Using Online Tools For Your Invitations And RSVPs

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The moment you send out invitations for your wedding can carry an understandable degree of importance. The rise of online communication has changed the process of sending out invitations, and recording RSVPs, for many people. As evites have grown in popularity, couples have found themselves attracted to the idea of reaching out to people with digital invites. This can help you save on your costs, and it can be easier to keep up with than physical invitations. With that said, it can be easier for someone to overlook an email than a physical card, which can delay your responses. If you intend to rely on online tools to send invitations and record responses, you may want to take some extra steps to ensure there are no issues with miscommunication. (more…)

Making Sure You Have The Time To Properly Plan Your Wedding

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There are many ways you can approach your wedding. You can welcome a select few close friends and family for an intimate event, or make your special day as big and inviting as possible. No matter what you choose to do with this experience, there will be plenty of planning between your engagement and saying “I do.” Fortunately, you can have more support than you might realize. A professional planner can offer incredible support, and you can expect some help from your wedding party. You can also count on the support offered to you through our standard amenities package. If you still feel overwhelmed, you can enjoy the benefits of an all inclusive wedding package, which allows you to delegate your preferences and responsibilities to us! (more…)

Answering Questions You May Have About Wedding Vendors

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It is important to find vendors who give you a confident feeling about your wedding day. After all, the last thing you need to worry about is whether something handled by a professional will be done correctly. Of course, even with the right vendors, you may have some concerns, particularly around what you might need to do for them. What kind of payment arrangements should you make? Do you need to feed vendors who have work to do while your wedding takes place? Who needs to be tipped? The right wedding vendors can offer key support to help your wedding live up to your vision – with the right care, you can make sure you handle transactions successfully, while showing your appreciation for their efforts. (more…)

The Benefit Of Handing Over Your Phone On Your Wedding Day

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The hours that lead up to your wedding ceremony can be full of activity, and you can find yourself juggling several demands on your attention. With that in mind, you can see how it might help to cut down on distractions where you can. During your preparations, you may want to give a bridesmaid control of your phone. Turning it off or leaving it at home can be a problem, as people may need to reach you with questions or updates. Having someone else in charge of it can serve as a natural filter for messages and calls that can be handled without your direct involvement. When you push away distractions, you can focus on having your hair and makeup done, checking in on the setup for your ceremony and reception, and ensuring your dress looks great. (more…)

Planning Your Wedding With Your Maid Of Honor’s Help

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Your maid of honor, or matron of honor, is obviously an important person in your life. While asking them to stand beside you at the altar is a gesture of clear affection, the position also calls for some support. How involved should your maid or matron of honor be with your wedding planning? What can you reasonably ask of them, and how can you properly show them how much you appreciate their support? Communication can be the key to maintaining your friendship while preparing for your special day. When you have the right setting, the right partner, and the support of the people you care about, you can look forward to an amazing wedding experience! (more…)

3 Tips To Help Improve Your Reception Planning Experience

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With so many decorations to arrange, and vendors to meet, planning your wedding reception can feel daunting. It can also feel like a high-pressure situation, as this event is your chance to meet with all of your guests, and encourage them to enjoy a wonderful evening in celebration of your new marriage. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve your experience with planning efforts. The right approach can help you unlock great opportunities you might have missed, keep your budget under control, and give you more confidence in how well your event is received. Of course, if you want to enjoy extra support throughout this process, you can ask about Texas Old Town’s all inclusive wedding package. (more…)

Planning A Wedding Outside The Usual Wedding Season

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While some people can cling to the idea that there is a “right” time of year to host a wedding, many couples have had great successes hosting their special day outside that period of time. What you might not realize is that weddings that are considered out of season can encourage and inspire you to make choices that are more interesting, and more memorable. The time of year can influence the flowers available to you, shape your choice of wedding colors, and even affect your choices regarding what you should serve at your reception. There are also practical advantages – when you select a time of year where fewer weddings happen, your preferred vendors are more likely to be free on your date.  (more…)

Making Time For Wedding Toasts At Your Reception

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You can count on everyone’s attention during your wedding ceremony, but your wedding reception can give several special people a moment in the spotlight. Traditionally, the wedding speeches at your reception let people like the bride’s father and the best man say something about your wedding, and your relationship. The groom can also take a moment to thank everyone for attending and making your special day possible. Of course, you should feel free to make the toast suit your preferences. You can select who you wish to speak, make the toast portion of your reception longer or shorter, and generally create the moment you want for your wedding. (more…)

Need Some Help? 3 Tips To Make Wedding Preparations Easier

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Few experiences in your life will feel as magical as your wedding day. Of course, your excitement for the event itself can occasionally wane when you think about all the planning and work required of you! Many couples have found that an all-inclusive wedding package from Texas Old Town can take away much of your wedding planning stress. Rather than finding and working with vendors on your own, your all-inclusive package gives you the ability to communicate your wedding desires, and have professional support in making those desires happen. Of course, no matter what you do, you can benefit from proper planning, and support from the people in your life. (more…)

Texas Old Town Was Named Austin’s Best Wedding Venue!

Texas Old Town recently earned a big honor, as our venue received first place in the Austin American Statesman and Austin 360’s Best Of The Best 2018 competition for wedding venues! This means that Austin residents recognized us as offering a truly superior space for you to celebrate your special day. We also ranked in the top three for event venues. We always look forward to welcoming couples who are searching for just the right place to exchange their vows. Of course, we also offer up our space to people interested in hosting a corporate event, or other special event. If you want to learn more about how you can host your wedding with us, you can schedule an appointment to look at the beautiful venue spaces we can provide! We can’t wait to show you what you can look forward to at our award-winning wedding spaces! (more…)