Who Should Accompany You During Dress Shopping?

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Dress shopping will be one of the most exciting parts of your early wedding planning efforts. After all, it can be hard NOT to look forward to that special moment where you find the perfect gown for your wedding day. Before you begin, make sure your budget is set, and look into your dress options to find a preferred style. You should also consider who you want with you as you search for dresses. You may be tempted to welcome your entire bridal party, but you may find that shopping is easier and more pleasant with a more intimate group. (more…)

3 Tips To Keep You More Comfortable During Your Wedding

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While your wedding day can be exciting, and full of joy, it can feel overwhelming at times. Your day may start early, as you and your bridesmaids prepare yourselves for your ceremony. After an emotional moment at the altar, you will have many friends and family members ready to congratulate you on your special day. These experiences can be special, but they may become taxing if you never take small moments for yourself. When you plan the day of your wedding, planning for your own comfort can help you make the most of your celebration. (more…)

Capturing Amazing Photos To Preserve Your Wedding Memories

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Professional wedding photographers create a valuable record of your wedding. With the right professional behind the camera, you can look forward to seeing shots that effectively capture your experience during your special day, while also creating images you are eager to frame, and keep in your shared home. Texas Old Town can help you by providing you a list of photographers who are skilled, professional, and ready to work with you. We also provide the kind of stunning settings that add to the beauty of your celebration! In addition to using us for your wedding, you can also plan your proposal, engagement, or bridal photos at our venue. (more…)

Finding A Style Of Dress To Suit Your Wedding Party

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Selecting the right wedding attire for everyone standing at the altar may feel like a challenge at first. Fortunately, you can narrow down your options quickly when you have a date for your wedding selected, and know how formal you want your gathering to be. Your goal should be to keep everyone’s looks consistent. In other words, if you want your bridesmaids to wear something dressy and elegant, a laid-back look for the grooms can go over poorly. For stylish, formal affairs and laid-back gatherings alike, you can find that the venues at Texas Old Town can suit your needs. (more…)

Enjoy Wonderful Moments On Your Reception Dance Floor

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Few moments during your wedding will be as purely fun as your time on the dance floor. Even if you and your partner usually shy away from dancing, you can appreciate the moment you share during your first dance. With the right approach to wedding planning, you can make sure your dance floor offers great fun for the people at your wedding. Texas Old Town can offer you the right venue space, which can include room for your dance floor. You can also use our vendors page to find the right music for your event! (more…)

Making Smart Choices With Your Wedding Flower Arrangements

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The right flower arrangements can offer great benefits for your wedding. You can use flowers to show off your wedding colors, create attractive boutonnieres and corsages, and generally cultivate a wedding style that suits your personality. While you can be excited to create lovely decorations with flowers, you can run into questions that slow down your decorating planning. You may be unsure of what type of flowers to use, or when it can be appropriate to use fake flowers. If you are struggling to make the right wedding decisions, consider an All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which can make your efforts regarding wedding planning easier. (more…)

3 Fun Features You Can Have At Your Reception

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Your wedding ceremony will be a truly romantic and touching experience. For your guests, this is a chance to share a meaningful glimpse of the love you and your partner share for each other. As wonderful as this can be, your wedding would not feel complete without your wedding reception, which gives you (and the people in your life) a chance to celebrate in style! During your reception, you can feed your guests, thank them for their support, accept their congratulations, and have a blast during your first event as part of a married couple. To make the most of this event, you can add extra touches that make the night feel truly fun, and truly special. (more…)

What To Expect From Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package

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Some brides have a vivid image of their ideal wedding experience before they become engaged, while others can be less sure of what they want until they start planning their special day. No matter how certain you are about what you want from your wedding experience, you can find that extra support can make the planning process decidedly more pleasant. Texas Old Town offers couples the option of selecting an All-Inclusive Wedding Package. You can count on our professional support to arrange important wedding matters, and you can have decorations set up and taken down. This option still gives you the freedom to express your preferences concerning your catering, floral arrangements, and other key matters. (more…)

Making Your Day-Of Wedding Preparations More Comfortable

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The hours before your ceremony are sure to feel busy for everyone involved in your wedding, but they can feel especially hectic for you. After all, you need to make sure you and your bridesmaids all have time to have your hair and makeup done, and you need to make sure you look and feel amazing in your dress. To make day-of preparations more comfortable for wedding parties, Texas Old Town offers generously sized bridal and groom’s suites. These rooms are offered as part of our standard amenities package, which provides several forms of support for people preparing to walk down the aisle. (more…)

Things You Can Do To Make The Most Of Your Rehearsal Dinner

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The rehearsal dinner holds an interesting place in your overall wedding experience. In one sense, this is your last chance to see you partner, and be around guests, without your energy being directed towards your wedding day. In another sense, this dinner could be seen as the first part of part of your overall wedding experience. No matter how you see it, you should recognize that your rehearsal dinner can be more than a formality. This is a chance to celebrate your love with a smaller group of people, make out of town guests feel welcome, and relax before your important day. In addition to serving as an ideal wedding location, Texas Old Town can also host your rehearsal dinner. (more…)