Choosing The Right Season For Your Wedding Day

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How can you be sure that a certain wedding date is the right one for you? If you are struggling to pick a spot on the calendar for your special day, you may need to broaden your search a bit. While many people feel that they need to wed in the spring or summer seasons, you can enjoy a successful celebration at any time of year! In fact, choosing to host a fall or winter wedding over a wedding that might be considered “in season” can offer advantages that couples tend to overlook. Our venue spaces provide beautiful backdrops for wedding celebrations all year long, and we are happy to discuss less traditional wedding dates with you. (more…)

Should Your Family Have Input On Your Wedding Plans?

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Many couples today take care of their wedding costs themselves. In the past, the expectation was that the bride’s family would be responsible for financing this special day. Even if their monetary contributions are limited, family members – particularly parents – expect to have some input on wedding plans. Having extra support can be a relief during your engagement period, as this can be a particularly busy time! With that said, you may be unsure of how much you should expect from your parents. You can also be uncomfortable at the thought of someone else’s ideas clashing with yours. Navigating contrasting wedding plans can be difficult, but remember that this is your special day, and that the vision you truly love is one you have a right to defend. (more…)

Selecting The Colors You Want To Feature In Your Wedding

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Your wedding colors have a significant role to play in determining how your wedding ceremony and reception should look. Because of this, couples can be understandably nervous about making sure they pick the absolute best colors for their event. This decision can contribute to how formal your wedding looks, and help you play up a particular theme. It can also affect decisions regarding what your wedding party will wear, and how your floral arrangements should look. Our natural outdoor settings and welcoming venue spaces can accommodate many different color combinations. During a tour of our venue spaces, you can take the time to discuss your color preferences, or bring samples to help envision how certain sets of colors might work within your preferred spaces. (more…)

Questions About Wedding Invitations? These Tips Can Help!

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While you can be excited to send out your invitations for your wedding, you may be nervous about making them. Obviously, you need to be careful not to leave typos in place, or leave out important details for your guests. You also have to think about what your design should be, and whether you should go with traditional cards or e-vites. Unfortunately, if you put off sending your invitations for too long, you can wind up giving guests too little time to respond, and make arrangements to be there for you on your special day. With smart planning and the right services, you can make the process of designing and sending invitations easier. We do provide assistance with invitations for our guests who purchase an All-Inclusive Wedding Package. (more…)

Creating An Amazing Theme Wedding Experience

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Planning the look of your wedding can be easier when you have a color scheme or specific style to guide your choices. For some weddings, an unifying idea can be subtle, but other couples can choose to host a wedding experience that boldly commits to its influences. Creating a theme wedding experience can help you avoid a generic approach to decoration, and it can help you put more of your personal style into your celebration. There is no specific direction a theme wedding has to take – you can go with something more elaborate, something elegant, or make the choice to create a more rustic wedding experience. Committing to your style can help you decide the look of your ceremony and reception areas, determine what your wedding party members will wear, and communicate your style preferences to wedding vendors! (more…)

Follow These Tips To Enjoy A Successful Reception Dinner

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Organizing a quiet dinner for a few friends can require smart planning, but that effort can pale in comparison to providing dinner to everyone in attendance at your wedding! The reception dinner can be an important part of your overall wedding experience, as well as one that can demand more financial investment, and more of your attention. With that said, a successful dinner can help make sure people are thrilled with your wedding event! In addition to providing reception spaces that can accommodate different guest sizes easily, and amenities that make serving easier for your caterers, Texas Old Town can offer helpful suggestions if you are looking for someone you can count on to cater your wedding. (more…)

What Will Your Guests Do Between The Ceremony And Reception?

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There are many traditions to draw from as you plan your wedding ceremony, and outline what you want to do during your reception. However, you may find yourself unsure of what to do with your guests between the time of these two events. Typically, the happy couple will gather with their wedding party, and their close family members, to pose for pictures during this time. In order to keep your guests occupied, you may want to arrange a sort of informal cocktail hour. By providing light snacks and refreshments, you can keep everyone happy, and you can feel more comfortable taking the time to have your staged photos taken! (more…)

Welcoming A Photographer And Videographer To Your Wedding

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Your phone is capable of taking great pictures, and recording quality videos. You can safely assume that many of your guests have phones with similar abilities. So with this in mind, do you still need to have a photographer and videographer on hand to capture the many important moments of your wedding? It might be tempting to rely on friends and family to save money, but the truth is that without professional eyes on your special event, many significant moments will be missed in the course of your night. Giving professional vendors space to capture images, and record videos, will help you maintain a record of your wedding day that you cherish. These experts are also able to arrange and quickly take group photos with your family and wedding party members, which can be important keepsakes. (more…)

Making The Most Of A Shorter Wedding Engagement Period

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Not everyone wants to wait through a long engagement period to be married. If you are eager to celebrate your wedding, or if you are in a situation where you need your wedding to happen on shorter notice, you can be surprised at how much you can do with a relatively brief engagement period. Texas Old Town has experience working with couples who want to arrange a wedding more quickly, and we can offer our support to make this goal easier for you to reach. You can also make matters easier by looking for a wedding date that falls out of the typical wedding season. With that said, organizing something on the scale of a wedding can be intimidating when you have less time, so smart organizing and time management efforts can be crucial. (more…)

Making Sure Everything Is In Place For Your Wedding Toast

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The wedding toasts that take place at your reception give the people closest to you opportunities to share what you mean to them, and their fond wishes for you and your partner in your married life. The words shared can be heartfelt, insightful, and sometimes even humorous. While it may seem simple enough to plan for wedding toasts, this is one custom out of many that you may want to fit into your wedding reception. If your event is not properly planned and coordinated, you may run short on time, and leave people without enough space to share their thoughts and feelings. You also need to think about how your plans for your wedding toasts affect your beverage purchases – after all, people need glasses in hand when the time comes to say cheers to the happy couple! (more…)