Things To Consider If You Want To Plan A 2020 Wedding

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While the start of a new year is generally exciting, and full of potential, 2020 can be especially eventful for engaged couples looking forward to their wedding celebrations. If you hope to host your wedding in the new year, that excitement can be matched by some understandable concerns about having everything prepared for your special day. Fortunately, you can find that having your date and venue set can make it easier to put remaining pieces in place. Our Texas Hill Country wedding venue can be particularly helpful, as you can enjoy great amenities and recommendations for talented vendors in addition to stunning outdoor spaces for your celebration! (more…)

Creating A Memorable Dinner During Your Wedding Reception

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After your wedding ceremony concludes, you and your guests can gather together to have a wonderful wedding reception experience. Our different wedding venues provide different space and size options for couples to welcome their guests for an evening with drinks, dancing, and dinner. If you want to create a memorable evening for everyone in attendance, you should be prepared to put serious thought into the dinner you serve. Our venue has caterers we can recommend, but we are also open to outside companies taking on the task of creating a great meal for your event. Picking the right food certainly matters, but it is just one of many factors that can affect the success of your overall experience for your guests. (more…)

Enjoy Ample Time And Space For Day-Of Wedding Preparations

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While many of your responsibilities when planning your wedding are addressed before the day itself, you should expect to be busy on the day itself. It can be important to create a time line for your day leading up to the ceremony, and to stay in contact with your wedding party. We offer many amenities that make planning and celebrating your wedding easier. Couples can enjoy sixteen hours of access at our venue for their celebration, and also make use of generous suites for both the bridal party and groom’s party. With ample time and space for day-of preparations, you can have an easier time having everything set up before your guests begin to arrive. (more…)

Creating A Formal Wedding Experience Your Guests Love

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Many couples are choosing to keep their wedding events relatively casual. You may have attended more than one wedding that featured a rustic spirit, DIY decorations, and a generally relaxed atmosphere. For the right people, this can be an ideal way to celebrate, but you should not feel like a formal wedding experience has gone out of fashion! You can find that a formal outdoor wedding can feel like a truly magical experience. In fact, a formal outdoor event can be a wonderful experience for a fall or winter wedding, as the surrounding colors and cooler temperatures can help foster a formal environment. You can take additional steps to establish a formal atmosphere as you determine what food to serve, what wedding colors to feature, and by selecting preferred attire for your wedding. (more…)

How Large Should Our Wedding Party Be?

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Your partner is not the only person who will stand with you at the altar during your wedding ceremony. On your special day, you will both also have your wedding party members at your side to support you! Asking someone to join your event as a bridesmaid or groomsman is a testament to how much that person means to you. While you may have many individuals who feel important, it may be hard to make space for everyone in your wedding party. Should you simply add to the size of your party, and bring more people to stand with you, or is it better to make tough choices about who you should include? Before growing frustrated, remember that there are other roles you can welcome people to take, and that someone close to you will appreciate being welcomed as a guest. (more…)

Use These Tips To Keep Your Reception Dance Floor Lively!

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While your wedding reception can start on a relatively calm note, a successful event can become a lively, fun-filled affair. One thing you can do to keep your guests in good spirits through the night is encourage people to enjoy themselves by dancing. When your guests keep the dance floor full, and clearly have a terrific time, it can help everyone feel a little more festive throughout your reception. Because Texas Old Town offers multiple venues to accommodate turnouts of different size, you can make sure that you have the space available for a dance floor that comfortably fits the guests you expect. With the right music, and the right encouragement, you can keep your reception lively, and filled with dancing. (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Host A Great Wedding Cocktail Hour

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While you will want to be as present as possible with the guests who attend your wedding, you will need at least a little time away in order to take photos with your partner, and your family. Even if you arrange to have first look photos taken, you should be prepared to leave your guests for a time before the reception begins. In order to make the most of this time, many couples arrange for there to be an unofficial cocktail hour event just after the ceremony. With some smart planning, you can make sure this event is fun for all involved, and feel comfortable leaving everyone to have your photos taken! (more…)

Making Bold Color Choices For Your Wedding Decorations

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When it comes to creating the look of your wedding ceremony and reception, the choices you make regarding your wedding colors will be significant. Color is one of the key means of unifying the look of your event that you have. For people who want to host a more traditional or formal event, muted and subtle colors can feel appropriate. However, if you feel drawn to bolder, richer, or otherwise striking tones, you can feel free to use them! Even if you want to stay conservative, the occasional standout color can have an exciting effect on the look of your wedding. If you are unsure of how to incorporate bolder colors, your event planner or decorator can offer guidance to help you realize your vision. (more…)

Should You Hire An Event Planner For Your Wedding?

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While couples can be understandably excited about their wedding, you are certainly allowed to feel at least a little nervous about planning your event. After all, most people have little to no experience organizing an occasion this large, and this important, before they become engaged. If you are not comfortable taking on such a large task yourself, or if you just want to have an expert available to guide you, an event planner or coordinator can offer great support. In order to help you find someone you can count on, we do have some event planners recommended in our Preferred Vendors List. Texas Old Town is also ready to take on important pre-wedding tasks for you if you opt for our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)

Are You Having Trouble Finding The Right Wedding Vendors?

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Even if you have a clear vision of what you want for your wedding day, it can sometimes be difficult to find professionals who can bring your vision to life. It is important to put time and effort into finding the right wedding vendors. In addition to looking for people who are experienced, and within your budget, you want to be sure that the people you hire understand what you want, and are comfortable meeting your goals. In order to make your search easier, Texas Old Town does provide a Preferred Vendors List for you to review. This list gives names and contact information for vendors who have showcased their skills in making wedding events successful. (more…)