You Should Anticipate The Need To Alter Your Wedding Gown

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While some brides-to-be have to move from one shop to the next in search of the right bridal gown, others will find their dream dress with minimal effort. One thing to remember is that you should make sure you start shopping with many months to spare before your wedding, even if you do not believe you will have trouble finding the right gown. In addition to making your selection, you should plan to have your dress altered at least once before your wedding day. This service is frequently performed in order to make sure that the gown is just right for your walk down the aisle. Even if it seems to fit perfectly at the time you buy it, you can arrange a fitting and any necessary adjustments at a later date, as your size may change in the course of your engagement period. (more…)

Avoid These Mistakes When Crafting Wedding Invitations

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When the time is right, you can officially let your desired guests know that there is a place for them at your wedding celebration. Your invitations can provide more than just event details (though those details are certainly important). With them, you set expectations for what the evening will be like, as they are an early marker of the formality of your evening. You do not have to share every detail when you send your invitations – in fact, some matters are better left to a wedding website. However, you should provide the basic details, and be as clear as possible with the information that you share. If you feel overwhelmed by the task of sending invitations, or any other aspect of wedding planning, we can make your engagement period easier with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)

Things To Think About When Selecting Your Wedding Officiant

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While traditional wedding arrangements still tend to include officiants hired to lead the ceremony, many couples have asked close friends or family members to act in this role. This creates a new honorary title for someone you feel close to, and it means that someone with a personal connection to your and your partner will be able to speak to your relationship. Of course, with a hired officiant, you have someone who you can assume is comfortable in their role. They can be more prepared to speak at length during your event, and require less preparation during your wedding rehearsal. (more…)

How Professional Music Services Benefit Wedding Receptions

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How much can a live band or professional DJ really do for your wedding reception? In the past, it would be difficult to provide enough music throughout this event if you had no one hired to provide it. In the past few years, the ease of streaming music through a smartphone has removed this problem. While you may have little trouble putting together a playlist for your special day, it can be difficult to do without the expertise of people hired to provide sounds. In addition to reading the room and keeping the energy up with exciting song selections, a DJ or band leader can pitch in as an emcee, which will make communicating with your guests easier. (more…)

Texas Old Town Is Part Of 2020’s Best Of The Best Contest!

Texas Old Town is proud to let everyone know that we are officially nominees for Austin’s 2020 Best Of The Best contest! This yearly competition, hosted by theĀ Austin American-Statesman, asks Austin residents to nominate, then vote for, people and businesses who serve our community. Our venue received two nominations this year – we are competing for Best Wedding Venue and Best Event Venue. Your support in the voting round will help us continue to connect with and help happy couples looking for a space to wed, as well as those who plan corporate or other special events. You can vote online in both categories through August 30. We appreciate everyone’s votes, and any help you can offer in sharing and encouraging others to vote would be a tremendous help!

Should You Host A Cocktail Hour Before Your Reception?

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While a wedding event is typically split between the ceremony and the reception, couples often plan an informal cocktail hour to occur between them. With this event, the newlyweds, family members, and wedding party members can take their time having group pictures taken while the other guests enjoy refreshments while they wait. You do not need to formalize this event, as guests tend to realize that some time is needed to prepare for the reception. However, if you choose to do so, you can offer up something more elaborate to make the most of this time. In addition to drinks, you can have small snacks passed around to keep everyone’s appetites curbed until dinner is served. (more…)

Should We Take First Look Photos Before Our Ceremony?

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The hours before your wedding ceremony can be packed. Texas Old Town can make preparations easier by providing suites for you and your partner, along with your wedding party members. This lets everyone prepare for the wedding on site, which means they are around to help with any preparatory tasks. It also means you and your partner are dressing in the same location, and can more easily slip away before the ceremony begins to take first look photos. First look photo sessions ensure that you and your partner’s reactions upon seeing each other for the first time are captured. They also allow you to take your couple photos before the wedding reception, which can help shorten the time needed for the rest of your family pictures. (more…)

3 Ways To Improve Your Wedding Reception Experience

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Your wedding reception will allow you to directly interact with the many guests on hand to celebrate your union with your partner. This portion of your special day can be less structured than the ceremony, but there are still many traditions that you can include in your event. Of course, you may worry that by sticking too closely to tradition, you lose the ability to make your reception stand out. As you plan out your event, there are choices you can make that will set your reception apart and deliver a truly exciting evening for your guests. These choices can fit in well with a more laid-back wedding event, but they can also feel appropriate for a more formal gathering. (more…)

Who Should We Ask To Collect Wedding Gifts And Decorations?

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While it is a beautiful, memorable experience, your wedding day can be long and busy. In the hours before the ceremony begins, you and your partner – along with your wedding party members – can meet to prepare for the wedding. Many couples will have errands to run and tasks to manage before they arrive at the venue. Fortunately, when the reception ends, no one expects the newlyweds to stick around and help take down decorations! While you and your partner can enjoy a happy exit, you should have wedding party members or family members prepared to take home decorations, wedding gifts, and any other items left at the end of the night. Trusting someone to oversee this task can ensure you know who to turn to later when you need to pick these items up! (more…)

Should We Extend Plus-Ones To All Of Our Single Guests?

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While guests in committed relationships can expect to receive joint invitations to a wedding, single guests are not always given the option of bringing dates. You and your partner have the freedom to extend plus-ones to all of your guests who are unattached, or you can choose to limit the option to bring dates to established couples. Your first instinct may be to simply let anyone bring a date if they choose to, this decision can lead to a strain on your budget. In order to control your final guest count, you may need to be more selective when it comes to deciding whether to extend plus-ones. (more…)