Preparing For Your Pre-Wedding Events

Between your engagement and your wedding day, you can look forward to several events to help you commemorate this big life change. These engagements can vary considerably in tone – for instance, a bridal shower is usually a more reserved affair than your bachelorette party. These events leading to your wedding day can help celebrate your upcoming marriage, while also helping you bond with, and show appreciation for, the people in your wedding party. Making the most of these events can help relieve planning stress, but most importantly, they are great excuses to get together with friends and have some fun! (more…)

Keeping Up With Your Wedding Planning Responsibilities

As excited as you may be by your upcoming wedding, you may find yourself feeling stressed from time to time as you contemplate the scope of your responsibilities. Organizing a wedding and reception can take considerable work. Even arranging professional help can be time-consuming, as you need to meet with wedding vendors, and figure out who might be best suited to the work you need completed. If you want to stay on top of your responsibilities, the first thing you can do is make sure you take a solid, organized approach. You should also be honest with yourself about how much time, energy, and money you have to put into your wedding, and use that information to plan accordingly. (more…)

Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl

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Your ring bearer and flower girl will have pretty simple jobs, and any mistakes they might make are typically more adorable than disruptive. Of course, involving children in a ceremony can bring a few challenges. After all, they may be uncomfortable with all the attention they receive as they walk down the aisle, and particularly young children may be unclear on exactly what is expected of them. With a little smart planning, you can make sure your ring bearer and flower girl enjoy their involvement in your wedding. It is also worth noting that traditions around these roles can be more relaxed, so you can feel more free to change their responsibilities. These modifications can add unique touches to your ceremony, but you can also feel free to adjust their responsibilities, to create less stress for the kids…and for yourself. (more…)

What To Consider When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

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As you plan your wedding, celebrate your bridal shower, and let loose during your bachelorette party, your bridesmaids will be there to support you. While the bride and groom tend to command the attention during a wedding ceremony, selecting the right bridesmaid dresses is certainly important. This can be challenging, as your bridesmaids can be of different sizes and builds, making it difficult to make a choice that suits everyone. However, you can find that when you take the time to fully explore your options, and exercise a little flexibility, you can provide the people in your bridal party something truly stunning. (more…)

Planning Your Reception Dinner

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Your ceremony will be a cherished moment, but the wedding reception is where you have a chance to breathe a little easier, and really engage with your guests. One thing you certainly do not want to overlook when it comes to your reception is what food to serve. You can exercise real creativity when it comes to what you serve, and how you serve it. Some people want to have a more formal, traditional reception dinner, while others like to shake things up with a more relaxed approach. While there is no single “right” way to plan your dinner, it is certainly possible to plan your event in a way that feels best suited to you, and your guests. (more…)

4 Tips For Decorating Your Wedding Space

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Texas Old Town has several gorgeous settings for your wedding ceremony, and your reception. Once you have your space selected, you can look for opportunities to personalize it with your own decorative style. There are many different approaches people can take to decorating their wedding spaces. Some may prefer to take on DIY projects, and craft their own decorations, while others may seek out a qualified vendor to bring their vision into reality. No matter what approach you take, a smart approach to decorating can help you provide a truly memorable and unique look, and set your wedding apart. (more…)

An All-Inclusive Wedding Package Can Relive Planning Stress

If you have the kind of life that rarely seems to slow down, it can be tough to add new responsibilities. You can be thrilled about your upcoming wedding, while still worrying about how you will be able to properly prepare for it. For many people, an all-inclusive wedding package is vital to making sure everything is taken care of in time for their special day. You can talk to Texas Old Town about purchasing this package, which can ensure that important tasks are managed by experts who are dedicated to helping you have your ideal wedding experience. (more…)