Involving Your Family In Wedding Planning

Professional Photo By: Jerrell Trulove Photography

Your wedding vision expresses something about who you are, and it helps you start married life on a stylish note! While your choice should be made based on what you and your partner want for your special day, family members – particularly parents – are often involved in planning. They can contribute to your decisions regarding who attends, they can assist with pre-wedding events, and they can help you make choices about the gathering itself. This input often comes with at least some financial assistance for your celebration. With that said, you can avoid conflicts at a later time by discussing matters of input and assistance early in your engagement period. Remember that Texas Old Town can make planning easier by offering generous amenities, as well as different options for your venue space!

How Involved Should Your Family Be In Planning Your Wedding?

For some couples, the inclusion of family members in wedding planning can make perfect sense. However, others may choose to have little or even no outside involvement. Ultimately, you and your partner should have the last word concerning what you plan for your event. With that said, if your family provides financial support, they can fairly assume they will have some say in what happens at your event.

Set Terms Of Involvement Early

Whether you look forward to or feel uneasy about your family’s involvement, you should establish terms of support early in planning. This can be especially important when you expect assistance with paying for some or all of your event. By talking out what decisions you are comfortable sharing, and what you prefer to make on your own, you can avoid conflicts later in planning. You may find that your parents simply want the opportunity to talk about your preferences, or you can find that certain matters, like who you invite, will be especially important to them.

Family And Wedding Party Members Play Important Parts In Planning Pre-Wedding Events

Your family contributes to more than just planning the wedding itself. They also provide help with planning certain pre-wedding events, though the wedding party members help with at least some of this task. You can have little to do with the details of your wedding shower, or the bachelor and bachelorette parties (beyond sharing what your preferences). Family can also have more to do with planning your rehearsal dinner the night before the celebration.

Create A Magical Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town!

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