Deciding On The Size Of Your Guest List

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For some couples, a wedding celebration will feel incomplete without a large group of people to share their moment. For others, the right event is one that limits turnout so that only those they feel truly close to are in attendance. It may not surprise you to hear that weddings of different size benefit from venues of different size. What you may be surprised to learn is that Texas Old Town can offer venues for both larger and smaller gatherings! We can help you celebrate your love with an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception with a select group of people, or host an event with a bigger group of friends and family. For every couple we host, we provide generous amenities that make planning and enjoying a celebration easier!

How Long Should Your Guest List Be?

When you decide on the length of your guest list, you make a decision that will impact the tone of your event as well as its budget. Simply put, welcoming more guests means adding to your expenses when it comes to food, beverages, and more. Of course, the cost should not be the only factor that weighs on you when you consider how many people to invite. If you want a more spirited and lively wedding, having more people on hand can help you sustain a festive feeling. For many couples, the extra cost is necessary to create the right atmosphere.

Be Prepared To Accommodate Everyone You Invite

No matter how many wedding invitations you send, you can expect to have invitees decline to attend. While this is a common occurrence, it is not something that you should fit into your plans for your gathering. Be prepared to seat and serve everyone you extend your welcome to, even if you feel confident that some will have to pass on attending. Simply put, hosting your event will become harder when you find yourself trying to accommodate more people than you expected to arrive!

We Can Provide The Right Space To Accommodate Your Guests

We can serve as a great wedding location for people with larger guest lists, as well as those who expect smaller turnouts. We offer different size venues, which means you can arrange your space to welcome all of the people who declare their intentions to attend your celebration. You can make use of a larger space to keep a larger party happy, or use our more intimate Redbud venue to celebrate with a smaller group of people!

Welcome Guests To A Great Wedding At Texas Old Town

You can find the right space for your premiere Austin wedding venue at Texas Old Town! In addition to stunning outdoor settings and welcoming indoor spaces, we can provide amenities to all couples to make planning and hosting activities easier. To find out more, please reach out by completing our online contact form or calling our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!