Serving Guests During The Reception

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Your wedding reception will be a busy event, but it is also the time when you can sit down with your guests and take in their support and excitement for you and your partner. This is also the time when you show your gratitude for their support by providing meals and refreshments. The right approach to serving meals to your guests will help your event run smoothly, and it should also fit the formality of your gathering. In addition to providing the main course, you will also need to think about how you should serve your refreshments and desserts. Texas Old Town can make important aspects of reception planning easier by providing venues of different sizes, and by offering accommodating spaces that are good for both you and your vendors!

Your Reception Is About More Than Just Your Dinner

A wedding reception will host several important activities. Throughout your gathering, you can serve food, provide drinks, and offer entertainment in the form of music and dancing. You can also work in different traditions like the bouquet toss, the wedding toasts, and more. In other words, you have more to worry about than what to serve and how to serve it! However, you should take the time to think about how to make the most of your dinner, as this part of your event will help you start your event on the right note.

How Should You Serve Meals For Your Guests?

Your approach to serving meals will be affected by several factors. You need to think about how you can efficiently deliver food to everyone, how you can present meals in an appealing manner, and how you can avoid frustrating delays. If you have a larger guest list, or if you have several meal choices for guests to pick from, serving a buffet can be a smart choice. However, if you are serving a smaller number of people and have a limited menu, plating and delivering food can be the smarter choice. Serving guests directly can become a larger cost due to the need for more people, though it can help you apportion food more easily.

Providing Drinks And Desserts For Your Attendees

You need to have a plan for serving more than just your meals. Our venue spaces provide areas where your bartenders can serve refreshments throughout the evening (if you choose to serve alcohol). Make sure you have a dessert table that gives you ample space to work with if you need to provide cake to a larger number of guests. If you prefer, you can also lay out an assortment of other dessert options that guests are free to pick from before you serve your wedding cake.

Serve Guests At A Great Wedding Experience At Texas Old Town

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