The Right Fashion For Your Outdoor Wedding

Professional Photo By: Sarah E Photography

While some couples have a clear vision of what they should wear during their wedding, many others will need time to think about their ideal look. A few key early decisions can help you narrow your options. Setting your budget and deciding on the formality of your event will certainly matter, as will the location itself. When you plan an outdoor wedding, you should give more thought to whether your attire is seasonally appropriate. Texas Old Town makes it possible for happy couples to exchange vows while surrounded by the natural beauty of Texas Hill Country. We offer year-round reservations, so we can host you if you want to dress up for a formal winter wedding, or if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the sunshine of a spring or summer event!

Choosing Wedding Attire That Fits Your Vision For Your Event

While you have the freedom to weigh your options and find wedding attire that feels right for you and your partner, you should aim to pick outfits that are a good fit for your event. This does not mean you have to mirror your theme exactly – for example, you may want to be more formally styled despite hosting a relatively casual affair. However, you should think about how you and your decorations will complement each other.

Tips For Dressing Comfortably For The Season

Dressing in a way that feels stylish is obviously important. For a wedding ceremony that takes place outdoors, it can be important to wear something that feels comfortable. For a winter wedding, you may want to add layers to your look to keep cold air at bay. Lighter suit fabrics and lighter colors can be smart for a groom who is part of a spring or summer wedding. Of course, you can reference your season in other meaningful ways. For example, you may want to use airier and lighter clothing options to play off the warmth of a celebration hosted during the warmer seasons.

Choosing Attire For Your Wedding Party

The happy couple needs to pick outfits for more than just themselves. You also have a responsibility to decide what your wedding party members will wear for your gathering. Just as you would with your own clothing choices, you should think about how they can fit the theme of your event while also feeling comfortable. As part of our standard amenities for couples, Texas Old Town actually provides ample dressing areas where you and all of your wedding party members can prepare on site!

Plan A Beautiful Outdoor Wedding At Texas Old Town!

You can plan a truly gorgeous Austin outdoor wedding event when you host your celebration at Texas Old Town! If you would like to find out more, please call our Kyle, TX venue today at 512.396.1800 or complete our online contact form!