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Make Sure You Select Vendors Who Understand What You Want

Your friends and family – particularly those in your wedding party – will have big parts to play in making your wedding a success. Of course, some of the most important contributions will come from people you may have never met before. A successful wedding can call for the support of many different vendors. You… Read more »

Should You Offer Creative Dessert Alternatives To Cake?

The moment everyone gathers to watch the bride and groom cut the cake can be a highlight of the wedding reception. You can find that while people certainly appreciate this moment, they also appreciate that it leads to the serving of dessert! The right wedding cake can be a beautiful visual for your guests, and… Read more »

Making Plans For A Fun-Filled Rehearsal Dinner

As you come close to your wedding date, you have one last pre-wedding event to attend. Your wedding rehearsal is a valuable opportunity to have everyone go through their paces for your ceremony, and your chance to picture how your special day will play out. As beneficial as this experience is, the rehearsal dinner can… Read more »

Having A Hard Time With Wedding Planning? We Can Help!

Some couples will quickly settle on a plan for their wedding after their engagement, and some people will have ideas about their wedding before the engagement happens. With that said, you may be ready to be married, but less than prepared for the demands of planning the event itself. In addition to providing beautiful venue… Read more »

Tips To Help You Stock The Bar At Your Wedding

While your guests can certainly be glad to find a well-stocked bar at your wedding reception, the task of setting up your bar service may feel challenging. While Texas Old Town provides you with a designated vendor for your bar service, you will need to make plans around what to serve, and how much you… Read more »

Keeping Everyone Entertained At Your Reception

Your reception event wraps up your wedding – the night itself, and all of your efforts to plan your event. As you work out the details of this celebration, you can look forward to hosting a night filled with tasty food, refreshing drinks, and enough entertainment to keep spirits high until your night comes to… Read more »

Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Your Wedding Rehearsal

The day before your wedding can be full of anticipation and excitement, but this is not a day where you can simply step back and wait for your wedding day to arrive. After all, the evening before your celebration is typically when the wedding rehearsal takes place, and you should be prepared to make the… Read more »

How The Date And Time Can Affect Your Wedding

Your chosen date and time for your wedding can be surprisingly important to your event. Because so many people associate the spring and summer months as the conventional time for a wedding to take place, dates around this period can be more open. You can also find that more vendors are available for your wedding… Read more »

Should Your Wedding Be All-Ages, Or Adults Only?

When it comes to guests with kids, how inviting should you really be when you send out your invitations? For some couples, a wedding feels incomplete without full families in attendance, which means they have to account for children in their guest list. For others, a proper wedding experience is one that keeps the affair… Read more »

Should You Establish A Dress Code For Your Guests?

With your decorations, your entertainment, and your food and drink options, you can carefully create a wedding atmosphere that suits you. We provide inviting venue spaces you can use to create a more informal event, or something more refined. Ideally, your guests will come dressed for your occasion. Formality is not the only consideration for… Read more »