3 Things To Do Before Your Wedding Ceremony Begins

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The time you spend planning your wedding will help you ensure that everything is in place for you to truly enjoy your special day. With that said, there are some tasks that you will have to address on the day itself, making the hours before your celebration important. Fortunately, you can prepare for this and make sure everything goes smoothly, giving you more time to focus on preparing for your walk down the aisle. Your wedding party members and vendors can take some of the pressure off of this time before your ceremony. Texas Old Town also helps by giving you sixteen hours of venue access as part of our standard amenities. With this added time, you can more easily have everything in place before your event officially begins! (more…)

Planning Your Departure From Your Wedding Reception

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Your wedding can be a magical and unforgettable experience, but (unfortunately) it has to end sometime. Traditionally, the happy couple will depart in a grand and stylish fashion, which lets the guests know that the reception is coming to an end. To give your exit a more exciting look and feel, you can have guests use safe and easy-to-clean props like glow sticks, bubbles, and other options. You can also make your departure more impressive by arranging a luxury ride service to take you away from the venue. To make sure everything is properly broken down and removed after you leave, you can ask wedding party members and family members to oversee important tasks at the end of the evening. (more…)

Stylish Dress Tips For The Groom And Groomsmen

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The bridal gown is the attire that typically receives the most attention, but that does not mean the groom’s attire should be an afterthought! There are several reasons to take the groom’s clothing choices seriously. You want them to wear something that fits your theme, and they should wear something that matches their partner’s look. For an outdoor wedding in particular, you should also think about how comfortable they will be. Texas Old Town venues can accommodate formal and informal celebrations. In other words, we can welcome you if your goal is to have a laid-back wedding where your groom sports something casual, or a more sophisticated gathering where they sport a classic tuxedo! (more…)

Questions You May Have About The Role Of Ushers In Weddings

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There are many roles that you need to fill before your wedding takes place. A few of these positions, like the officiant for your ceremony, can be filled by professionals. The ushers selected for a wedding tend to be people you are close to. Like the wedding party positions, ushers are typically selected because they are close to happy couple. Their role in your event is fulfilled before your festivities officially start. They act as escorts to bring your guests to their seats, but they also provide support by answering questions, directing people to different areas, and when necessary they can relay information to the wedding party. (more…)

3 Things To Greet Your Guests With Before The Ceremony

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You and your partner will be busy preparing yourselves for the start of your wedding ceremony. While your guests understand this and can expect you to be out of sight when they arrive, you should still have some measures in place to properly greet them. As you work on the plans for your ceremony, take some time to think about how you can make sure everyone is warmly received. The ushers you select for your wedding will help with this. In addition to bringing guests to their seats, they will be able to answer questions, run messages to the wedding party, and generally give people a warm welcome before your event officially starts. (more…)

Special Centerpieces You Can Feature At Your Wedding

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The centerpieces created for your wedding decorations will have important parts to play in unifying the look of your event. Because these pieces tend to be so prominent, it is important to make sure they closely fit the theme for your wedding, and that your wedding colors are prominent. You should also remember that you will use centerpieces for more than just the different tables where your guests sit for your reception! There are other tables you need to dress, and the right centerpieces in these spaces can vary the look of your gathering while still keeping a consistent tone in place. These isolated centerpieces can be more elaborate to help them stand out, and because there is less concern about their size interfering with table conversations. (more…)

Tips To Keep Your Reception Dance Floor Fun And Lively

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Throughout the course of your wedding, different moments will hold guests’ attention. After the ceremony concludes, your wedding reception will keep everyone entertained for the remainder of your event. While some of the activity during your reception is occupied by structured events like dining, the wedding toasts, and other formal moments, there will be plenty of time where guests enjoy more freedom. One way to keep people happy and festive in these times is to provide room on the dance floor for everyone to have fun. To make sure you make the most of this space, take care to find a professional DJ or live band who can keep your energy levels up, and make sure you have room for your guests to have fun. (more…)

Picking Wedding Attire That Fits Your Theme

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What should you wear to your wedding? Couples should put time and effort into the search for their ideal attire. Brides should begin their search for a gown many months in advance of their date, as these dresses tend to require at least one alteration. While there are several factors that influence what you “should” wear on your special day, you should give special consideration to what clothing options best fit your wedding theme. You and your partner, as well as your wedding party members, should wear attire that reflects the type of event you are hosting. This means more than just dressing as formally or informally as you want your wedding to be. You should also think about your wedding colors, your decorative inspirations, and other factors that serve to personalize your gathering. (more…)

Finding Answers To Difficult Seating Chart Questions

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Why is it so common for couples to create seating charts for their wedding receptions? Under many circumstances, seating charts provide many benefits. They can prevent delays in starting your reception, they ensure there is space for everyone, and they can help you group people who are likely to enjoy each other’s company. With that said, creating a seating chart can pose certain challenges that you may have to work around. While this can lead to frustration, remember that many people have encountered similar struggles, and that there is not a single “right” way to create your chart. Because Texas Old Town offers multiple venue options, we can recommend a space for larger and smaller ceremonies and receptions.

We Have Helpful Tips For Couples Crafting Their Wedding Vows

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By choosing to craft your own wedding vows for your ceremony, you make time and space in your event to share your personal feelings about your partner, and take a moment to share why you are excited to spend your life with them. In other words, this creates a significant, meaningful moment at an already special occasion. Of course, for many people, this can feel intimidating as well as exciting. If you are not comfortable with writing and public speaking, sharing personal vows during your wedding ceremony can feel daunting. Fortunately, couples often find that when they give themselves time to work out what they want to say, their vows can come together beautifully! (more…)