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Creating A Reception Space That Reflects Your Style

Tastes can vary among couples, which means different people can take dramatically different approaches to decorating their wedding spaces. The decorations you provide for your reception space can be especially important to you. After all, the reception is a time when there is less convention, and more freedom to interact directly with your guests. Creating… Read more »

Things To Consider If You Plan A Smaller Wedding Event

One major decision all couples must make concerns the size of your event. While some people picture themselves surrounded by as many friends and family members as possible, others fantasize about a more intimate affair, where they can feel more connected to the people they feel close to. Choosing a smaller wedding can mean limiting… Read more »

Making Out Of Town Wedding Guests Feel Welcome

While you are (hopefully) excited to see every guest who shows up for your wedding, you can feel especially appreciative of those who have to travel to attend. If you book a venue out of town, then you may have most, or all, guests traveling. However, even a local wedding is likely to bring in… Read more »

Making The Most Of Your Engagement Party

There are several events, and a considerable amount of work, that will take place before your wedding and reception. Your engagement party is typically one of the first pre-wedding events to occur. This, as the name suggests, is a chance for people to formally gather, and congratulate you and your partner on this major life… Read more »

Should I Send Save-The-Date Cards For My Wedding?

There can be some confusion when it comes to the sending of save-the-date cards to your intended wedding guests. Some couples can be unclear on what makes them different from traditional invitations, or what they should include in them. Essentially, save-the-date cards can make people aware that your wedding is coming up, and that you… Read more »

Providing Entertainment During Your Reception Dinner

The moment you walk down the aisle can leave an indelible impression on your guests. The ceremony is a more formal affair, but the reception is also an important part of your special day. A wedding reception gives couples more freedom to arrange an event that encourages everyone to cut loose, and interact with the… Read more »

Social Media And Your Wedding Day

Social media use has influenced how many people approach weddings. These online networks have had a big impact on how people share news and images, and many people can be eager to use them to share their experience at your wedding. Many couples will take advantage of this, even creating their own hashtags to help… Read more »