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Save Money And Still Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever! Part Two

Being a bridesmaid for one of your besties is a great honor and can be a real joy, as well. That said, it is also a job that can become quite expensive. From the dress and travel, to buying a gift for the happy couple, the costs of being a bridesmaid can add up quickly…. Read more »

Save Money And Still Be the Best Bridesmaid Ever! Part One

Studies have recently shown that the cost of being a bridesmaid in America is at an all-time high. For ladies with lots of friends getting married in the near future, the costs can really start to add up and become downright daunting. If you want to be the ideal bridesmaid without going broke doing so,… Read more »

The Wedding Dress Details We Are Loving, Now!

Is the one thing you are most excited about, now that you are officially a fiancé and wedding planning has begun, (besides marrying the man of your dreams obviously) wedding dress shopping with all your best girls? Dress shopping can be an incredible rite of passage, and for many the moment when she first feels… Read more »

Wish You Could Get Married Even Faster? You Can!

After getting engaged, were you shocked to realize how long most couples spend wedding planning? More than that, do you find yourself wishing you could just fast forward through the wedding planning process, and get to your wedding day already? If so, the great news is that long engagements are totally optional. Here at Texas… Read more »

Are You Up for a Honeymoon Adventure? Part Two

If you and your fiancé are adventurers at heart, you may find that the most exciting part of wedding planning isn’t cake tasting or dress shopping, but scheduling your honeymoon adventures! For couples looking to create truly unforgettable memories while honeymooning, we have some sage advice. Best of all, you don’t have to spend a… Read more »

Are You Up for a Honeymoon Adventure? Part One

When it comes to planning their dream wedding days, many brides find themselves working more closely with their family, best friends, or even their wedding vendors than they do with their fiancés. However, when it is time to plan the honeymoon, most grooms-to-be are more than happy to get involved! They may event want to… Read more »

Super Cute Save-the-Date Ideas

Long before you’ll say “I do,” you will need to settle on a save-the-date and wedding invitation design. You know, so you’ll actually have loved ones and friends there to share in your special celebration! Fortunately, there have never been more options to suit every couple’s style, from modern and chic, to rustic and relaxed…. Read more »

Finding the Shoes That Fit Your Wedding Day

  Not every bride-to-be can see herself wearing designer heels as she walks down the aisle. For some, heels are simply too uncomfortable to take such important steps. Others may shy away from standing taller than their grooms. Of course, for many, fancy dress shoes just don’t suit their personal sense of style, and who… Read more »

Simple Ways to Save Some Money on Your Dream Wedding: Part Two

If you want to host your dream wedding, without breaking the bank, there are several steps you can take to help cut costs without sacrificing taste. In fact, some savvy shopping is a great way to keep your wedding under budget, without having to make big compromises. That way you can enjoy the wedding of… Read more »

What Wedding Colors Are Right for You?

Choosing your wedding colors is one of the simplest and frankly, one of the most fun, ways to help ensure you plan a beautiful and cohesive wedding celebration. From bridesmaids dresses and table linens, to floral arrangements and groomsmen’s ties, there are so many wonderful ways to incorporate your favorite colors into your wedding ceremony… Read more »