Creatively Inviting People To Join Your Wedding Party

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Asking someone to join your wedding party means asking them to play a central role in one of the most significant days of your life. Welcoming people to this position is about more than just telling the people close to you how important they are, as wedding party members can have important responsibilities leading up to your celebration. So how do you ask someone to take on such a meaningful role for your wedding? Once they have their bridesmaids and maid or matron of honor selected, some brides-to-be can set up a special gathering, or make their requests in gift form. While you do not have to plan something elaborate, a special gesture can be a great way to officially welcome someone to your wedding! (more…)

Who Should We Ask To Officiate Our Wedding Ceremony?

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The right officiant can do more than just speak during your wedding ceremony. This person can set the tone of your event, articulate why you and your partner are right for each other, and give your vows the significance they deserve. While this role is often filled by a person of faith, many modern weddings will see couples ask a friend or family member to stand before them at the altar. Should you consider having someone you are personally connected with officiate your wedding, or should you make a more traditional choice? Someone with a personal connection can be ideal for a less traditional ceremony, and they can exhibit a closer connection with you and your partner. With that said, more traditional wedding attendees may be surprised by your choice to use a friend or family member instead of a professional. (more…)

Making Your Reception An Entertaining Experience For Guests

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During your wedding ceremony, everyone’s eyes will be on you and your partner as you exchange vows and officially become man and wife. When your reception begins, your event can start to feel like a proper celebration. While everyone in attendance is on hand to support you, it is only natural that you should want to keep everyone in good spirits throughout your reception. Our indoor reception areas offer important amenities for your wedding vendors, and they can serve as ideal spaces for celebrating. With that said, a truly entertaining event can depend on many factors. In addition to putting thought into your food and drink options, take the time to consider how your music, your evening itinerary, and the look of your reception area can affect guests’ experiences. (more…)

Including A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl In Your Wedding

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As you work out the details of your wedding ceremony, you can decide if you want to include a ring bearer and flower girl in your procession. Couples who want to keep their ceremony short, and those who choose to have an adults-only wedding, may leave these roles out entirely. With that said, many other couples will find that these positions open up great opportunities to include more family in their celebration, and create an adorable moment that guests can appreciate. As fun as they can be in your celebration, you should make sure they have time to process what is expected of them before your special day. For younger participants in particular, having support from parents can be important. (more…)

Intimidated By Your Large Guest List? We Can Help!

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As you work out the details of who you want in attendance at your wedding, you may come to a significant realization. In order to welcome all of the people who are close to you and your partner, you may need to plan on throwing a larger wedding celebration! At Texas Old Town, our different venues vary in size, and we can provide an event space for a larger guest list. With that said, we understand that a large wedding can demand more than just a spacious setting! You can face higher costs for certain vendors, and for refreshments. You can also have a more difficult time making sure everyone is served in a timely manner so your wedding reception stays on schedule. If you feel that your celebration might call for more help than you anticipated, you may be interested in the additional support we provide through our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)

Choosing The Right Season For Your Wedding Day

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How can you be sure that a certain wedding date is the right one for you? If you are struggling to pick a spot on the calendar for your special day, you may need to broaden your search a bit. While many people feel that they need to wed in the spring or summer seasons, you can enjoy a successful celebration at any time of year! In fact, choosing to host a fall or winter wedding over a wedding that might be considered “in season” can offer advantages that couples tend to overlook. Our venue spaces provide beautiful backdrops for wedding celebrations all year long, and we are happy to discuss less traditional wedding dates with you. (more…)

Should Your Family Have Input On Your Wedding Plans?

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Many couples today take care of their wedding costs themselves. In the past, the expectation was that the bride’s family would be responsible for financing this special day. Even if their monetary contributions are limited, family members – particularly parents – expect to have some input on wedding plans. Having extra support can be a relief during your engagement period, as this can be a particularly busy time! With that said, you may be unsure of how much you should expect from your parents. You can also be uncomfortable at the thought of someone else’s ideas clashing with yours. Navigating contrasting wedding plans can be difficult, but remember that this is your special day, and that the vision you truly love is one you have a right to defend. (more…)

Selecting The Colors You Want To Feature In Your Wedding

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Your wedding colors have a significant role to play in determining how your wedding ceremony and reception should look. Because of this, couples can be understandably nervous about making sure they pick the absolute best colors for their event. This decision can contribute to how formal your wedding looks, and help you play up a particular theme. It can also affect decisions regarding what your wedding party will wear, and how your floral arrangements should look. Our natural outdoor settings and welcoming venue spaces can accommodate many different color combinations. During a tour of our venue spaces, you can take the time to discuss your color preferences, or bring samples to help envision how certain sets of colors might work within your preferred spaces. (more…)

Questions About Wedding Invitations? These Tips Can Help!

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While you can be excited to send out your invitations for your wedding, you may be nervous about making them. Obviously, you need to be careful not to leave typos in place, or leave out important details for your guests. You also have to think about what your design should be, and whether you should go with traditional cards or e-vites. Unfortunately, if you put off sending your invitations for too long, you can wind up giving guests too little time to respond, and make arrangements to be there for you on your special day. With smart planning and the right services, you can make the process of designing and sending invitations easier. We do provide assistance with invitations for our guests who purchase an All-Inclusive Wedding Package. (more…)

Creating An Amazing Theme Wedding Experience

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Planning the look of your wedding can be easier when you have a color scheme or specific style to guide your choices. For some weddings, an unifying idea can be subtle, but other couples can choose to host a wedding experience that boldly commits to its influences. Creating a theme wedding experience can help you avoid a generic approach to decoration, and it can help you put more of your personal style into your celebration. There is no specific direction a theme wedding has to take – you can go with something more elaborate, something elegant, or make the choice to create a more rustic wedding experience. Committing to your style can help you decide the look of your ceremony and reception areas, determine what your wedding party members will wear, and communicate your style preferences to wedding vendors! (more…)