Finding Your Ideal Wedding Colors

Professional Photo By: Lauren Garrison Photography

Whether you want to host something formal, or you prefer to keep your event casual, your wedding should maintain a consistent look and theme. How can you make sure you maintain that consistency? One way to unify your decorations and spaces is to rely on your wedding colors. They can help you create a fun and interesting look for your event, and they can help convey the event’s tone. While you should make your selections in your engagement period, hold off on a final decision until you select your venue. By taking a tour of the venues Texas Old Town offers, you can make a choice more easily when you picture how different colors will work with your surroundings.

Why You Should Make Your Decision Early In Your Engagement Period

Once you have your wedding colors picked out, you will have an easier time selecting decorations, picking out attire for your wedding party members, and even designing your wedding invitations and save-the-date cards. Because of this, you should make your choice a priority. With that said, you can find it relatively easy to work in an additional color if you start to feel that your overall wedding look is missing something.

How Many Colors Should We Feature?

It is common for couples to choose anywhere from three to five shades to include in their wedding look. However, this does not mean you need to go by this standard. For a more casual or bold look, you may want to have a few more to work with. You can also limit yourself to two, or just stick with a primary color and let different shades and hues play off it when appropriate.

When Is It Important To Showcase Your Colors?

Throughout your venue space, you should feature your wedding colors prominently when you put out decorations. It can be especially important to show them off when you plan to put out decorations that will attract more attention. Another opportunity to show them off will be when you style your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Their attire should be a good visual match for your event. In addition to looking stylish, they present an opportunity for you to naturally incorporate your colors into your altar space during your ceremony.

Create A Beautiful, Colorful Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

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