How Can I Be Sure I Have The Right Colors For My Wedding?

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Selecting the colors you want to feature in your wedding decorations will help you establish the look you want for your event, but it may be hard to commit to your choices. How can you make sure that your selections are appropriately formal, or a good fit for your theme? How many colors can you incorporate, and how much variety should you show off in your decorations? If you feel unsure of yourself, you can always discuss concerns with your decorator and seek their guidance. You should also remember that you have the freedom to dictate the style of your wedding. If you feel strongly about a choice, even if you worry it might not be “right” for what you have planned, you are allowed to take a risk for something that you believe in. (more…)

How Can I Make Sure My Reception Starts On Time?

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While there are many fun aspects to planning and celebrating a wedding, there are also certain mundane tasks that need attention. You should be able to enjoy your special day and feel fully present in the different parts of your ceremony and reception, but you also have to worry about keeping your event on track. One issue that can hurt your celebration is a late start to your reception, which can force you to rush or skip certain traditions you might have planned to honor. Advance planning can help you avoid some of the common issues that cause reception delays, as can the support of an event coordinator on the day of your wedding. (more…)

Make Planning Easier With An All-Inclusive Wedding Package

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Whether you have a clear vision of what you want your wedding day to be like, or feel unsure about the details even after you are engaged, the actual planning process can be difficult. After all, you may be hard-pressed to think of another task in your life that has called for so much planning, and demanded so much of your time and attention. Even consistently organized people may find that adding wedding planning to their daily responsibilities can be difficult. Fortunately, Texas Old Town can make the experience of planning easier with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package! This special package lets you dictate what your wedding will be like, but it puts the actual planning responsibilities into professional hands. After giving us all of your wedding details, you can arrive on the day itself to see your event brought to life for you. (more…)

Keeping Guests Comfortable During An Outdoor Ceremony

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With the gorgeous Texas Hill Country landscape surrounding your ceremony, you can be thrilled to plan an outdoor wedding at Texas Old Town. An outdoor setting can be ideal for many different wedding types, and it can impart a natural beauty to your event that can thrill couples and leave guests impressed. Of course, if you are thinking about planning an outdoor event, you may have some concerns about the weather on the day of your wedding. If you choose a date in the summer season, keeping guests cool will be a priority, while you may have questions about how to keep guests warm during a winter wedding. The right preparations can help you enjoy a great ceremony at any time of year! (more…)

Should We Provide Wedding Programs For Our Guests?

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While many couples choose to provide wedding programs for their guests, they are not something you are obligated to create. If you have a smaller or more casual wedding event planned, it may feel like a needless gesture. However, you may find that you are attracted to the idea of creating a record of your special day that you can share with the people on hand. The program itself does not have to be complicated or overly detailed, but you can use it to give people an idea of what to expect if you have less common events planned for your celebration. (more…)

Honoring Parents During Your Wedding Celebration

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Your wedding event joins you with your partner, and it brings your respective families together. With that in mind, your celebration can focus on more than just honoring the love between the bride and groom. In large and small ways, you can take opportunities to celebrate both sets of parents over the course of your event. There are moments that make tributes easy – for instance, people often expect to hear from the fathers of both the bride and groom during the wedding toasts, and parents are included in the ceremony procession. Of course, you can look for additional ways to show these family members how much their support means to you on your special day. (more…)

Planning And Practicing Your First Dance

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While the first dance is a relatively small part of your wedding reception, it can be one of the more daunting moments you plan. Even after standing before everyone and exchanging vows, you can feel uneasy about sharing a dance in front of so many people. With some preparatory work, you can make sure this moment is a successful one. You are also free to keep the moment itself relatively simple, and traditional. Because Texas Old Town offers venue spaces at different sizes, you can be sure to find a spot that gives you ample space to share this moment, and to give your guests room to dance when it is over. (more…)

Selecting The Bridesmaids You Want For Your Wedding

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Choosing your bridesmaids for your wedding can be a fun early part of your wedding party, but the experience can feel stressful if you are unsure who you want standing at your side. In addition to deciding on who you want to join you, you will need to know how many people you want to include in your wedding party. One important thing to remember is that the people in your wedding party can also have responsibilities during your engagement period – having people who are close to you are important, but you also want to have people you can count on for planning support. (more…)

Things To Consider If You Plan On Taking First Look Photos

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You can certainly pass on first look photos, and save all of your planned pictures for the time between your wedding ceremony and reception. Many people choose this option because they want to save the sight of the bride in her gown for the ceremony itself, or because they are not concerned about the time needed for the photos. However, many other couples have found that first look photos make for terrific images, and also help them start their reception on time. Texas Old Town provides great spaces for engagement photos and proposal pictures, as well as bridal portraits – if you plan on taking first look photos, you can certainly find an ideal backdrop for them. To make the most of these photos, work out a spot for pictures in advance, and make sure you and your partner are ready with enough time to capture plenty of images. (more…)

3 Tips To Help You Keep Your Wedding Reception On Track

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While some wedding reception events are more elaborate than others, you should have plans in place to keep the occasion on a schedule. Even a laid-back, intimate reception event needs some structural support if you want to enjoy every part of the evening that you have planned. Putting the right plans in place can help you ensure that there is time for the different activities and traditions you want to enjoy at your reception. Making sure the evening starts with minimal delays will be important, as you can quickly lose more time than you anticipate if you are not paying attention. You should also think about how the right vendors can help keep your wedding on track. (more…)