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How Wedding Party Members Can Help You On Your Wedding Day

The people in your wedding party can make planning your event easier and less stressful. Their support on the day itself can be even more valuable, as they can help you make sure everything is in order before your guests begin to arrive. Texas Old Town provides generous suites for couples and the bridesmaids and… Read more »

Serving Groom’s Cake And Other Fun Desserts At A Reception

Dessert often marks a sweet end to an evening. During your wedding reception, the arrival of the cake is one of the last formal events you will enjoy. While the classic tiered wedding cake is one of the most memorable and recognizable images at a wedding, it is just one of several desserts you can… Read more »

The Influence Your Wedding Colors Can Have On Your Event

The choices you make when decorating your wedding ceremony and reception areas will help you establish your theme. The right touches also help you personalize your surroundings, and create an atmosphere that feels just right for your special day. While there are many matters to consider while selecting decorations, your choice of wedding colors can… Read more »

Consider The Following As You Search For Wedding Catering

While every wedding vendor’s role in your wedding should be taken seriously, your caterer handles a particularly important task. With their help, you can provide enticing meals on a large scale and ensure that they are ready for guests in time to start your reception on time. Fortunately, many talented catering services are available to… Read more »

Planning A Wedding That Allows Parents To Bring Their Kids

Not everyone opens their wedding up to guests of all ages, preferring instead to host an adults-only celebration. While this decision has its advantages, others can find that the day feels incomplete when only adults are included. Allowing guests to bring their kids means that you can see younger family members on hand, and it… Read more »

Using Flowers To Decorate An Outdoor Ceremony Space

Outdoor wedding ceremonies can, and should, make the most of their natural surroundings. By hosting a celebration nestled in Texas Hill Country, you can enjoy the visual splendor of a lush landscape that offers beautiful backdrops throughout the year. One benefit to saying “I do” while outdoors is that you can cut back on your… Read more »

3 Questions To Consider As You Create Your Seating Chart

Creating the seating chart for your wedding reception can be time-consuming, but it can be an important step to make sure your evening runs smoothly. While it may not be your favorite task, it is one that deserves real time and attention. Because Texas Old Town provides different venue sizes in order to provide couples… Read more »

How Do We Stay Organized While Planning Our Wedding?

Many couples feel more than a little intimidated when the many tasks of wedding planning start to stack up. While the length of your engagement period can affect the difficulty of making your dream celebration happen, even a long engagement can call for good organizational skills. For couples who want to minimize stress before their… Read more »

Encouraging Guests To Make The Most Of Your Dance Floor

When couples begin to plan the layout of their wedding reception area, they often set aside a portion of open space for dancing. While not every wedding includes dancing, it is a popular feature at weddings. When the dance floor is especially lively, it can sustain a festive mood throughout the remainder of your night,… Read more »

Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Day Schedule

You can expect to enjoy plenty of wonderful moments throughout your wedding, but will you have time to enjoy everything you have planned for your event? Setting a schedule can give you a clear picture of what your day will be like, and how much time you will have for different events . Having an… Read more »