Enjoying The Right Start To Your Reception

Professional Photo By: Raven And Hare Photography

Your wedding is split between two important events. Your ceremony is obviously important, as it hosts the moment where you promise to spend your life with your partner, but the reception is also vital to providing a memorable experience for you and your guests. The reception officially begins when you and your partner arrive together, at which point you can start enjoying different traditions, as well as the sharing of a meal you provide for everyone in attendance. While the wedding reception tends to last several hours, it is important to start on the right note, as a stylish arrival (one that occurs not too long after the ceremony wraps) can make people excited for the rest of their night.

Planning A Stylish Arrival For Your Reception

Typically, your wedding party members will have their own entrance after your guests have taken their seats, and you will follow with your partner after they have made their way to their own tables. Even if you plan a more conservative wedding experience, you should try to have fun with this moment – you can enter to music, and you can draw out your entrance while enjoying the applause and well-wishes from those who have joined you for your celebration.

Should We Start With Dinner Or Your First Dance?

While the reception dinner tends to happen early, you do not have to serve food immediately after you arrive. One thing you can consider is starting the night with your first dance. You can count on the floor being clear, and your guests will already have their focus directed to you, making it easier to kick things off. This also gives your reception caterers a little more time to make sure they are ready to serve your guests.

Entertaining Guests Before Your Reception Officially Starts

Even if you plan on taking first look photos before your wedding ceremony begins, you will need to set aside time to take pictures with family members and wedding party members before you kick off your reception. A gap between the two main components of your wedding is normal, and is important for giving guests time to mingle and comfortably find their seats. With that said, you may want to take steps to help people stay entertained before you arrive at your reception. Light refreshments and snacks can create a “cocktail hour” feel that people appreciate. This also helps curb growing appetites, which means people will be more patient with the start of your dinner.

Create A Wonderful Reception At Texas Old Town!

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