Dressing Your Wedding Party Members

Professional Photo By: Jordan Nicole Photography

You need to think about more than just what attire you and your partner should wear at your wedding. The happy couple is also responsible for choosing what their wedding party members will have on during the big day. This can be a less difficult choice than selecting what you want to wear, but it can still be a difficult one. Obviously, you want the people standing with you at the altar to be appropriately dressed for your occasion. You should also think about how you can showcase your wedding colors with what they wear. One thing to keep in mind is that many bridesmaids are now given some flexibility in what they wear, so you may not have to pick a specific dress for every member to wear.

Make Sure Each Halves Of Your Wedding Party Match Each Other

You and your partner can set out to make your own choices regarding what your party members wear, but there are a few things that you should both keep in mind. One is that a groom and groomsmen tend to have similar looks, so the groom’s attire will certainly influence what their party members have on for the wedding. Another important consideration is how well each halves of your wedding party complement each other. In other words, pictures of bridesmaids and groomsmen should not clash because one group is noticeably more or less formal, or because they seem to be dressed for different themes! Thanks to our accommodating dressing spaces, everyone in your wedding can come together to dress with plenty of time before your event begins!

Selecting Attire For Bridesmaids And Maid Or Matron Of Honor

What should your bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor wear? There are a few factors that clarify your choice. You will want to feature one of your chosen colors in their dress, and you want attire that is appropriately suited to the theme of your event. Finding one style, length, and cut of dress for everyone in your group can be tough, especially if you have a larger party. One thing you can do to address this is set parameters for what everyone will wear, but give them some freedom when it comes to the cut and style of their gowns.

Choosing Attire For The Best Man And Groomsmen

The groomsmen and best man are often dressed in a style that is close to what the groom wears. The difference can be as subtle as a different jacket color or tie color. To add more color for the groomsmen, you can showcase your colors with the boutonnieres that they receive before the ceremony begins.

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