How Your Wedding Party Members Support You

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Asking someone to be a part of your wedding can be a way to show them that you care, but it also means turning to them for support as you prepare for your special day. Bridesmaids are traditionally involved in the major pre-wedding events, and they can sometimes take on responsibilities for the actual wedding. While you may expect less of the groomsmen in the months leading to your event, they can be heavily involved in taking care of tasks on the day itself. You should think of them as more than just helpers – after all, they are in the running for your wedding party because you care about them, not because of how much they can do for you. With that said, you should think about what you are truly asking someone when you ask them to stand with you at the altar.

Bridesmaids And Groomsmen Do More Than Just Stand With You At The Altar

Both bridesmaids and groomsmen can help make your wedding day a success. Some brides ask their maid or matron of honor to take the lead in planning activities like the bridal shower, though this can also be handled by the immediate family. Both halves of the wedding party are certainly involved in planning and throwing the bachelor and bachelorette parties. The final hours before your celebration can have you feeling more dependent on these individuals. They should be present for your wedding rehearsal, and they can be important to helping you make sure your ceremony starts on time.

Wedding Party Members And Pre-Wedding Activities

What pre-wedding tasks can you ask bridesmaids and groomsmen to take on for you? At the least, they are typically expected to cover the costs of their attire for your gathering. That means being present for fittings, making sure they look nice, and being prepared to walk down the aisle at the appropriate time. While bridesmaids can do more during the months of your engagement party, the groomsmen can provide help setting out decorations, greeting vendors, and handling other day-of tasks. Of course, you should feel comfortable asking people to take on different tasks based on your needs before the event.

Showing Your Appreciation To Your Wedding Party Members

The rehearsal dinner lets you show your family and wedding party members how much you appreciate their support. Texas Old Town actually welcomes couples who want to host their dinner with us, which can make hosting easier and also give you more time to go through the rehearsal itself. It is also common for the happy couple to give their wedding party members a small token of appreciation. Even if the gift is largely symbolic, it is a welcome gesture of appreciation that lets them know what their support means to you.

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