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Throwing a Company Party: Dos and Don’ts

Everyone wants to host the kind of company soiree employees really want to come to, but it can be difficult to pull off a great holiday party, especially with seasonal vacation time quickly approaching. Fortunately, keeping a few simple party planning tips in mind can help you create a great get together that won’t break… Read more »

You Don’t Have to Host a Traditional Company Christmas Party

Are you feeling on the fence about whether or not to host a company Christmas party this year? Maybe you feel obligated to do so, but aren’t at all excited about the prospect. During such a busy holiday season it can be hard to plan a corporate party, much less get employees excited about attending… Read more »

A Quick Guide to Planning Retirement Parties

Have you recently learned that one of your bosses will soon be retiring, and that you have been given the honor/challenge of planning the perfect party? While it can be overwhelming trying to plan a party for someone you work with, there’s no reason to stress about it. Instead simply take a little advice from… Read more »

Offsite Strategic Planning Meetings

Fall means two things in Texas, neither of which is a guarantee of cooler weather. What its arrival does mean is that it is time to enjoy pumpkin-flavored everything, and also, that it’s time for your business to start planning for the next fiscal year! If you think your employees could use a fresh perspective,… Read more »

Budgeting for Your Next Corporate Event

Everyone loves a great company party, except maybe the people paying for it. That’s because it’s easy for a corporate event to exceed the previously set budget, which can be bad news for the accountants and the company’s bottom line. But a great corporate party doesn’t have to break the budget, or set your company… Read more »

Team Building Activities for Corporate Meetings

Whether you’re planning a quarterly strategy meeting or a corporate retreat to build camaraderie among your team members, the activities you choose for the meeting can have a big impact on how much your employees take away from the experience. All too often, boring, clichéd team-building activities (think trust falls and egg-spoon races) inspire little… Read more »

What Your Employees Really Want This Summer

It can be tough to be stuck in an office during the summer months when everyone is itching to get outside into the sunshine. So, why not give the people what they want? What your employees really want this summer is a laid-back work retreat or company day of fun that boosts team morale, bonds… Read more »

Take the Blah Out of Your Next Corporate Event

We’ve all been to that kind of corporate event. The kind with boring presentations and stale team-building exercises. The kind held in an uninspired hotel conference rooms where the most memorable part of the whole event was the food (and even that was mind of blah). Corporate events don’t have to be bland, boring affairs… Read more »