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There’s Still Time to Plan a Great Holiday Party!

Have you been charged with planning your company’s upcoming holiday party? Or, are you the designated planner for your family’s annual winter get-togethers? If so, you might be feeling a bit stressed at the shrinking timeframe for planning your next holiday party. Fortunately, whether you are prepping for a Christmas or New Year’s party, it… Read more »

Beautiful Bohemian Wedding Touches: Part One

Have you always fancied yourself a bit of a bohemian at heart? In fact, do you love to shirk tradition, as much as possible, in favor of a more laidback approach to life? If so, you might be determined to host a wedding that is just as carefree as you feel. But are you wondering… Read more »

Wedding Planning? Don’t Forget These Items

Are you in the throws of planning your 2017 wedding? If so, you may have already locked down many important details, such as where you’ll wed, when, and who will be standing beside you when you exchange your “I do’s.” That said, there are several things you should have at your wedding that are easy… Read more »

Avoid These 3 Wedding Decorating Mistakes

Wedding planning can be a lot of fun, but it also has the potential to be a bit overwhelming. In the pursuit of locking down many important details, it can also be easy to overlook little choices that can make a big impact. If you want to help make sure your wedding is everything of which… Read more »

Let There Be (Romantic) Light!

Flowers, centerpieces, tablecloths and other decorative elements may be what initially comes to mind when it comes time to plan your wedding decor. But have you considered the lighting you will use at your wedding ceremony or reception? Lighting is a great way to invoke the emotions you want guests to feel, on your big… Read more »

A Seasonally-inspired Menu Is a Great Way to Wow Your Guests

Do you want your guests to go home raving about your wedding, in particular the food? If so, you are likely taking great care to create a menu that reflects your tastes, and even your personality. That said, have you considered that one of the best ways to ensure the meal is both memorable and… Read more »

Did You Just Get Engaged? Want to Get Married, Soon?

Did your boyfriend very recently become your fiancé? If so, you must be excited to share the great news with your friends and family, but you also might be feeling a bit overwhelmed about what to do next. Long engagements have become routine for many couples, but that doesn’t mean they are the only option…. Read more »

Is a DIY Wedding Really for You?

Do you love the idea of a DIY wedding, but feel a bit stressed about whether or not you can really pull off such an undertaking? To completely DIY each detail of a wedding can be incredibly time consuming. That said, there are lots of ways to add DIY elements to your big day, without… Read more »

Who Should Be Your Maid-of-Honor?

You may have spent years dreaming about your wedding day, but now that there is a beautiful engagement ring on your left ring finger, are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with the specifics of wedding planning? In fact, are you stressed by one decision, in particular, namely who to make your maid of honor? It… Read more »

Classy and Cute Ideas for a February Wedding

Do you want to wed soon, as in next February? If so, now is certainly the best time to start planning your big day. And while we’re not opposed to the occasional Cupid reference, or some other overtly Valentine-inspired wedding decorations, there are also a lot of fun and subtler ways to make nods to… Read more »