Arranging Your Arrival And Departure From Your Wedding

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As important as it will be to focus on every part of your wedding experience, there are a few important arrangements that happen just before, and just after, the event itself. Arranging your arrival and departure from your wedding in advance can make the day itself easier, and it allows you to arrange an exit that is memorable for all in attendance. If you want to end the evening with style to spare, hiring a limousine, or arranging a luxury car rental, can be a great choice. If you decide to take this path, see if you can arrange for transportation to the venue at the start of your day, or make sure you have a way to return to your cars later. (more…)

We Can Offer You A Great Space For A Winter Wedding

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While people often plan to set a wedding date in the spring or summer months, you may want to take advantage of the benefits of a different season for your celebration. Many couples quickly discover that a winter wedding can offer a different look, and a different tone, for their celebration. You might want to plan your event in winter because you want to enjoy a different landscape at one of our Texas Hill Country venues. You can also find that winter inspires different color schemes, and different menu choices. If you need help making the most of your winter wedding, you can talk to us about an All-Inclusive Wedding Package. (more…)

Are You Looking For A Location To Take Wedding Photos?

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While they prepare for their wedding day, many couples also take time to arrange special photo sessions to celebrate their engagement, and their upcoming ceremony. Proposal and engagement photos are traditionally arranged, as well as a series of bridal portraits that capture the bride in her dress. Did you know that in addition to hosting your wedding event, we can give you access to our Texas Hill Country landscape for these picture sessions? This allows you to create a consistency between your engagement photos, and your wedding. It also affords you and opportunity to select a truly stunning environment to use for taking photos that capture your love, and your excitement to be wed. (more…)

Planning A Great Catered Meal For Your Reception

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While your wedding reception is certainly about more than just the food you serve, a great meal can certainly help to make sure your guests have a positive experience at your event! The idea of planning a dinner that can satisfy all of your guests can be daunting, even before you start to account for dietary restrictions that people might have. In addition to having an idea of what you want to serve, and how you want it served, you need to find a catering company that can satisfy your preferences. If you are having trouble finding someone, check out the Texas Old Town Preferred Vendors List! You should also keep in mind that the dining experience goes beyond dinner – the right drink and dessert options are also important. (more…)

Reciting Your Own Vows? These Tips Can Help!

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Many couples choose to share personalized vows, instead of sticking with tradition. By making this choice, you can craft a promise to your partner that feels more honest in terms of your relationship, and your shared goals. For some people, writing and reciting custom vows will feel natural, but it can be difficult to open up in this way, and with so many people you are close to on hand. Take time to look at examples of custom vows other couples have written, and practice reciting your vows out loud before the day of your wedding. You should also feel comfortable discussing your work with your partner. While you should keep the text of your vows secret, you can help each other with encouragement, and see what kind of tone you each feel will be appropriate. (more…)

3 Things You Should Know About Thank-You Notes

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While much of your wedding’s success will depend on the planning and work you and your partner put into the event, it is worth noting that your guests will play a large part in making the event a success. Your union is a special moment in your life, and it is made better by having important people in your life on hand to witness it! Couples are expected to send out thank-you notes to everyone who attended their wedding. What can you do to make sure you show just how appreciative you are of everyone’s support and attendance? The quality of your thank-you note will depend in part on how nice it is, but giving them a personal touch will be truly important. (more…)

Designing Great Invitations And Save-The-Dates

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Once you have your guest list finalized, and the details of your wedding set, you can begin formally announcing your event with your invitations, and your save-the-dates. These messages are about more than just a request for someone to be there for you on your special day, and they should express more than just official details about your event’s date, place, and time. The choices you make when designing your invitations and save-the-dates will let people know what to expect as far as the formality and theme of your event. With this in mind, you should make sure that your invitations are a good fit for the wedding experience you are planning. (more…)

How Many Traditions Should You Include In Your Reception?

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Hosting your wedding reception calls for you to make choices about what everyone will eat and drink, what to offer for dessert, and putting the right entertainment in place. In many ways, you can think of a reception as a traditional party, albeit one where you happen to be wearing some unusually fancy attire! However, there are certain moments during a reception that are unique to this particular event. The first dance, the bouquet toss, and the wedding toasts are some of the key events people expect to see during a celebration. Of course, you have control over your event, and you can decide what to include (or not), and when certain events should take place. While you are certainly allowed to break from tradition, doing so may catch some of your guests by surprise. (more…)

How Bold Should My Wedding Colors Be?

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When it comes to planning your wedding decorations, few choices will help shape the event’s overall look like your wedding colors. Your wedding colors play a part in highlighting the formality of your celebration, and they allow you to establish a theme. If you want to have a formal wedding experience, subtle color choices can make your ceremony and reception spaces feel elegant and sophisticated. If you want your event to be a vibrant, laid-back experience where friends and family can relax and have fun, consider choosing a color scheme that demands attention. All of our venue spaces can serve well for formal and informal gatherings. During your scheduled tour, you can draw inspiration from your surroundings to make your wedding color selections. (more…)

Making The Most Of Your Outdoor Wedding Setting

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When you plan an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can create a magical, picturesque experience for yourself and your partner. All of our outdoor wedding venues are surrounded by the lush Texas Hill Country environment, certainly a stunning backdrop for any couple interested in incorporating nature in their celebration. If you have questions or concerns about hosting your wedding in nature, you should know that proper planning can lead to great success, and an experience all of your guests appreciate. In addition to welcoming couples ready to exchange their vows, we also encourage people to schedule time to have their engagement photos, bridal portraits, or proposal photos taken at our location. (more…)