Is A Seating Chart Always Necessary?

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The creation of a seating chart can be a less glamorous part of wedding planning, but it is often important. With that said, you may have been to more than one wedding that did away with the chart entirely, instead letting guests choose where they sit. When is it acceptable to not assign places for the reception dinner, and when is it important to have a chart prepared? Generally speaking, charts help you start your reception smoothly, especially if you have a larger guest list. They also help if you are serving plated meals that varied options. However, if you are not concerned about delivering specific dishes, and you have a smaller gathering, you may find that simply skipping the chart is easier.

Why Couples Create Seating Charts For Their Receptions

By assigning everyone their place at your reception, you can make starting your reception easier. For a larger turnout especially, designated seats can help people find their places quickly and without confusion. They can also help if your catering company is carrying plates that are intended for different people, as servers will have assigned places to bring meals. For a more traditional or formal gathering, assigned seats can feel more appropriate to the atmosphere you are trying to establish.

Can We Do Without A Chart?

Doing without a seating chart can feel more appropriate for a casual wedding, one that is less defined by traditions and formality. You can also find that arranging everyone is unnecessary when you have a smaller gathering, as it is less difficult for people to arrange themselves. This does not mean you have to do without the chart. Ultimately, if you feel more comfortable placing everyone, it can still be a good idea, even if it feels less necessary based on your plans.

Placing Everyone At Your Wedding Reception (Including Yourselves)

If you do intend to give everyone their assigned places, there are certain factors you should consider. One is that you obviously will not be able to make your chart until you are confident all of your affirmative responses have been collected, and that you know who will or will not have a plus one with them. Another thing to do is be mindful of how you arrange people. If you are not careful, you can strand individuals at tables where they may have less in common than their seat mates. Of course, in addition to seating everyone else, you will have to assign yourself and your partner! If you want to avoid awkward choices regarding whose family or friends to sit with, consider giving yourselves a sweetheart table where you are set apart from others.

Plan A Wonderful Wedding Celebration At Texas Old Town!

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