What Wedding Toasts Add To Your Reception

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During the wedding ceremony, you and your partner will have the opportunity to share your commitment to each other. By penning your own wedding vows for the ceremony, you can share a personal statement about what makes you so excited to enter into your marriage. When it is time for the wedding reception, other important people can enjoy an opportunity to share their own thoughts on your relationship, and their excitement at seeing the two of you together. During your wedding toasts, individuals who are close to you and your partner have the chance to comment on your relationship, share fond wishes, and talk about what makes your love so special. (more…)

How Should We Announce Our Engagement?

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There will be many important tasks to complete in the time between your proposal and walking down the aisle for your wedding. With that said, one of the first tasks you face can be one of the most fun – you need to let people know you are engaged! Thanks to social media, couples now have an easy way to quickly and widely announce their happy news. However, you should not simply make a public statement and move on. Your family members and close friends can feel hurt by the choice to share this milestone publicly before talking to them. With that said, you do not have to wait too long to make your announcement, though be prepared for people to inquire about wedding details soon after you do! (more…)

Questions You Might Have About The Cake Cutting Tradition

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The cake cutting tradition can be an important – and fun – part of any wedding reception. This moment does more than just tell your guests that dessert is on its way. It creates a moment you will want your wedding photographer to document, and it has long served as a symbol of the first task you and your partner perform as a married couple. Of course, as fun as this part of the reception can be, it is a moment that can raise some concerns. Where should you make the cut, and how large a slice should you take? Will people expect you and your partner to celebrate by smashing cake into each other’s faces? How can you make sure you have the best shots captured of this moment? With some smart planning, and with the support of your wedding planner, you can make the most of this popular tradition! (more…)

What Can We Do To Start Our Reception In Style?

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Your wedding planning efforts will be split between your ceremony and reception, but you also need to think about what you will do with the span of time between these two portions of your event. Typically, there is a gap between your ceremony and reception as you and your partner have posed photos taken together, and you arrange group pictures with family and wedding party members. While you do this, the rest of your guests will gather for your reception, which creates an opportunity for you and your partner to “officially” debut as a married couple to formally start the second part of your wedding. With the right plans in place, you can enjoy a stylish and exciting entrance, and you can make an easy transition into the beginning of your reception! (more…)

Tips For Assigning Important Wedding Roles

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As you plan your wedding, you will need to seek help from many different people. Some of those people are your wedding vendors, the professionals who take on the different tasks involved in planning and hosting your wedding. However, there are other important roles that are filled by friends and family members. Your wedding party members help you celebrate your upcoming celebration during different pre-wedding events, they have roles to play in the ceremony, and they can even take on some of the challenges of planning. In addition to asking people in your life to serve in your wedding party, you may want to ask someone you are close with to serve as your wedding officiant. If you plan to welcome kids at your wedding, you can also have the ring bearer and flower girl roles to fill. (more…)

Our Bridal Fair Event Is Happening This Sunday!

Texas Old Town is hosting a special Bridal Fair event this Sunday, which means we are giving engaged couples an opportunity to meet with a number of talented vendors who can help bring their special day to life! During this event, vendors who provide a wide range of wedding services will be on hand to meet with couples who are ready to start wedding planning. You can ask questions to gather ideas for your event, learn how different professionals can support your current vision, and you can learn about some exciting deals being offered during this gathering! While you are with us, you can take time out to explore our four different wedding venues, as all of them will be open for view. (more…)

When Should We Start Hiring Wedding Vendors?

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How can you make sure your wedding vision is properly realized? As you work out the look and theme of your wedding, you will need to effectively convey your plans to vendors who are prepared to execute them. The right wedding vendors can both support and encourage your goals, and they can also address any questions you might have. Texas Old Town provides a list of vendors who have provided terrific support to guests at our venue. You can also meet with great people when you come to our Bridal Fair event happening this Sunday, February 28! The Bridal Fair will give couples the opportunity to meet with many talented people and learn about exciting deals! This is also a great opportunity to look at all four of our venue spaces and see how they can support your celebration! (more…)

3 Things You Can Do With Your Outdoor Wedding Setting

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What makes outdoor wedding venues so attractive to so many couples? Having access to the beauty of nature can make your ceremony feel magical, and it can be a stunning backdrop for both rustic and formal gatherings. With that said, as you start to look into the benefits of planning an outdoor wedding, you can find that the right space can do more for your event than you may have thought possible! Texas Old Town provides four different venue options for couples who want to wed while surrounded by beautiful Texas Hill Country. You can see these venues for yourself, and take advantage of an opportunity to meet with talented vendors, by checking out our special Bridal Fair event happening this Sunday, February 28! (more…)

Come Check Out Our Bridal Fair Event This Sunday!

Texas Old Town is opening up this Sunday and welcoming couples to our special Bridal Fair event! We organize this event so that we can help couples in search of vendors meet with talented people in different relevant fields. You can meet professionals who are ready to help you bring your wedding vision to life, and you can enjoy hearing about exciting discounts that help you fit important services into your budget. While you visit us, be sure to check out our venue spaces, as all four of our venues will be open and ready to be viewed. We are honoring all state and local guidelines while we host this event, and we will maintain safe social distancing in order to keep our vendors and happy couples safe! (more…)

3 Things To Consider When Selecting Bridesmaid Dresses

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When you begin to search for the right bridesmaid dresses, you may feel less than confident you know what makes a gown perfect for your event. You can also feel less certain of matters, such as whether you should select a single outfit for everyone or give your bridesmaids some degree of control over what they wear. There are a few things to keep in mind when you begin searching for your bridesmaid dresses. These gowns should meet the level of formality you want for your wedding event, and they should tie into the look of your ceremony and reception spaces. While it is still popular for many weddings, you do have the option to worry less about finding one dress, and instead selecting on a certain style, designer, and/or color that you want to be consistent. (more…)