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3 Things To Think About As You Plan Your Seating Chart

Why do couples sometimes dread organizing their seating chart for their wedding reception? If you are planning a wedding with a larger guest count, the task can be difficult just because of the volume of people you need to organize. It can also be difficult to arrange everyone in a way that fits your reception… Read more »

Use Your Wedding Website To Communicate With Your Guests

While wedding websites have become popular, you may be unsure of what, exactly, you should do with yours. What kind of information should you include? How much detail should you provide about the event itself, or about your relationship? Should you be careful about how much you share your site link? The website you and… Read more »

Keeping Up With Wedding Planning Around The Holidays

Being engaged during the holidays can be a wonderful experience. Seasonal gatherings provide you with an opportunity to show off your engagement ring to friends and family members who have not seen it yet, and you can enjoy the excitement over your impending celebration. Of course, if you are still in the process of planning… Read more »

Settling Disagreements About Important Wedding Decisions

The process of planning your wedding can be exciting, but it can also be challenging at several points. As you go through the process of finding the right vendors, settling on the perfect look for your wedding ceremony and reception, and thinking about the attire for yourselves and your wedding party members, you and your… Read more »

3 Creative Approaches To Building Your Wedding Registry

The common idea around the wedding registry is that it allows guests to help a newly married couple fill their shared home with needed goods and appliances. For many reasons, the “typical” registry gifts often seem less than necessary for people who are preparing to wed. What should you do if you already have plenty… Read more »

Should We Ask People To Serve As Ushers For Our Wedding?

While they have a less visible role than the members of your wedding party, and typically have fewer responsibilities, the ushers at your wedding can play an important role on your special day. As the name suggests, ushers will “usher” your guests to their seats when they arrive. When couples create different sides of the… Read more »

Providing Hair And Makeup Services For Your Bridal Party

For many brides, professional hair and makeup services can offer vital support on their wedding day. Even if you are comfortable styling yourself, having an expert on hand to take care of you can help you focus on your ceremony. Any individuals you hire for your own hair and makeup can also take care of… Read more »

These Tips Can Help You Write Your Wedding Vows

Many couples decide on writing and speaking their own wedding vows, rather than going with traditional vows. Choosing this route is appealing to people because it allows them to open up about what they love about their partner, and why they are so happy to stand at the altar. If you are interested in reciting… Read more »

Scheduling Your Wedding Rehearsal And Rehearsal Dinner

How important is your wedding rehearsal? During your rehearsal, you have the ability to determine the order of your wedding party members, and give everyone a chance to learn their cues for when they will walk to, and depart, your altar. When you plan your rehearsal, there are several matters you should consider. One is… Read more »

Finding And Showing Off The Perfect Wedding Cake

Searching for the right wedding cake can be one of the most fun experiences you have while planning your wedding. After all, this is your chance to sample from many different cake options as you search for something that feels right for you and your guests. You also have the opportunity to envision your tiered… Read more »