Identifying The Right Wedding Venue

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There are certain decisions you should make early in the wedding planning process. Selecting a date and theme will be important, and determining your budget will be important as well. Another important decision is where you wish to wed. Texas Old Town offers up different venues that can support different wedding sizes. Based on the look and space provided by these options, you can find a space that is just right for the celebration you hope to host. Of course, picking a venue does more than just help you lock in your date, time, and location. Because we offer many beneficial amenities, your decision also helps clarify what you need to arrange, and what will already be addressed on your behalf.

Your Choice Of Venue Should Be Made Early

There are many reasons to select your venue early in your wedding planning process. The space you select will obviously inform the look of your event, which can influence your choices regarding event formality, theme, and color. You will also gain a clearer picture of how many people you can welcome to your special day. Of course, there is one other important factor to consider:  You may find that your desired venue has limited slots available. If you know you want your celebration to take place on a certain date, or in a certain season, waiting to secure your space can affect the availability of your preferred date!

We Offer Several Venue Options

Can one location really be well-suited to both larger celebrations and smaller, more intimate gatherings! We have several different venue locations set up and ready to host gatherings for happy couples. For those who want to bring together the most people possible, we can recommend the spacious Tejas venue. If you like the idea of only welcoming those you feel closest to, and keeping your event on the intimate side, the Redbud venue can be ideal. During a tour, you can take a look at the gorgeous outdoor backdrops our different spaces provide, and learn more about our amenities and reception areas!

Added Benefits To Hosting Your Wedding With Us!

Every couple who choose to wed with us can enjoy special amenities that make planning and celebrating their love easier. We provide support by sharing names and contact information for talented vendors, offering up spacious dressing areas for both halves of the wedding party, and by opening up early to provide sixteen hours of access so you can enjoy ample preparation time! As important as it is to have the right setting, we know that the right support can be crucial for creating the event of your dreams.

Find Your Ideal Wedding Venue At Texas Old Town!

Texas Old Town can serve as your ideal Austin wedding destination! To learn more about us, please fill out our online contact form or call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800!