Tips For Planning Your Reception Dinner

Professional Photo By: April Jackson Photography

While there is more to your wedding reception than your dinner, providing a meal for your guests is certainly an important part of the evening! As you think about what to serve and how to serve it, remember that your decisions help influence the tone of your wedding, and the right decisions will help people know what to expect from the rest of your night! Texas Old Town offers spaces that give your vendors ample room to operate, which helps them take care of your guests. We also provide you with a vendors list to help you search for the right catering company. One thing to keep in mind as you begin to make decisions – while your refreshments and desserts are provided by different people, they should pair well with what you serve for your reception dinner.

Your Dinner Helps Start Your Reception In Style

The meal is typically served close to or at the beginning of the reception after everyone – including the happy couple – are present and seated. Because of this, it helps set the mood for the rest of your evening. You are free to choose from a variety of caterers and meal options, and you have options when it comes to how you serve everyone. With that said, take care to think about how your decisions fit in with larger plans around your celebration. Food and service can do as much as your decorations to establish your desired atmosphere.

Making Decisions Regarding Seating And Serving

What affects how people respond to your wedding reception meal? The food itself is obviously important, but the mood is also set by seating arrangements. While you do not have to ensure that every table is filled with guests who all know each other, be mindful of how different guests might get along with each other upon meeting. When it comes to your serving style, plated meals tend to feel more formal, but if you have a larger guest list you should focus on how you can serve people most efficiently to avoid delays that throw off your evening.

Serving Refreshments And Dessert

Refreshments and dessert may be provided by different vendors, but they can still complement your meal. Your bar company can provide guidelines on what you can provide for drinks. In addition to offering up a traditional wedding cake, you can help satisfy your attendees’ cravings for sweets by offering additional treats at the dessert table.

Provide A Wonderful Reception Experience At Texas Old Town

Couples who want to plan a beautiful outdoor Austin wedding can find that Texas Old Town offers gorgeous surroundings in addition to generous amenities and lovely indoor reception areas! If you want to learn more, please fill out our online contact form or call Kyle, TX venue at 512.396.1800!