Smart Style Tips To Help You Plan Your Bridesmaids’ Looks

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You can greatly appreciate having your bridesmaids at your side during your wedding ceremony. You can also appreciate all of the support they provide you throughout the process of planning your special day. Of course, you have something important that you do for them – you have to make important style decisions for the people who support you during your wedding. It can be difficult to select one look that suits all of the people who are close to you. With that said, you can narrow down your choices when you think about how their look might fit in with your overall wedding esthetic. (more…)

We Have Some Smart Tips To Help You Plan Your Bar Service

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There are many important details you will want to address as you prepare for your wedding day. People will certainly notice the look of your ceremony and reception, they can appreciate the food (particularly the dessert), and they can ooh and aah over you and your amazing bridal gown. Of course, when it comes to a successful reception, you can find that guests are particularly interested in what you offer up at your bar. If you want to keep your guests in good spirits, the right drink options can help you. With some smart planning and budgeting, you can make sure your guests enjoy excellent bar service. (more…)

Is A Daytime Wedding Something You Should Consider?

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While people commonly plan to host a wedding during the evening, you can find that a daytime wedding inspires creative choices, and provides surprising advantages. Of course, one benefit to your daytime wedding at one of our outdoor ceremony spaces is that you have ample light for everyone to enjoy the surrounding beauty of Texas Hill Country. You can also create a fun, relaxed atmosphere where you, your partner, and the people in your lives can celebrate your love. A daytime wedding is one of several scenarios where you can select a nontraditional wedding time and enjoy unexpected benefits. (more…)

Smart Tips To Keep You Organized While Planning Your Wedding

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On the day of your wedding, you can see all of your planning efforts pay off as you celebrate your ceremony and reception in a gorgeous venue. As exciting as it can be to look forward to the results of your efforts, the planning period itself can occasionally feel overwhelming. What can you do to better manage the work before your wedding day? One thing you should do is give yourself time – a looming deadline can make stressful situations even more taxing. Official organizing tools can also be valuable, as it can give you a measure of control over your tasks. If you are worried about the challenge of wedding planning, you can look into Texas Old Town’s All-Inclusive Wedding Package. (more…)

Planning Music And Other Entertainment For Your Reception

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Having a professional music presence can offer important advantages for your wedding. Your DJ, or the leader of your wedding band, can inform guests when reception events are about to begin. A live musician is also able to read a room, and recognize when to change up the tempo of the room with the right song. A successful wedding reception is about more than just music, of course. You can offer great food in a lovely setting, meet with your guests, and celebrate your relationship. Of course, you can count on a successful evening when you have access to one of our accommodating reception areas, and the support of our amenities. (more…)

Should I Offer More Than Just Wedding Cake For Dessert?

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As it stands tall on your dessert table, your guests will have an easy time spotting your wedding cake. A beautifully decorated cake can be attractive, and it can help you end your night on a particularly sweet note. Of course, even a towering tiered cake can only hold so many slices, and you want to make sure everyone at your wedding reception enjoys dessert. With that in mind, should you plan to offer more than just cake on your special day? You can find that adding alternative treats by including a groom’s cake, or other additional desserts, will be well received by guests. (more…)

Smart Suggestions You Can Use To Plan A Formal Wedding Event

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While weddings are traditionally formal affairs, some couples choose to keep their special day casual. Because these relaxed celebrations have become more common, people may lower their expectations for what to expect at your wedding. If you want to exchange vows in a more formal atmosphere, there are steps you can take to make sure people know what to expect. You can give subtle hints about what to expect when you design your invitations, and plan your reception entertainment, but straightforward information can be important. In addition to giving you a beautiful space to celebrate a formal wedding, Texas Old Town can offer planning support from our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. (more…)

3 Tips To Help Inspire Your Rustic Wedding Atmosphere

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A rustic wedding can exhibit the charm and beauty of the natural landscape. Many couples use rustic decorations to inspire an earthy, homespun feel for their wedding day. With the right decorative touches, you can make your celebration feel like a countryside getaway, and encourage everyone to relax and soak in the charm of your event. We offer lovely outdoor ceremony spaces that can perfectly suit your plans for a rustic wedding. We can also help you find the right people, and make the right plans, to ensure your wedding day is exactly what you want it to be! (more…)

What To Expect During Your Bridal Shower Celebration

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Your bridal shower is a chance to enjoy yourself, and celebrate your upcoming wedding with people who are important to you. Traditionally, this event also gives friends and family members an early opportunity to gift you with items that you can use to set up your new home with your partner. While you can certainly discuss your preferences and desires for this event, you will not have to plan and organize it yourself, making this a nice break for you during your efforts to plan your wedding. As with so many elements of wedding planning, you can decide if you want to enjoy something traditional, or something a little unconventional as you celebrate. (more…)

Picking, And Working With, Your Maid Or Matron Of Honor

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The person you select to serve as your maid or matron of honor can provide meaningful support throughout your wedding planning efforts. They can assist in hosting your bridal shower, and take the lead in arranging your bachelorette party. Your maid or matron of honor will also have important unofficial responsibilities – as the person you feel especially close to, they can help you make tough decisions, manage wedding stress, and act as a sounding board for your frustrations. While you obviously want to select someone you are close with, you should also look for someone you feel will be up to these responsibilities. (more…)