Making Time For First Look Photos

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While some couples still choose to save the reveal of the bridal gown for the wedding ceremony, many others now choose to host a first look photo session before their event officially begins. During this session, your photographer can capture the moment you and your partner see each other for the first time on your wedding day, can take a series of couple photos that you can cherish. In addition to being a touching moment, there is a practical benefit to moving forward with this plan. Choosing to take these photos before a Texas Old Town wedding will help you shorten the time you need to take posed photos between your ceremony and reception.

What Couples Gain From First Look Photo Sessions

Your wedding photographer can capture the moment when you and your partner lay eyes on each other in your wedding day attire for the first time when you plan to do a first look photo session. That reaction can help inspire a truly meaningful photo session, one that produces images that you can feel excited to frame and display prominently in your shared home. The first look photo session also gives the happy couple an excuse to see each other and talk before the ceremony, something that can help calm your nerves before your event begins.

Making Time For First Look Photos Before The Ceremony

It is important that you have plenty of time and space to prepare for your wedding under any circumstances. However, when you plan to take first look photos, you will need to make sure you have extra time t0 step away from your wedding party members and pose for as many photos as you wish to take. To make day-of preparations easier, Texas Old Town provides sixteen hours of venue access and a pair of spacious dressing areas as part of our standard amenities for guests. With these amenities available to you, it can be easier to address everything you need to before you take your pictures before your event starts.

Your First Look Photos Help You Shorten The Time Between Ceremony And Reception

First look photos remove the need for you and your partner to take posed couple photos between the ceremony and reception. There are still plenty of pictures to take in this time – you will want to pose with both sides of your family, and you will take photos with your wedding party members. With that said, you can shorten how long this overall process takes and begin the reception sooner!

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