Are You Having Trouble Finding The Right Wedding Vendors?

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Even if you have a clear vision of what you want for your wedding day, it can sometimes be difficult to find professionals who can bring your vision to life. It is important to put time and effort into finding the right wedding vendors. In addition to looking for people who are experienced, and within your budget, you want to be sure that the people you hire understand what you want, and are comfortable meeting your goals. In order to make your search easier, Texas Old Town does provide a Preferred Vendors List for you to review. This list gives names and contact information for vendors who have showcased their skills in making wedding events successful. (more…)

Does Your Wedding Have To Take Place On A Saturday?

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People sometimes assume that Saturdays are the “appropriate” day in the week for a wedding, but you can certainly look to other parts of the calendar to find your perfect date. In fact, many couples can discover that a less traditional date can deliver some appealing benefits. Our Texas Hill Country setting can serve as a beautiful spot for your nuptials at any time of the year, and on whatever date makes the most sense for you. If you are looking for a way to stretch your budget, if Saturdays are less convenient for the people in your life, or if you are trying to plan an event with relatively short notice, we can talk to you about finding an ideal date. (more…)

3 Reasons You Should Look Forward To The Cake Cutting

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Throughout your wedding reception, you will have several opportunities to take part in beloved wedding traditions. You can cherish moments like your first dance, your bouquet toss, and the wedding toasts given by your family members and wedding party members. The cake cutting tradition can be less involved than these other moments, but it can be something you and your partner truly love taking part in. This experience is about more than just the start of dessert, though that is certainly something to look forward to. This moment can offer up some truly memorable pictures, and also give you an opportunity to make sure everyone sees your wedding cake. (more…)

These Tips Can Help You Plan Your Ceremony Experience

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Your wedding ceremony can be one of the most beautiful and emotional moments you experience, and it can be an experience you and your partner cherish forever. Of course, you will have to put some time and effort into planning this moment during your engagement period in order to fully capture its magic. We offer beautiful Texas Hill Country views for couples who want to have an outdoor wedding experience. These spaces can be ideal for an informal, intimate exchange of vows, and they can work perfectly if you want to host a larger and more formal wedding experience. While the right spaces are important, you will want to commit some time to creating your preferred look for your ceremony, to planning the event itself. (more…)

3 Things To Think About As You Plan Your Seating Chart

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Why do couples sometimes dread organizing their seating chart for their wedding reception? If you are planning a wedding with a larger guest count, the task can be difficult just because of the volume of people you need to organize. It can also be difficult to arrange everyone in a way that fits your reception space, and also keeps people happy. The seating chart does not have to intimidate you. In fact, you can think of it as an early opportunity to imagine how people might experience your wedding event! With a little time and effort, you can set up an arrangement that keeps everyone happy, and ensures everyone enjoys a terrific time on your special day. (more…)

Use Your Wedding Website To Communicate With Your Guests

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While wedding websites have become popular, you may be unsure of what, exactly, you should do with yours. What kind of information should you include? How much detail should you provide about the event itself, or about your relationship? Should you be careful about how much you share your site link? The website you and your partner set up for your celebration can actually make life easier for you, as it gives you a way to share important information without directly answering questions. You can include details on how you met, event details, and even provide links for your wedding registry! The website can reduce the time you spend answering questions from friends and family members, which means you can devote more energy into planning your special day. (more…)

Use Our Texas Hill Country Landscape For Pre-Wedding Pics!

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Your wedding day will be full of beautiful moments that your wedding photographer can capture and preserve for you. Of course, not every moment worth photographing happens on the wedding day itself! Engagement and proposal portraits, along with bridal portraits, can be wonderful keepsakes that you and your partner will hold onto for the rest of your lives together. We welcome couples who want to use our Texas Hill Country landscapes as a backdrop for these pre-wedding pictures. In addition to having access to great backgrounds, you can be glad to have pictures that match the atmosphere and theme of your wedding day. (more…)

Establishing The Right Look For Your Winter Wedding

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By choosing a wedding date during the winter season, you can have less competition for important wedding vendors, and enjoy cooler temperatures during an outdoor ceremony. Selecting a date in this season can also help you come up with a style for your celebration that sets it apart from other weddings. Creating a winter look for your ceremony and reception can add to the elegance of your event, and also encourage you to select surprising wedding colors. You can even lean into the cooler weather as you select the attire and accessories for your wedding party. While there are practical advantages to a wedding outside the typical “wedding season,” a winter wedding can also be great for encouraging couples to make striking choices for their celebration. (more…)

Keeping Up With Wedding Planning Around The Holidays

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Being engaged during the holidays can be a wonderful experience. Seasonal gatherings provide you with an opportunity to show off your engagement ring to friends and family members who have not seen it yet, and you can enjoy the excitement over your impending celebration. Of course, if you are still in the process of planning the wedding, the holidays can feel particularly busy as you juggle planning responsibilities with your social obligations. While it may require some smart preparations, you can still make the most of your holiday season as you make time for wedding arrangements. Remember that if you are looking for planning support, our All-Inclusive Wedding Package is available to take the stress away from preparing for your special day! (more…)

Settling Disagreements About Important Wedding Decisions

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The process of planning your wedding can be exciting, but it can also be challenging at several points. As you go through the process of finding the right vendors, settling on the perfect look for your wedding ceremony and reception, and thinking about the attire for yourselves and your wedding party members, you and your partner may have occasional disagreements. If you are receiving support from your families to help arrange your wedding, you may receive input from them that you are less than thrilled with. Planning disputes can be far from fun, but they can be resolved with more ease than you might realize. Taking the time to listen, and looking for smart compromises, can help you keep your planning process peaceful. (more…)