Helpful Information About Wedding Guests And Picture Taking

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Even though you have a wedding photographer on hand to document your celebration, you can safely assume that your guests will want to take pictures with their phones. Should you see this as something you will want to discourage or downplay, or a means of gathering other perspectives on your special day? Throughout the reception, you can feel free to let people take photos. In fact, you can even encourage it by setting up a photo backdrop where people can snap selfies and pictures with other guests. However, you should encourage people to keep their phones out of sight during the wedding ceremony. During this event, guests who want to snap pictures can become a distraction, and they can end up interfering with shots your photographer wants to take. (more…)

3 Fun Features To Add To Your Wedding Reception

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While it can certainly be a beautiful celebration of your love, and a chance to thank the people in your life who are present on your special day, your wedding reception can also be a time to relax and have fun! After so much time arranging all of the details of your wedding, you can unwind with friends and family, bask in the excitement of being married, and treat everyone to a night of drinking and dancing. To make the most of your event, you can look for extra touches that add to the fun of your reception. These additions, along with the traditional wedding reception activities, can help ensure that you and the people who come together for your celebration have a great time! (more…)

Making Time For Group Pictures Before Your Reception

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As you work out what vendor services you need for your wedding, you should look into securing the services of a wedding photographer. Photographers capture meaningful and magical moments throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, and even images from before your event begins. In addition to snapping pictures of people enjoying your wedding, they can take stunning posed pictures of you and your partner with wedding party members and family members. The photos you stage between your ceremony and reception can be among your favorites, and your family can be excited to frame and display them. To keep guests happy while they wait for the reception to begin, you can arrange for an informal cocktail hour to occur while your photos are taken. (more…)

Consider Alternatives To A Traditional Tuxedo For The Groom

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Many traditional wedding elements are still in style. However, this does not mean that all, or many, of those traditions need to make an appearance on your special day. When it comes to dressing the groom for a celebration, the classic tuxedo is still popular, but many couples decide to go in a different direction. Sometimes, that means changing up the tux color to create a more fun or seasonally appropriate look. In other circumstances, it may make sense to dress down a groom to make sure they fit in with the formality of your event. Remember that the happy couple’s attire choices should complement each other, and they should work well with their wedding decorations. If the traditional tuxedo does not feel ideal for your celebration, the right alternative can provide to be just right for your wedding! (more…)

Using Flowers To Give Your Wedding More Color

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The colors you choose for your wedding decorations can be important to your overall look and theme. You can choose to provide a variety of different hues, or stick with a couple of colors that dominate the look of your event. No matter how much color you plan to implement, you will have many opportunities to showcase your selections. One thing to remember is that floral arrangements are among the most eye-catching opportunities to showcase your wedding colors that you will have. Flowers can be used in table centerpieces, as decorations for your ceremony, and they can add more color to the look of the bride and bridesmaids. For an outdoor ceremony, flowers can help you maintain your natural look while still bringing in your colors to beautify your surroundings. (more…)

Deciding Who You Should Include In Your Wedding Party

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While some wedding planning tasks can wait after you become engaged, there are others you can take care of quickly. Many people who plan to wed can have a clear idea of who they want in their wedding party. With that said, questions over how large your party should be, and who will be able to fully commit to pre-wedding activities, can complicate your choices. While the wedding party members tend to be selected early, take your time to think about what size the overall group should be, and to consider who can best take on the responsibilities of their role. Be sure to also think about who can fill other important positions, like the ushers, as you plan your event. (more…)

Finding Time To Dance And Honor Reception Traditions

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While some couples look forward to hosting a more traditional wedding reception, others will be eager to have a less formal evening that lets them engage more freely with their guests. No matter what approach you take, if you make space for a dance floor at your reception, you (and your guests) will likely look forward to using it throughout the night! Taking time to work out a schedule for your reception activities can help you determine how much time you will have for unstructured fun, and how much will be taken up by the wedding traditions you choose to honor. If you have a larger wedding, or if you expect to give more time over to traditions, an event coordinator can help you make the most of your night. (more…)

Choosing A Look For Your Bridesmaids That Fits Your Theme

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The theme you choose for your wedding can be communicated with more than just the decorations you put out for your ceremony and reception. The formality of your event, the food and refreshments you offer, and even your approach to honoring or passing on certain traditions can help you create the celebration you really envision. Your theme is also communicated in attire – what you and your partner wear, but also what your wedding party members wear. While the dresses your bridesmaids wear will not be as formal as the wedding gown you don for your special day, they should still be a good fit for the event that you are planning. Even if they wear dresses that vary, your bridesmaids should have a clear idea of what they can do to fit in with your theme. (more…)

Why Couples Choose To Recite Personal Wedding Vows

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By crafting your own wedding vows, you gain an opportunity to share something truly personal about your relationship, and the love of your life, during your ceremony. These opportunities excite many couples, which has made the decision to share custom vows more common over time. Of course, when you decide this is right for your wedding ceremony, you face the important task of actually penning your vows! If you struggle with this responsibility, focus on why you have chosen this route over traditional vows. Just as the right wedding venue can help you create a look for your special day that suits you, your custom vows let you craft a speech that expresses why you are so happy to stand at the altar with your partner. (more…)

Tips For Warmly Welcoming Guests Before The Ceremony

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Typically, the happy couple will be more preoccupied with readying themselves for the wedding ceremony than welcoming guests as they arrive. In fact, the traditional rules would dictate that the bride remain unseen until the actual ceremony is underway. With that said, you still need to put thought into how you can warmly receive everyone as they arrive for your special day. As you work out the details of your event, you should take some time to think about how you can make sure people receive the right greeting when they arrive. The ushers who serve in your wedding will play an important part in this. They can do more than just seat your guests – they will be on hand to direct people to your guest book, they can answer questions, and they can even bring important messages to the wedding party. (more…)