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Creating An Amazing Outdoor Wedding Experience

Our outdoor wedding venues can provide a gorgeous space for you and your partner to exchange vows, say “I do,” and celebrate your union among the people you love! With an outdoor setting, you can create a visual space that stands apart from more conventional locations. The open space, along with the beauty of the… Read more »

3 Good Opportunities To Surprise Your Guests With Treats

Throughout your wedding celebration, you can find opportunities to liven up your event with surprise refreshments, snacks, and tasty treats for your guests. The times you choose to share treats can be as important as the treats you select. For instance, if you want to give your guests an especially friendly welcome before your ceremony,… Read more »

Making Time For Your Bouquet And Garter Toss

Your wedding at Texas Old Town can be an amazing experience for you and your guests, but it is almost certainly not the last wedding you will ever attend! In fact, your bouquet and garter tosses can give you a sneak preview for whose celebration you might attend next. While your guests may or may… Read more »

Should I Help Out Of Town Guests Find Somewhere To Stay?

You should appreciate every person who shows up to attend your wedding. After all, they are giving their time to help you celebrate your relationship, and many will provide gifts from your registry. While every attendee deserves your regard, you can be especially thankful for those guests who travel greater distances to be present on… Read more »

Finding The Right Officiant For Your Ceremony

What should you do to make sure you have the right person to officiate your wedding ceremony? This person can play a significant role in your wedding day experience, and they can help capture the spirit of the love you and your partner share. For many couples, the right officiant will be one who can… Read more »

Are You Struggling To Finalize Your Guest List?

Texas Old Town offers venues with different size accommodations, so you can pick a space that can welcome more people to your wedding. Of course, the right guest count is determined by more than just how much space you have available to you. For couples who want a more intimate wedding experience, the number of… Read more »

Creating A Wedding Registry With Items You Really Want

If you fill up your wedding registry with items that you think you should include, you can find yourself with several gifts you are less than thrilled to receive. For couples who are not looking for the traditional housewares, appliances for the kitchen, and other home-building gifts, it can make more sense to choose a… Read more »

What To Consider When Thinking About Your Wedding Favors

Your Texas Old Town wedding can provide your guests with an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and a fun-filled reception! While your special day can certainly deliver great memories, a tasty meal, and opportunities for entertainment, your wedding favors let you give physical reminders of your wedding to those in attendance. While your… Read more »

Making Style Choices To Complete Your Wedding Look

While selecting the perfect bridal gown is crucial to creating your wedding look, this is not the only style choice you need to make before you walk down the aisle! To complete your look, you can seek out accessories that complement your dress, and find vendors who can take great care of your hair and… Read more »

Do I Really Need To Plan My Wedding Around A Specific Theme?

What does it mean to have a “wedding theme,” and how clear should you make yours? Is it something you really have to worry about? The idea of a wedding theme may seem daunting at first, but it can help to think about it as more of a guiding principle. When you start thinking about… Read more »