Month: June 2021

The Benefits To A Shorter Guest List

Your plans to wed your partner can certainly be exciting, and you can look forward to letting everyone in your life know about your intention to do so. However, you may be less excited by the idea of trying to accommodate all of the people you know at your celebration. Many couples envision themselves saying… Read more »

Using Lighter Colors For Your Wedding

When you have your wedding colors picked out, you can start making big and important decisions regarding how you will decorate your ceremony and reception spaces. Even before your guests show up for your event, they will see your chosen colors invitations and save-the-date cards. In other words, this is a particularly important choice! If… Read more »

Enjoying The Right Start To Your Reception

Your wedding is split between two important events. Your ceremony is obviously important, as it hosts the moment where you promise to spend your life with your partner, but the reception is also vital to providing a memorable experience for you and your guests. The reception officially begins when you and your partner arrive together,… Read more »

Making Time For First Look Photos

While some couples still choose to save the reveal of the bridal gown for the wedding ceremony, many others now choose to host a first look photo session before their event officially begins. During this session, your photographer can capture the moment you and your partner see each other for the first time on your… Read more »

How Your Wedding Party Members Support You

Asking someone to be a part of your wedding can be a way to show them that you care, but it also means turning to them for support as you prepare for your special day. Bridesmaids are traditionally involved in the major pre-wedding events, and they can sometimes take on responsibilities for the actual wedding…. Read more »

Sharing Attire Preferences With Guests

It may not surprise you to hear that the typical wedding guest would like to be appropriately dressed for the celebration they attend. In fact, the people you invite can prefer to have at least a general idea of what kind of celebration you are planning so that they can wear something suited to the… Read more »

Working With The Right Wedding Vendors

The right venue will help you realize your wedding vision, but even with the right space and the right ideas, you will need some outside help. Fortunately, there are many talented wedding vendors ready to help you decorate, serve foods and drinks, provide entertainment for your reception, and more! Texas Old Town can actually make… Read more »

Cutting The Cake At Your Reception

Before you officially serve dessert during your wedding reception, it is customary for you and your partner to cut yourselves the first piece. While this tradition has seen some changes – for example, fewer couples engaged in pressing cake into each other’s faces – it is a popular moment in the celebration. It can look… Read more »

3 Things To Do After You Become Engaged

After you become engaged, you will have many important decisions to make. The good news is that much of your planning efforts can wait, so you can bask in the excitement over deciding to spend the rest of your life with your partner. However, for longer and shorter engagement periods alike, there are some matters… Read more »

Serving Guests During The Reception

Your wedding reception will be a busy event, but it is also the time when you can sit down with your guests and take in their support and excitement for you and your partner. This is also the time when you show your gratitude for their support by providing meals and refreshments. The right approach… Read more »