Choosing A Wedding Day Look That Truly Suits Your Groom

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While there can be less pressure on the groom to find the right attire for the wedding day, their style choices help set the tone of your wedding. While a groom’s clothing choices should feel like a good match for their partner, finding the right outfit is about more than just keeping everyone’s style consistent. There are practical matters that you should consider when looking for the groom’s attire. For an outdoor wedding in particular, it can be important to wear something seasonally appropriate. You also want to make sure they are formal enough for the event you had in mind. You should also think about the choice on a more personal level, as the right attire for the groom can feel like an extension of who they are. (more…)

Honoring Parents’ Roles In The Wedding Celebration

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The parents of the bride and groom are often featured throughout a wedding celebration. They can also be involved in the planning process, as well as many of the pre-wedding events that take place. Whether you intend to host a traditional event, or want to do something different with your wedding, you can find space to honor your parents, and your partner’s parents, in both the ceremony and reception. Beyond including them in your wedding procession, you can have several moments during your reception where your parents are featured. These moments act as more than just a way to thank them for their support. By prominently including both family groups, you celebrate the official union of these groups through your joining your partner in marriage. (more…)

How To Communicate With Guests Using Online Tools

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Throughout your engagement period, you can field questions from guests and wedding party members. Fortunately, you can address some of the most common questions and concerns in advance by setting up a wedding website. The website you create lets you share more than you can fit into your invitations or save-the-date cards. Because your wedding party members can have different subjects to discuss, you can find that setting up online communication for groomsmen and bridesmaids will also be beneficial. The convenience of relying solely on electronic communication can make it tempting, but remember that you may have guests who prefer offline contact. Invitations and other forms of correspondence can also feel less formal if you choose not to use physical cards. (more…)

Choosing The Theme You Want For Your Wedding

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While the typical wedding is shaped by many popular traditions, couples have a wealth of choices when it comes to making their event their own. As you think about the way you want your ceremony and reception spaces to look, and what kind of celebration you want to host, your ideal wedding theme can take shape. Some people choose an elaborate or specific theme, while others prefer to base their theme around their preferred wedding colors. Once you have chosen yours, you can have an easier time envisioning a specific look for your celebration. If you struggle to land on the right theme, you can draw inspiration from your wedding venue, from the time of year, or even by thinking about what type of event would best match your ideal wedding attire. (more…)

Tips For Couples Who Are Ready To Take Engagement Photos

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Before your wedding day takes place, you and your partner will have the chance to pose for photos that celebrate your impending union. Engagement photos tend to be taken shortly after the proposal, giving you enough time to select favorite pictures for a wedding website, or even for the invitations you ultimately send to guests. While this can be one of the first things you and your partner do during your engagement period, you should take time to properly plan this event. Finding the right professional photographer will be important, just as you should take time to seek out the right location for your pictures. Texas Old Town can actually help with both. You can find talented photographers in our preferred vendors list, and you can actually schedule time at our venue to have your engagement photos taken! (more…)

Common Questions That Couples Have About The Reception Meal

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What kind of plans should you make for your wedding reception? The reception and ceremony should share a theme, and exhibit the same degree of formality. In other words, the plans you make for your ceremony should influence the details of the reception, including what you plan to serve for your meal. This helps establish whether you should host a formal dining experience, or provide something more laid-back. Of course, even with these guidelines set, you can have many questions about what food to serve, whether it should be plated or served in a buffet, and how you should feed your youngest guests. Because our different venue options include ample indoor areas for receptions, you can make the most of a lovely, accommodating space to host the latter half of your wedding event! (more…)

Making Time For DIY Projects While Planning Your Wedding

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Is there time in your engagement period to work on DIY wedding projects? If you are someone who is comfortable with crafting work, you can have a relatively simple time making space on your calendar for work on pieces to feature at your wedding ceremony and reception. However, if you are relatively new to these projects, or if you have a shorter engagement period, it may be more difficult. There are a few things to consider if you want to make the work of crafting DIY decorations less difficult. Taking on simpler projects, or calling in the support of your wedding party members, can help. It can also be a good idea to minimize projects that require the use of real flowers, as their relatively short lifespan can leave you scrambling to complete projects close to the day of your wedding! (more…)

Finding Time To Plan Your Wedding And Honeymoon

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How hard will it be to plan a wedding? Some people are naturally comfortable setting deadlines and tasks for themselves, while others can struggle to keep up with the demands of arranging an event. With that said, adding event planning to your current daily demands can be difficult even if you are fantastic at staying efficient and organized, particularly when you also have to make time to plan your honeymoon. There are actions you can take to ease the burden of planning. If you feel pressed to find time to plan the honeymoon, you can consider delaying it to give yourself more time. You can also make wedding planning considerably easier by taking advantage of our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which lets you pass the work of arranging details onto our venue. (more…)

Do We Need To Stick With A Traditional Wedding Guest Book?

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When you put out a wedding guest book, you can come away from your event with a record of everyone on hand to help you celebrate your union with your partner. Many people stick with a traditional book, which asks that guests put their names and signatures. This can be put out on its own, or you can include an additional request for people to share messages for the loving couple on their wedding day. Are you obligated to put out a guest book? If so, does it need to fit into traditional ideas about what the book should look like and include? Those who want to enjoy a nontraditional event may find that they prefer to ask guests to record their presence in a way that surprises and delights them. (more…)

Tips For Setting Up A Wedding Welcome Table And Gift Table

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While many of your decorative touches help you establish the theme of your wedding, and generally create a lovely setting for your celebration, some will have more practical purposes. The wedding gift table and wedding welcome table can both address the needs of your guests – your gift table gives everyone space to leave items purchased from your registry, while the welcome table provides useful information upon arrival. While there is utility in both tables, you are encouraged to add special decorative touches to them that make them feel appropriate at your event. In addition to floral arrangements and other conventional items, you can personalize these spaces with photos and other meaningful items. (more…)