Deciding When Your Wedding Should Occur

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While some couples want to set a wedding date that is close to when they became engaged, others will choose to stretch out their engagement time to make planning less taxing. Either option is acceptable, but in either scenario you should take care to think about what you should choose for your preferred date. Texas Old Town hosts Austin wedding events throughout the year, and we can work with you to help make the date you select a truly magical one. Your decision affects more than just the length of your engagement period, as the season of your celebration can influence many of your planning decisions.

Not Everyone Has A Meaningful Date They Want To Use For Their Wedding

Sometimes, a couple who become engaged will pursue a specific date for their wedding, one that is significant to one or both of them. However, there are many people who will not have a preferred date in mind when they become engaged, or even a preferred season for their event! If you fall into this latter group, you should take time to look into the benefits of different choices. While you might feel obligated to go with a “traditional” date around the spring or summer months, you may find that there are advantages to hosting your celebration during the fall or winter seasons.

How The Season Influences Your Wedding Plans

An outdoor wedding can be especially susceptible to seasonal changes, but that does not mean any time of year should be off-limits. With the right approach, you can make your preferred date work. With that said, you should think about how you can play off the time of year when it comes to how you decorate, how you, your partner, and your wedding party members dress, and even what food and refreshments you serve. If you plan to host a wedding during a warmer month, you can find that bright, sunny colors look more appropriate, and you can encourage guests where lighter attire. For a winter event, you can use cooler, more neutral tones, encourage layering, and provide more nourishing food and drink selections.

Should You Choose To Host Your Wedding On A Friday Or Sunday?

Does a wedding always have to take place on a Saturday? You may find that a Friday or Sunday event is a better fit for you, and that it makes planning easier. Because wedding vendors can have fewer demands on their schedules on these dates, both Friday and Sunday weddings can be easier to plan if you are working with a shorter engagement period.

Texas Old Town Can Help You Host A Gorgeous Wedding!

Texas Old Town can help you host a fun and gorgeous Austin wedding event at any time of year! To learn more about our location and amenities, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!