weddings where the happy couple decided to do something more ambitious for a first dance, or you may… Read more »

Crafting Vows For Your Wedding Ceremony

Your marriage celebrates your decision to spend the rest of your life with your partner, but it also presents an opportunity to share what your relationship so far has meant to you. One way to express your feelings is to pen your own vows to share during a wedding ceremony! Even during more traditional events,… Read more »

Creating A Magical Outdoor Wedding Event

The idea of an outdoor wedding appeals to many couples. It can be easy to see why when you marvel at the Texas Hill Country landscapes at Texas Old Town, which provide a wealth of stunning backdrops for ceremonies as well as photo sessions. Your natural surroundings can do much of the work of beautifying… Read more »

Tips For Planning Your Reception Dinner

While there is more to your wedding reception than your dinner, providing a meal for your guests is certainly an important part of the evening! As you think about what to serve and how to serve it, remember that your decisions help influence the tone of your wedding, and the right decisions will help people… Read more »

Important Early Wedding Planning Decisions

Taking time to celebrate your relationship change after becoming engaged is certainly allowed – after all, this is a moment worth cherishing! The time you can take for this before beginning to plan is up to you, though you should act more quickly if you expect to have a shorter engagement period. No matter how… Read more »

Is A Seating Chart Always Necessary?

The creation of a seating chart can be a less glamorous part of wedding planning, but it is often important. With that said, you may have been to more than one wedding that did away with the chart entirely, instead letting guests choose where they sit. When is it acceptable to not assign places for… Read more »

Involving Your Family In Wedding Planning

Your wedding vision expresses something about who you are, and it helps you start married life on a stylish note! While your choice should be made based on what you and your partner want for your special day, family members – particularly parents – are often involved in planning. They can contribute to your decisions… Read more »