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3 Ideas For Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

When couples provide wedding favors for their guests, they are able to send people away with a gesture of appreciation for their attendance and support of their special day. There is a long tradition of providing favors to the people in attendance, but that does not mean you are bound to offer something traditional. Many… Read more »

Picking The Right Outfits For Your Groomsmen

While groomsmen can provide support on your wedding day, they can sometimes receive less attention than the bridesmaids. This can be particularly true when it comes to style choices. While a bride can inevitably stand out for being the only one in a white dress, you may be less sure of what you should do… Read more »

Is There A “Right” Season To Host Your Wedding?

The time of year you set your wedding can certainly have an influence on your special day. This can be especially true for an outdoor ceremony, but all weddings should reflect the weather and season in some way. While the summer can be a popular time for weddings, the truth is that you should not… Read more »

Using Your Bridal Shower Registry To Help With Wedding Needs

Your bridal shower can give you a chance to bond with the women in your partner’s family, and share a touching moment with the people in your life. Your bridal shower registry also gives you a chance to prepare your home by receiving helpful items. One thing you might not realize is that certain useful… Read more »

How Time Needed For Alterations Affects Your Dress Search

Envisioning the perfect dress, and finding the perfect dress, are two separate matters. When you begin searching for the bridal gown you will wear on your special day, having a clear idea of what you want is important. However, you should go into your search with the understanding that the right dress may be less… Read more »

Setting Up A Space For Guests To Place Your Wedding Gifts

When guests make purchases off of your wedding gift registry, they are helping you and your partner prepare for your new life together. You can set up your registry through multiple stores, and create a list of items that you can find use for in your home. Many people take time to think about the… Read more »

What You Should Know About Wedding Ceremony Programs

What do your guests gain by having a wedding ceremony program to pick up when they arrive? This brief outline of activities during your ceremony is good for giving people an idea of what to expect during your event. It also serves to clue people in on traditions they may not be familiar with, which… Read more »