Ways To Keep Kids Entertained During Your Reception

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You can count on most of your guests to watch proudly as you say your vows during your wedding ceremony, and show their support during your reception. Unfortunately, your youngest attendees may be less than enthralled by what they see, and more likely to lose interest. After all, kids typically have little familiarity with weddings, and a friend’s children may be watching an event meant to celebrate someone they have never met. With that said, kids can provide lots of energy and fun on your special day, and you may have a hard time feeling that your day feels “right” without younger relatives there for you and your partner. Making plans to keep your youngest guests entertained can keep them happy, and make it easier for their parents to enjoy themselves at your wedding. (more…)

Adding The Right Style Touches For Your Groomsmen

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They stand at the aisle to support the groom, and they certainly draw less attention than the bride, but your groomsmen should still look their best. For many wedding parties, the groomsmen will closely match the groom, with care taken to allow the groom to subtly (or not so subtly) stand apart from the rest. So what kind of look should you plan for your groomsmen? One thing you can think about is how their appearance reflects on your celebration. Obviously, their attire should match the formality of your wedding, and complement the groom. With the right accessories, you can add to their look – boutonnieres, ties, and other relatively minor pieces can add color, and create a level of distinction for the guys who stand with you at the altar. (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Plan A Gorgeous Winter Wedding!

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One of the first choices you can make when you need to make in wedding planning is simply selecting when your special day will take place. Couples often select conventional options – people frequently think of summertime as the preferred “wedding season.” Winter weddings can encourage creativity and style choices that take guests by surprise in the best ways. You can use the season to inspire different color choices, different outfits, and even different catering options! Taking yourself outside of the usual wedding season also has a practical benefit – many wedding vendors can be less busy than they might be in periods when other couples select their wedding date. (more…)

Should I Have Live Or Recorded Music For My Ceremony?

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Your walk down the aisle can be the most memorable moment for you, and your guests, at your wedding. The sight of the bride, the dress, and the groom’s reaction can be unforgettable. Of course, there is more to the moment than just what people are seeing. Music can have a real impact on your ceremony, whether you decide to play something traditional, or use a modern piece. In addition to selecting the right piece to accompany your walk down the aisle, you will also have a choice in how music is provided. Should you use live music, or play something that has been recorded? While a live performer can feel more elegant, and more traditional, you may be reluctant to take on the extra cost. With that said, a live performer can respond in the moment if there are any delays or complications, while a recorded piece will continue on, even if your procession is disrupted. (more…)

Finding The Perfect Centerpieces For Your Reception

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The centerpieces at your wedding reception can add color and style to your surroundings, and help you personalize the space. There is no single “correct” type of centerpiece, but there are matters to consider when you select yours. You should look for a centerpiece design that fits the formality of the event, and you should consider how to showcase your wedding colors. Of course, there are also practical matters to consider – for instance, you want to avoid selecting a centerpiece that feels large enough to be intrusive. With the right approach, you can make sure your reception area suits your tastes, and reflects who you are. Texas Old Town has multiple venue spaces, with varying sizes to accommodate larger and smaller weddings. (more…)

Finding Ways To Thank Your Wedding Guests For Their Support

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Because your wedding is a special, significant moment in your life, the presence of your friends and family can be truly meaningful. While the typical guest list can range greatly in size, every person who attends is showing attention and affection for you and your partner on your special day. Traditionally, the couple provides some kind of thank you gift that everyone can take home. Your wedding favors can be simple, but the gesture itself is an important one. After all, everyone who attends has taken time out of their lives to help you celebrate your future with your partner. By showing your gratitude for this – and by sending out thank you letters for those who bring gifts – you can share how much their appearance means to you. (more…)

4 Fun Ideas To Consider With Your Catering

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As much as you can focus on the look of your wedding, you should also pay attention to taste…literally, in the case of catering. While your reception dinner and wedding cake can be the centerpieces of your catering options, there are other things you can do, and ways to approach your serving options that act as pleasant surprises for your guests. You may want to have snacks ready before the start of your ceremony, or during a “cocktail hour” between your ceremony and reception. You can also come up with fun alternative approaches for your desserts, and even find a way to serve guests at the end of your night. (more…)

Planning Important Events Around Your Wedding

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There are several events you need to plan that occur near your wedding date. While some activities, like your bridal shower and bachelorette party, are handled by your family or your wedding party, there are others that you can expect to plan. You will want to make plans for your engagement photos and bridal portraits, and you can be involved in planning your rehearsal dinner. While there are different requirements for each event, finding the right setting for your photo sessions and your rehearsal dinner will be important. In addition to hosting weddings and other special events, we gladly welcome couples who are looking for a space to take photos. We also welcome couples to host their rehearsal dinner with us after they go through their rehearsal. (more…)

3 Tips To Help You On The Morning Of Your Wedding

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While your obvious goal is to make sure every part of your wedding planning efforts are done in a timely manner, your day-of preparations can be the most time-sensitive. What can you do to make sure that you and your bridal party are all ready to make your walk down the aisle when your ceremony is set to start? Our standard amenities package can provide you and your bridesmaids a suite to help you take care of hair, makeup, and dressing. While this space can offer plenty of help with the preparation process, you should make sure you do your part by coming up with a plan to ensure everything moves smoothly. (more…)

Creating Beautiful Seasonal Bouquets For Your Wedding

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Few decorations at your wedding will be as lively as your bouquets. Your bouquet can provide you with a vibrant flourish to contrast against your white wedding dress. The bridal bouquet is not the only time you can work flowers into someone’s wedding look. There are boutonnieres for the men in the wedding, corsages for family members, and the option to have bridesmaids carry their own bouquets. With that said, you should plan to walk down the aisle carrying a bouquet that is distinct, and memorable. You can talk to your florist about creating an arrangement that suits the colors of the season, and reflects what is in bloom. If you want to exhibit a more personal touch, consider creating a DIY wedding bouquet that reflects your unique style. (more…)