Why You Need Your Full Wedding Party At Your Rehearsal

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The wedding rehearsal is more than a formality, or a pretense to gather for your rehearsal dinner. This is your chance to work with everyone involved in the ceremony so that they know their roles and can comfortably perform them on your wedding day. It is also your chance to make sure your vision for your procession looks as good in person as it does in your head. In some circumstances, it may be impossible for one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to attend, at which point they will need some coaching on the day itself. With that said, you should make every effort to encourage everyone to be in attendance for this final pre-wedding event! (more…)

Fitting First Look Photos Into Your Wedding Day Schedule

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Why do couples choose to set aside time during the wedding day to take first look photos? While some couples still prefer to save the reveal of the bridal gown for the ceremony itself, many cherish the images captured when first look photos are taken. As exciting as it can be to plan this activity, you can have real concerns about fitting them into the hours before your ceremony is supposed to begin. Texas Old Town can help you find time in the hours before your wedding by making day-of preparations easier. We do this by providing couples generous dressing suites and early venue access as part of our standard amenities, and by including setup and breakdown services for your decorations in our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. (more…)

Early Challenges In Wedding Planning You Can Avoid

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How much stress will your wedding planning experience generate? The challenges in arranging such an important event should not be taken lightly. With that said, a smart approach can make your engagement period easier and less frustrating. One thing you can do to make your experience easier is avoid early difficulties with planning. No matter how long or short your engagement period is, there are a few matters that you will want to address as soon as possible. Texas Old Town can make the process of preparing for your wedding easier by offering generous amenities, and by making our All-Inclusive Wedding Package available to happy couples! (more…)

Common Questions Couples Have About Wedding Desserts

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The question of what to serve during your wedding reception is an important one. You have options when it comes to what you provide for your main course, as well as how your guests are served. When it comes to serving dessert, many couples feel committed to the traditional tiered wedding cake. However, this is not your only option, as you can provide more variety and surprises with your sweets than you might expect! As you look into what to serve, you can find yourself interested in providing more than just cake, or you can look at ways to vary the flavors of cake that you provide. Because dessert is typically served at the end of your night, it offers one final impression of your event for guests. Taking your options seriously, and taking care to provide options that feel most appropriate for your wedding, can make sure you conclude your wedding on the right note! (more…)

What To Consider When Thinking About Your Ideal Venue Size

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The “right” size of a wedding will depend on the preferences of the couple hosting the event. Some couples will feel that a joyous celebration like a wedding calls for a larger turnout, while others feel it is more appropriate to be selective with who they welcome to attend their special day. Because there is so much variety in guest counts, your different wedding venue options can offer different size spaces to select from. Texas Old Town offers multiple venue spaces, and we have taken care to create settings that can accommodate larger and smaller turnouts. For all of our guests, we offer an array of important amenities that make organizing and celebrating your wedding easier! (more…)

Selecting The Right Season For Your Wedding

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The wedding date you choose can influence the look and feel of your event in important ways, particularly when you plan to host your ceremony outdoors. The season will affect more than just the weather – it can also affect what colors people respond favorably to, what foods and drinks make the most sense for your reception, and even the look of your natural surroundings. Couples who are unsure of what date to select for their event should take seasonal effects into account before making a commitment. Be careful about selecting a wedding date that is too soon for you to successfully plan your event. A longer engagement period will give you more time to make all the right arrangements while still securing an event at your preferred time of year. (more…)

Traditional Reception Activities Guests Look Forward To

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Your guests can be thrilled by your plans to wed, and honored that you and your partner have invited them to be present at your ceremony. With that said, weddings are about more than just the moment a couple formally declares their plan to share the rest of their lives. Your wedding reception will serve as a chance for people to congratulate you immediately after your ceremony as well as a chance to thank the people in your life for their support with a fun gathering. Even if they are familiar with the different traditions that are often honored at the reception, your guests can be particularly excited to take part in them for you. As you work out your plans for your reception, be mindful of this, and make sure you have time to enjoy all of your planned activities. An experienced event coordinator can help you keep everything on track so that you can make the most of this evening! (more…)

Fun Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Gift Requests

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The traditional wedding registry can include items that make sense for many, but not all, couples who are ready to walk down the aisle. If you do find yourself less than enthused to receive gifts that “make sense” for a registry, you can still feel pressure from friends and family members who want to provide you with something. The right registry for you may look less conventional to some guests, but it will afford them opportunities to give gifts that have real meaning and value to you. Even if you want to host a more traditional wedding experience, a less traditional registry is something that you can use to make your wedding feel more personal and appropriate to you. (more…)

How Much Time Will It Take To Plan Our Wedding?

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The wedding planning experience can vary greatly for different couples. While some couples have a clear vision for their wedding before they become engaged, others will need to take time in order to figure out what kind of celebration they want. The planning process can also be affected by their planned guest count, the desired formality of their event, and even their desired event date. In other words, there is not a single timeline that will work for every couple. To determine how much time you need, think about how large your event is going to be, how elaborate your vision is, and how comfortable you are incorporating wedding planning into your current schedule. One thing you can do to make the process easier is purchase Texas Old Town’s All-Inclusive Wedding Package! (more…)

Using The Hours Before Your Wedding Ceremony Wisely

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Through smart planning and the support of the right wedding vendors, you can minimize stress in the months leading to your wedding. However, you should still prepare for some eventful hours during the wedding day itself. After all, you need to make sure that all of your decorations are in place, that you have your beverages, wedding cake, and other goods ready to be served, and that everyone in your wedding party is ready to walk down the aisle. You also need to make sure you are dressed in time, or even before the start of the ceremony if you and your partner plan to take first look photos. One way to make day-of preparations easier is to take advantage of our All-Inclusive Wedding Package, which provides valuable assistance before and on the day of your event! (more…)