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Deciding On Your Vows, And Other Major Ceremony Decisions

What will you and your partner say to each other when you meet at the altar? For couples who prefer to recite traditional wedding vows, this is a question with an easy answer. However, you may be eager to recite something unique. After all, this does give you the opportunity to express to everyone exactly… Read more »

How Your Color Choices Contribute To Your Wedding Look

Your wedding colors can be prominently featured throughout your wedding, or used sparingly to create a subtler, more formal atmosphere. As with any decision when it comes to creating the right look for your wedding, the way you approach color will matter. While bolder, contrasting colors can be vivid and fun, a muted approach can… Read more »

Make Your Decorations Stand Apart With DIY Touches

Having a vision for your wedding decorations can help you connect with the right vendors, and establish the right look for your special day. Sometimes, your ideal wedding can require decorative pieces that you are better off creating yourself than purchasing. Brides commit to DIY wedding decorations for many reasons. This approach can lead to… Read more »

How Do I Determine Which Guests Should Receive A Plus-One?

While it might be easy to just extend a plus-one to all of your wedding guests, you may be unable to do so for a number of reasons. You may be at risk for going over the number of guests you can fit into your venue space, or you could have a hard time budgeting… Read more »

Making Sure Everyone Knows What To Do During Your Ceremony

Will every single person in your wedding party know when to walk down the aisle, where to stand, and what to do when your wedding ceremony is complete? When you properly plan your rehearsal, you can ensure that everyone has the information they need, and are familiar with their role, on your special day. Impress… Read more »

Should You Be Involved In Planning Pre-Wedding Events?

You obviously want as much input as possible when it comes to planning your wedding. After all, this is a celebration of your love, and a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your partner. While the opportunity to bring your vision for your wedding day to life can be exciting, it can also feel daunting. Fortunately,… Read more »

Making Sure Your Hair And Makeup Trials Are Productive

Your hair and makeup styles will play a big part in impacting your complete wedding look. Professional stylists are typically hired to take care of these matters. After all, a wedding day can be stressful, and it can be a relief to know that someone is lending their expertise to help your preparations move smoothly…. Read more »

Preparing For The Unexpected On Your Wedding Day

With all the planning you put into creating your perfect wedding day, you should feel confident that everything will go well. Unfortunately, unexpected situations can interfere with the most detailed efforts, which is why you should think about how you can prepare for the unforeseen. As much as you might want to take on every… Read more »

Do We Need To Take Our Honeymoon Right After Our Wedding?

The end of your wedding will not mark the end of your efforts to celebrate your decision to marry your partner. After all, you could be moving straight from your celebration to your honeymoon, where you can enjoy some much-deserved rest and relaxation. While many people choose to keep their honeymoon as close to their… Read more »

Using Online Tools To Help You With Your Wedding Planning

Our reliance on modern online tools has changed many different aspects of our lives. Wedding planning has certainly been impacted by technology. While they can certainly feel universal today, the wedding website is still a relatively new aspect of wedding planning. With that said, you may have some uncertainty around what you should do with… Read more »