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3 Tips To Help You Arrange The Tables At Your Reception

The way you arrange your wedding reception tables can have more impact on your event than you expect. Obviously, the way you seat people can affect how guests enjoy themselves, but your arrangements go beyond the seating chart. You should think about how your table placement affects the flow of your event, how the centerpieces… Read more »

Should Our Ceremony Feature A Ring Bearer And Flower Girl?

While the ring bearer and flower girl roles are often featured in wedding ceremonies, many couples choose to leave these roles unfilled. These roles work well in traditional wedding events, and it can be a nice way to include younger family members or the children of close family friends in your special day. Make sure… Read more »

Finding The Right Decorative Approach For Your Rustic Wedding

Rustic wedding decorations can be perfect for an outdoor wedding ceremony, as your style can feel appropriate to your natural surroundings. As you look into what you can do with rustic pieces, you can find that there is a surprising degree of freedom when planning around this wedding theme. While some people look to nature… Read more »

Tips On Dressing Up The Dessert Table At Your Reception

Your dessert table can do more than just display the different goods your guests will enjoy during the evening. Everything you lay out at your wedding reception, including your wedding cake and other treats, can contribute to the look and theme of your event. With a carefully decorated dessert table, you can feature your wedding… Read more »

Using Bright Colors To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

The Texas Hill Country landscapes available to couples who reserve venue space at Texas Old Town provide stunning backdrops for wedding ceremonies. With access to such lovely natural settings, you can find that few decorations are needed to plan a gorgeous event. With that said, the decorations you do provide will help you personalize your… Read more »

Who Should You Ask To Officiate Your Wedding?

All eyes will be on the happy couple during the wedding ceremony, but the wedding officiant has the most active role during this portion of your evening. Once everyone is in place, they will be the one to seat the crowd, begin the actual ceremony, and oversee your union. While this is a significant role,… Read more »

Tips To Help You Start Your Search For Your Bridal Gown

Brides are encouraged to take their time when searching for just the right wedding gown. After all, the dress you select for your special day will be closely linked to the wedding itself, it will draw considerable attention, and it will even help you convey the tone and theme of your gathering. While you want… Read more »

How Should You Invite Your Bridesmaids To Join Your Wedding?

A proposal is a magical moment, one that marks the start of your engagement period. For some weddings, the bride-to-be will create a “proposal” of their own when asking people to serve as bridesmaids. You can send out specially made invitations and gifts with your request that someone serve as your bridesmaid, create an official… Read more »

Take Part In Our Bridal Garage Sale On January 24!

On Sunday, January 24, Texas Old Town is opening up our venues for our Bridal Garage Sale event! During this special event, you can check out a wide array of decorations and other wedding-related items being offered up by couples who have already wed. You can expect to see a variety of different styles that… Read more »

Tips On Creating A Fun Family-Friendly Wedding Event

Should you encourage your guests to bring their kids to your wedding, or ask that only adults be present on your special day? Either choice is valid, and will present their own benefits. While an adults-only wedding can help you invite more people, some couples feel that a wedding is not complete unless families are… Read more »