How Parents Fit Into Wedding Plans

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Your parents and your partner’s parents can all express joy over the announcement of your engagement. A wedding brings together more than just two people as your bond also connects your respective families. In the past, there was a set expectation that the bride’s parents would pay for the wedding. However, this tradition is less prevalent today for many reasons. You may have partial financial support from both sides of your family, or you may choose to rely as much as possible on your own money rather than your parents’. Even if your parents are less involved in the financial side of preparing for your special day, they can still be important to both your pre-wedding events and the big day itself.

Parents Often Have Important Roles Before And During The Wedding

There will be times throughout your engagement period where parents are expected to step in and have a role in helping you celebrate. The mother of the bride is often an official part of the search for a bridal gown, and parents can help pay for or even host the engagement party and/or shower. During your wedding, the parents of the happy couple have their own places in your procession. They can also be asked to speak during your toasts at the reception, and take to the dance floor with you after the first dance concludes. With that said, like all traditions, these can be amended, added to, or even skipped to best suit what you and your parents wish for your event.

Set Expectations Regarding Support And Advice Early

Whether you want to stick to traditional roles for parents or do something less conventional, you should talk to them early in the wedding planning process. Setting expectations at the start of your engagement period will be important for several reasons. It will let them know what your vision for your event is, and it gives you a chance to hear how they anticipate being involved. An early discussion can be particularly important for determining both how involved they will be financially, and whether they expect a degree of input based on that support.

Honoring Parents During Your Event

There are several places where parents can fit into your celebration. If you create programs for your event, you can name and thank them within. You can also include them in the procession at your ceremony, something many couples choose to do. If you choose, you can even create a family table at your reception where you join your respective parents. Couples who prefer to seat themselves privately at a sweetheart table can also put up extra decorations at the tables where their immediate family members sit in order to bring attention to them.

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