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3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Winter Wedding

Winter can be a lovely time of year to wed, but it’s not without its challenges, namely colder temperatures, a busy holiday season, and often inclement weather. If you’ve decided to get married during winter, though, it’s extra important to plan accordingly. Learning to work with the season’s unique challenges, instead of fighting them, can… Read more »

What’s For Dinner? Planning Your Wedding Menu

Planning what to serve for dinner at your wedding can feel both fun and a little overwhelming. After all, how often do you get to plan such a lavish or large party? And also, how often are you so responsible for your friends’ and families’ hunger or happiness? If you’re struggling with what to settle… Read more »

Fun and Wonderful Alternatives to Wedding Registries

Sure, it can be fun scanning in a number of pretty dishes and kitchen gadgets, while building a wedding registry. But many modern brides and grooms are searching for alternatives to traditional gift registries. There’s actually never been a better or easier time to give your guests the opportunity to do more than stock your… Read more »

Want to Love Your Engagement Photos? Here’s How: Part One

While planning a wedding can feel like an all-consuming task, don’t forget that you’ll want to have some engagement photos taken of you and your love before you head down the altar. Many couples opt to use these photographs in their save-the-dates, and even as decoration at the reception. But beyond that, you’ll also want… Read more »

Planning Your Dream Destination Wedding: Part One

Years ago it might have sounded absurd to ask 100 of your closest friends to trek across the country to share in your wedding day. But many modern brides and grooms are choosing to forego a formal ceremony in their hometown, in favor of a destination wedding, instead. Inviting your friends and family to join… Read more »

How Technology Can Take Some Stress Out of Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be a bit overwhelming, even for the most laidback of bride and grooms. Hiring a wedding planner can certainly help take some of the pressure off, as can delegating tasks to family and friends who have volunteered their help. But thanks to modern technology there are also quite a few handy apps… Read more »

How to Fill The Dance Floor at Your Wedding: Part Two

Yesterday, we talked about how to get a dance party started at your wedding reception. But how you keep that party going well into the night is a combination of great taste and great timing. If you’ve hired a DJ, take advantage of his or her expertise. A DJ is like a designated party starter!… Read more »

How to Fill The Dance Floor at Your Wedding: Party One

Are you determined to do more than chicken dance at your wedding, but are concerned only a handful of guests will actually hit the dance floor voluntarily? Lots of brides and grooms want to dance the night away with guests. Yet nearly everyone has attended more than a handful of weddings where only a lone… Read more »

How To Help Your Photographer Capture Great Memories: Part One

After choosing a venue, and sometimes before, most couples make the big decision of who they want to invite alongside them on one of the biggest days of their lives, in other words, they hire a wedding photographer. But once they’ve done so, they probably assume the “wedding pictures box” can be checked off their… Read more »

How To Have Happy Wedding Guests: Part Two

We’ve firmly established that your wedding day should be the celebration of your fiancé and your dreams, first and foremost. That said, if you still want to have happy guests you’ll need to take their feelings, budgets and opinions into consideration. It doesn’t mean you should cater to 200 of your closest friends’ desires, but… Read more »