Important Early Wedding Planning Decisions

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Taking time to celebrate your relationship change after becoming engaged is certainly allowed – after all, this is a moment worth cherishing! The time you can take for this before beginning to plan is up to you, though you should act more quickly if you expect to have a shorter engagement period. No matter how much time you take to begin the planning process, there will be certain significant choices that should be made in advance of other decisions. These include what you are willing and able to spend, where your event should take place, and what to do about hiring an event planner or coordinator. Selecting Texas Old Town for your ceremony and reception venue can make certain other decisions easier, as we provide a vendors list and amenities that reduce planning stress!

Do We Need To Start Planning Right After We Become Engaged?

At first, you and your partner can take time to celebrate your choice to be wed. In this time, you can share the news with family members and close friends, show off an engagement ring, and simply bask in your excitement. However, if you want to keep your engagement period short, taking too long to start planning can lead to problems later. Even if you feel there is more than enough time to manage different tasks, skilled people you need to hire will often have little time available on shorter notice. One early decision to make concerns how much you are willing to spend on your wedding. In addition to being a significant choice, this is something you can decide on between yourselves, meaning you will not have to set appointments and reach out to wedding vendors just yet.

Certain Early Choices Make Other Decisions Easier

The early choices you make concerning your event will help you with decisions that occur later in your engagement period. Setting a budget has obvious importance. When you know how much you have to spend on your entire wedding, it becomes easier to determine how much you can commit to different matters. Another choice you should make early concerns your venue. By selecting Texas Old Town, you gain access to a ceremony and reception space, but you also gain important support in the form of our amenities. This support makes preparations easier for couples in several ways. A few examples of support include finding talented vendors and removing concerns about finding time and a place to dress and prepare on the day itself.

Taking Time For Engagement Photos

You can take your engagement photos at our venue and capture the joy you feel at becoming engaged! Even if you are not “officially” in the planning stage, capturing these images will give you something you can cherish, as well as something to share when you make the news of your engagement public!

Plan A Beautiful, Fun-Filled Wedding Event At Texas Old Town!

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