3 Things To Do During Your Venue Visit And Tour

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Without the right wedding venue, your wedding vision can be incredibly difficult to execute. Beyond providing you with a beautiful space to say “I do,” the right venue can make your day easier by providing important amenities, and offer up enough space for everyone to be comfortable. Texas Old Town has several venue options for couples to choose from, which can make it easier to find a space that is the right size. Every option you can select from will feature a gorgeous view of our Texas Hill Country setting, and include our generous amenities package. If you are looking for extra help, we can even talk to you about using our All-Inclusive Wedding Package to make your special day even easier to celebrate! (more…)

Making The Right Dress Choice For Your Bridesmaids

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Picking the right dress for your bridesmaids can be a stressful experience. The stereotypical bridesmaid dress is sometimes a source of humor, but you can find a stylish gown for the people who stand with you at the altar. One reason selecting the right dress can be tricky is that you may have a hard time selecting one style that works for all of your bridesmaids, particularly if you have more people in your party, or if they vary considerably in height and shape. With some smart planning, and a little creativity, you can make sure your bridesmaids look great and feel confident at your wedding! One benefit to planning your event with us is that you and your bridesmaids have ample time to prepare, and your own dressing suite, as part of our standard amenities package. (more…)

Deciding On The Right Looks For The Groom And Groomsmen

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Creating the right atmosphere for your wedding means more than just selecting the right decorations, planning the right catered meal, and selecting the right venue option to hold your guests. The style choices made by both bride and groom can make the formality and tone of your event clear. While the iconic bridal gown can garner more attention at the altar, you should put time and thought into what your groom wears. You can look into classic options involving the tuxedo, dress down in a suit, or go with a more casual look for an informal celebration. Your groomsmen can wear largely similar attire, though you should look for a way to distinguish the groom from his party. (more…)

Tips To Make A Smaller Wedding A Big Hit With Your Guests

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As you think about your ideal wedding, you may decide that a smaller, more intimate gathering is ideal for you. With a smaller guest list, you can create a celebration that gives more attention to the people in attendance. You can also find that you just feel more comfortable with a tighter, more select group of people in attendance. We understand this, and we have venues that are designed to accommodate both larger and smaller events. While you can enjoy potential cost savings from a smaller wedding, you should put real time and effort into ensuring that your plans are ideal for an event of this size. (more…)

Can You Have A Formal Wedding Experience Outdoors?

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You can use an outdoor setting to host the wedding that you desire. While many people use outdoor venues to host rustic, DIY celebrations that create a more laid-back atmosphere. For others, the right outdoor space can be a great location for a formal wedding celebration. We offer outdoor venues that take advantage of the beauty of Texas Hill Country. We can also provide you with information on vendors who can help you develop the right look for your event. Hosting your outdoor wedding in the fall or winter seasons can make the event more comfortable for people in formal wear. (more…)

Things To Consider When You Plan Your First Dance

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Your time together at the altar will be the first moment you and your partner share during your wedding day, but it certainly will not be the last. While exchanging vows in front of everyone can be a deeply personal experience, many couples also feel some pressure from the idea of having their first dance in front of everyone. If you are an inexperienced dancer, and you have watched more than a few viral videos of impressive first dances, this moment can feel particularly challenging. Fortunately, your friends and family are there to support you, not judge you! With a little practice, a “simple” dance can still impress guests, and feel perfect for you and your partner.  (more…)

The Right Venue Amenities Can Make Your Wedding Day Easier

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The people in your wedding party, and your family members, can step in at various moments to make wedding planning easier. These are the people who take on responsibilities regarding pre-wedding events, after all. They can also help you with dress shopping, and simply by offering a sympathetic ear when you feel stressed. With that said, there are limits to what they can do, no matter how dedicated they are. Fortunately, Texas Old Town is able to help! All of our guests can count on generous amenities that make celebrating easier. For those couples interested in extra support, we can also provide help with our All-Inclusive Wedding Package. (more…)

These Ideas Can Help You End Your Reception In Style

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Your wedding may be wonderful, but you have to accept that it must end sometime. While some of your guests will depart before your night is over, you should have plans in place for the end of your wedding. The exit of the bride and groom makes for a memorable experience, but this is just one part of your night’s end that you should think about while planning your overall event. With the right touches, your guests can appreciate the way you reception wraps up. You can make plans to offer treats for your guests, and make sure your dance floor is packed until the end of the night. You should also make sure you stay on track for other reception activities, so you do not feel rushed during moments like your toast, or your bouquet toss. (more…)

Make Sure You Have Time For Wedding Gown Alterations!

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The search for a perfect gown can be important, and exciting. Many brides are particularly eager to begin their search, but with so many other wedding planning responsibilities to juggle, you might find it hard to fit in time for shopping. With that said, it is important to start your search with many months to spare, as you should expect the gown you select to require several alterations before it is truly ready to wear. The good news is that alterations can open up more options for you, as you will not have to worry about a dress being an ideal fit from the moment you pick it up from a boutique. (more…)

Tips To Follow When You Are Ready To Announce Your Wedding

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From the moment you and your partner become engaged, you can be thrilled to let everyone know about your big life change. Because news so often travels through social media, you may assume that all you need to do is change your relationship status on Facebook to effectively let everyone know what is happening, but you may want to hold off on this switch. Your close friends and family members can rightly assume that they will hear the news from you before the public does – sharing with everyone in such a public way may leave people feeling hurt. You can also find that once the news is official, people expect wedding details. While you do not need to have everything in place, you should have enough planning done to follow up with save-the-dates or invitations relatively soon after sharing your engagement. (more…)