Are You Stuck On What To Offer For Your Wedding Favors?

example of wedding favors

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Your wedding favors may feel like a small gesture, but it gives you a way to show your guests that their attendance means something to you. It also gives you the chance to create something that lets people hold onto their memory of being there for your special day. Couples sometimes feel stuck on what they should offer their guests. You may worry that some gifts are too predictable, but also fear that nicer items will bloat your budget. This can be a difficult choice to navigate, particularly if you plan on hosting a larger wedding event. One thing you can do is hold up a proposed gift against your wedding theme. Does it feel out of place? If so, it may not be right for your event. If it suits the evening, it can be a great token of your appreciation! (more…)

Things To Consider As You Plan Your Walk Down The Aisle

bride walks down the aisle

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The bride’s walk down the aisle is among the most memorable moments of a wedding ceremony. While the procession can appear to be a straightforward moment, you should put some thought into yours as you work out the details of your special day. You have some flexibility when it comes to choosing who walks with you, and what music accompanies your arrival. You also have the option of saving the reveal of you in your wedding dress to your partner, or letting them see you before the ceremony begins by taking first look photos. One thing to remember is that the walk down the aisle is one of the most photogenic moments of your event, which is one reason you should have a professional photographer you trust on hand to capture it. (more…)

Things You Should Know Before Sending Your Wedding Invites

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There will be many matters you need to address before you should send out your wedding invitations. In addition to figuring out who you want in attendance, and securing your date and location, you will want to think about matters like your wedding theme, and the colors you want to feature with your decorations. Fortunately, you can take more time than you might realize to create your invitations – in fact, sending them out too soon can lead to problems with people forgetting to RSVP, or forgetting to reserve that date on their calendar. If you want to make sure people have plenty of advance notice, one thing you can do is create save-the-dates, which feature less information and simply alert people to when and approximately where your event will occur. (more…)

Securing The Right Assistance When Planning Your Wedding

wedding reception setup

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You know you are ready to spend the rest of your life with your partner, and you are looking forward to declaring this in front of friends and family members at your wedding ceremony. One thing you may feel less ready to take on is the actual planning of your event! You should not feel guilty or self-conscious about having some anxieties over wedding planning. After all, few people have direct experience with planning or coordinating an event of this size, even if your event will be relatively modest in scale. Texas Old Town can make the planning process easier by providing a list of vendors who can make your event happen. For those hoping for more assistance, we can provide ongoing help through our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)

How Much Time Should You Spend Practicing Your First Dance?

couple's first dance

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You and your partner will be the center of attention throughout your wedding ceremony, and you can also have eyes on you for many parts of your reception. Different couples can be more or less prepared for this attention, though even couples who have no problem with the spotlight may feel a little self-conscious during the first dance. Whether you feel nervous about your first dance or not, you should set aside time to practice in order to make the experience more comfortable for you. Even if you do not have anything elaborate planned, more familiarity can make you comfortable, and help you make the most of this moment. If you want to try something ambitious, give yourself enough time to memorize your steps and grow familiar with the different movements you expect to show off. (more…)

Fitting The Cake Cutting Into Your Reception Plans

cake cutting wedding

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Your cake cutting can be a fun, photo-worthy moment at your wedding reception, one with more importance than you might realize. While serving dessert is not necessarily the last thing you will do during your reception, this moment is often used as the final “formal” moment of the evening, and a time when some guests will take their leave. It also serves the practical purpose of announcing that your dessert table is officially open and that slices are ready for your guests. Whether you plan to have a small and informal gathering, or wish to do something elaborate with a higher guest count, you should give the cake cutting – and its placement in your planned events – serious thought. (more…)

Preparing Your Ring Bearer And Flower Girl For The Ceremony

flower girl at wedding

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It is normal for people in the wedding party – the happy couple included – to feel some nerves when walking down the aisle. Many people have little to no experience engaging in rituals like a wedding, particularly when there are so many people present to watch. While you and your partner may have a few butterflies, the idea of taking part in the ceremony can be more daunting, and confusing, for the ring bearer and flower girl. Kids can require more instruction, and they may have more nerves to calm to place them in your wedding ceremony. With that said, they can also be an adorable and welcome part of anyone’s event, even if they do require a little more coaching than the others in your party. (more…)

Tips For Avoiding Stress During Wedding Day Preparations

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While you can expect to stay busy throughout your engagement period, few days will be as packed with activity as the wedding day itself! Our amenities can make matters easier for couples, as we offer extended venue access on the day of your event, and we also have suites for the bridal party and the groom’s party to use. Even with these helpful resources, you should make arrangements with your wedding party to ensure everyone is prepared to walk the aisle at the right time. With some advance planning, you can do more than just make preparations efficient – you can also make them a fun part of the day! (more…)

Important Early Steps For A Recently Engaged Couple

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You should take the time to savor your excitement over becoming engaged. This is a big moment, one that you can remember for the rest of your life, and you have every right to feel joy in this moment. With that said, after your proposal, you will need to start thinking about the steps between you and your wedding day. Texas Old Town can make your engagement easier by offering multiple venue options, as well as generous amenities and a list of potential vendors to make your celebration feel magical. While this can make your event more manageable, any wedding event calls for planning and commitment. What you do after initially becoming engaged can help set you on a path to a successful planning period. (more…)

Planning A Stylish Exit For Your Wedding Event

example of happy couple leaving their wedding

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No matter how wonderful your wedding is, it has to end eventually. Fortunately, a little planning can help you ensure that your evening wraps up in style! The wedding exit for the bride and groom typically sees guests line up at either side of the happy couple to wish them well. In addition to giving you one more chance to thank everyone for their attendance and support, this can create a memorable image for your wedding photographer to capture. Of course, this is just one aspect of your night’s end to consider. You also need to think about your transportation arrangements, as well as who will take care of collecting gifts, decorations, and other items that belong to you. (more…)