Misconceptions About The First Dance

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Is the first dance meant to be an elaborate event, or can you do something more traditional? At what point in your wedding reception should this event take place? You may have already seen viral moments from weddings where the happy couple decided to do something more ambitious for a first dance, or you may have been wowed by a performance at a wedding you attended. While people have given this moment a playful spirit, it can still be enjoyed without doing something more involved. Simply put, this is technically the way you let your guests know that the dance floor is open, and a touching moment to share with your partner. Your ideal dance may not be expertly choreographed, but your partner and the right song can be all you need to make the most of this moment.

How The First Dance Fits Into Your Reception Plans

While the first dance should occur before you open up the dance floor, you can choose whether you want to honor this tradition before or after dining. Some couples make this the official start of their wedding reception. If you prefer, you can even take to the dance floor right after you and your partner arrive for this event. Of course, you should be careful not to wait too long to start this tradition, particularly if you plan on having dances with your parents before fully opening the dance floor.

Do We Need To Do Something Elaborate For Our First Dance?

If you want to make your first dance more of a performance and wow your guests, you can certainly do so! Even at a more traditional and formal event, this can be an exciting moment, one that adds a little levity while still showing off your chemistry together. With that said, if you are self-conscious about your ability to do this, or if you worry that the emotions behind this moment might be too much, something simpler can be recommended. No matter how extravagant or conventional you are with your moves, put in time and effort to practice. This will help you feel less nervous, and it can make you more comfortable as you try to move while wearing formalwear.

Welcoming Everyone At Your Reception To The Dance Floor

Guests typically understand that the floor is not open until after the first dance is complete. However, it can be a good idea to officially announce that everyone is encouraged to meet you and enjoy the night! Your DJ or band leader can make an announcement. Having a professional in charge of music can be important for a moment like this, because the right choice for your first song can motivate more people to go out and start enjoying themselves!

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