Asking Someone To Officiate Your Wedding

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While the officiant has often been seen as a formal position, many couples now choose to have a friend or family member oversee their exchange of vows during the wedding ceremony. There is one big advantage to doing this, which is that someone who knows you well can speak more confidently about what makes your relationship so meaningful. By selecting someone who is comfortable speaking before your guests, and one who can appreciate and fit the theme of your event, you can make your celebration feel more personal and meaningful. To further make your moment together feel more personal, you can choose to share your own vows.

Why Couples Ask Friends Or Family Members To Serve As Officiants

You can find many skilled people ready to serve as officiants. In fact, Texas Old Town can actually provide recommendations for officiants in our list of skilled vendors who can serve you during your celebration. With that said, many people who look into who should oversee their ceremony will decide that this role should go to someone you feel close to on a personal level. Beyond putting someone you feel connected to in charge of an important position, you can use this role as a way to honor people close to both you and your partner.

Can We Have A Personal Officiant For A Formal Ceremony?

When couples consider hosting a more formal wedding celebration, they can feel that they need to make more conservative choices for their event. You may feel that you need to hire a formal officiant to stay closer to your theme. What you can find is that a person you are personally connected to can be a good fit for your celebration even if you are hosting something more formal. However, you should be clear about what kind of plans you have for your wedding, as this will help whoever you choose prepare words that suit your occasion.

Exchanging Your Own Vows To Further Personalize Your Ceremony

Asking someone you know to be your officiant can help make your ceremony feel more personal. To further personalize your gathering, consider penning your own vows. This allows you to share why you love your partner in your words, and even offer details on why you are eager to be wed. While you do not have to memorize these vows, rehearsing them in order to feel comfortable with what you are saying is recommended.

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